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Can We All Agree – 7/18/15 edition

July 18, 2015

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Can we all agree that while Donald Trump is both entertaining and extreme, he’s likely to be more like a summer sparkler who burns brightly for a few seconds and then burns out quickly? At least the GOP hopes so.

Can we all agree, in the same vein, that reducing him to the entertainment section, like Huffington Post, will not dim his appeal?CJ_mp9nUAAA56eC

Can we all agree that, whether you consider Pluto a planet or not, this week’s photos from the New Horizon were just stunning?

Can we all agree that, once again, Americans will shrug their shoulders as they read about 5 more people gunned down for no reason.

Can we all agree that the Greek debt problem is moving the EU closer to a true fiscal and political union than they want to admit?

Can we all agree that opinions on the proposed treaty with Iran track almost perfectly with your  opinion of the President?

Can we all agree that it’s still sad to see the last F.A.O. Schwartz store close? We can thank Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia for great Big memory.

Can we all agree that a hearty cheer is due to California legislators who mandated at least a minimum wage for major league cheerleaders?

Can we all agree that it seems odd when politics and the real world collide, as they did this week when Jeb  and Hillary clashed over Uber and the sharing economy?

Can we all agree that the story about how Harper Lee’s new novel actually surfaced, is more than eclipsing the actual book?

Can we all agree that the strangest story of the week may be the California kidnapping that was, and then wasn’t, but now is again?

la-me-ln-fire-in-cajon-pass-20150717-002Can we all agree that getting stuck in a traffic jam and then seeing your car ignited by a brush fire, is a uniquely Los Angeles kind of story?

Can we all agree that seeing the President visiting a Federal prison and commuting the sentences of 46 drug offenders, underlines the inequality in this country?

Can we all agree that Scott Walker’s official entry into the GOP presidential race will probably give him little momentum, since it was overshadowed by so many other major stories?

Can we all agree that we are not surprised at the escape of Mexico’s biggest drug dealer from a supposedly maximum security prison?



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