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Can We All Agree, 2/14/15 Edition

February 14, 2015

Can we all agree that Justice Ginsberg’s admission that she was not “100% sober” during the State of the Union speech is kind of endearing. I wonder how many others had wine with dinner?proxy

Can we all agree that Mr. Putin is schooling the EU on the Ukraine?

Can we all agree that Brian Williams may never be seen on TV again.

Can we all agree that punishing the Little Leaguers for sins of the adults is just unfair and unjustified?

Can we all agree that if a Muslim man had killed three white people, we would not be talking about a parking space?

Unknown-1  Can we all agree that no matter what end of the political    spectrum you are on, you are sad to see John Stewart leave his show?

Can we all agree that dropping out of college for a start-up is one thing, but dropping out just a few credits short, just to take a routine job, as Gov. Walker did, is a bit unusual?

Can we all agree Mr. Obama seems invigorated by his new aggressive stance on climate, ISIS, Keystone, Ukraine? Where was this 6 years ago?

Can we all agree that the Greek crisis is not going to have a happy ending for someone?

Can we all agree that David Carr’s untimely death is a monumental tragedy?

Can we all agree that Alabama’s Supreme Court’s Justice will be on the wrong side of history on gay marriage and a number of other issues?

Can we all agree that Apple and Google seem to be engaged in a new battle for supremacy as the nation’s greenest company? This is a good thing.

Can we all agree that the GOP stunt- holding a signing ceremony for the Keystone pipeline bill, that will be vetoed – will not help their reputation among independent voters?Gavin Newsom

Can we all agree that Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsome’s decision to run for governor is not a shock?

Can we all agree that’s it’s good news that the ‘Ebola troops’ are coming home from Africa?

Can we all agree that Dean Smith and Jerry Tarkanian both left their mark on NCAA basketball? Not equal marks, but marks nonetheless.


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