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Can We All Agree, 2/21/14 edition

February 21, 2015

Can we all agree that the settlement in the West Coast Port strike is little consolation for those with perishable products, or no inventory for their major season?

Can we all agree that even supporters of the ACA are tired of all the1205527976_8347 problems?

Can we all agree, it’s great to hear “Play Ball” once again? We’ll see if new rules speed up the game.

Can we all agree that everyone thinks the SNL stars they watched, were the best of the last 40 years

Can we all agree that over 6 feet of snow and temperatures approaching zero  is just unfair? Not to mention freezing rain.

Can we all agree that it’s likely the Congress will kick the can again, with a temporary funding plan on DHS?

Can we all agree that Jeb Bush is off to a bad start in the foreign policy area? He sounds like his brother, which is not good.

Can we all agree that Egypt bombing Libya is a startling new development?

Can we all agree that once again, Putin has taken the Europeans for a ride? I wonder what other border changes he wants?

Can we all agree that anything can be stopped in America if you shop around for the right judge?

RudyGiuliani-1Can we all agree that Rudy Giuliani, who told us, “The President, does not love the United States,” really needs to learn how to think on his feet? We’re still waiting for Scott Walker and the GOP to repudiate the former mayor.

Can we all agree that a four month reprieve, is not going to solve the Greek debt crises?

Can we all agree that Walmart’s decision to give raises to 500,000 employees, is a great start, but not a final answer.

Can we all agree that after 50 days, the report card on the new Congress is not good?



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