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Can We All Agree – 5/2/15 Edition

May 2, 2015

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Can we all agree that entertainer Ben E. King, who died this week, will be missed for more than just “Stand By Me?”

Can we all agree that charging the police officers involved in arresting Freddie Gray in Baltimore was the best way to calm tensions in the city.

Can we all agree that one mother’s attempt to corral her wayward son in Baltimore may do more for race relations than any indictment?635658161629637683-Screen-Shot-2015-04-28-at-11.09.01-AM

Can we all agree that the guilty plea and new indictments in the ‘Bridgegate’ scandal just puts anther nail in Chris Christie’s presidential coffin?

Can we all agree that even Americans are following the Royal Family and are thrilled that she had a healthy baby girl?

Can we all agree that Prime Minister Abe’s speech to Congress was largely a non-event.

Can we all agree that, as the death toll in Nepal climbs toward 10,000, the government’s response has been a second disaster? Continued calls to donate to private organizations and not the government are very telling.

Can we all agree that some sort of justice was served when Malala Yousafzai’s attackers were sentenced to life in prison?

Can we all agree that Alex Rodriguez’s climb past Willie Mays in the baseball’s home run count will, forever been an embarrassment – especially here in San Francisco?

Can we all agree that the Pope’s call for increased awareness of man-made climate change is like a breath of fresh air? Now, if he would accept his invitation to address Congress, that would be an event.

Can we all agree that Governor Jerry Brown is at least making an effort to make Californian’s care about water conservation and the environment, by calling for $10,000 fines and more greenhouse gas cuts?

Can we all agree that Bernie Sanders presidential campaign announcement is this week’s campaign chuckle?

Can we all agree that all the speculation about what The Supreme Court may, or may not do, on gay marriage, is getting a bit tiring?

And finally,

Can we all agree that it is incredible that after multiple reviews and conferences and probably hundreds of meetings, Bud Light still came up with an embarrassing promotional slogan for their latest ad campaign?

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