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Can We All Agree – 4/25/15 Edition

April 25, 2015

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Can we all agree that as long as it keeps raining in California, as it did last night in the Bay Area, the governor will have a tough time convincing people we are in a drought?

Can we all agree that the governor lost a key weapon when a court said water boards could not charge water use abusers more for their water?

Can we all agree that while drone strikes may have problems, American prefer them to seeing troops on the ground?

Can we all agree that The confirmation of Loretta Lynch as our Attorney General, turned into an embarrassment for the GOP?

Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch

Can we all agree that, speaking of embarrassment, Ted Cruz’s decision not to show up to vote was a major league cop out?

Can we all agree that naming the Waldo Tunnel for Robin Williams was a great move by the Califrnia legislature?

Can we all agree that Chris Rock nailed it this week when he explained why baseball is having a tough time attracting Black fans?

Can we all agree that despite being cleared of obstruction charges, Barry Bonds may have a tough time winning election to the baseball Hall of Fame?

Can we all agree that adding Carly Fiorina to the list of GOP candidates for Prseident just adds another name with no chance of winning?

Can we all agree that as the 2016 election campaign heats up in the Fall, we will miss Jon Stewart?

Can we all agree that the EU taking on Google one week and Gazprom the next make US anti-trust actions look like child’s play?

Can we all agree that the EU’s reaction to the refugee crises in the Mediterranean has been a disaster. since over 1,000 people had to die in one week before they did anything.

Can we all agree that no one, especially those of us in California, is surprised that pumping waste-water back int the ground is creating more earthquakes?

Can we all agree that, speaking of quakes, todays’ 7.6 trembler in Nepal, may make us pay attention to recent warnings for California?

Can we all agree that the NFL’s concussion settlement will help retired players yes, but it still leaves the league with a big black eye?

Can we all agree that the Comcast-Time Warner merger was a bad idea from day one?

Can we all agree that regardless of what you call it, the slaughter of 1 million Armenians 100 years ago, needed to be acknowledged.

And finally:

Can we all agree that the GOP is probably sorry they pushed the lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act, since so many of their voters now depend on it.

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Career Conundrums

April 18, 2015

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Everyone needs a career coach. I realize that’s a bit self-severing coming from a career coach, but it’s true.

The thought occurred to me this week when I received LinkedIn requests to congratulate my connections who were passing employment milestones.

What is your next career?

What is your next career?

Everyone has questions, no matter what stage their career has reached.

The new college graduate wonders about accepting a job offer, thinking she doesn’t want to ‘get stuck’ doing ‘that job’ for the rest of her life.It seems to be a revelation when I point out that the job will change quickly, and in the current  job climate, 1 year may be a career.

Young people who have reached the 1-year mark, start to worry all over again about what they should be doing next. They’ve had one boss and are convinced they could do his job.

They see a friend or two changing jobs and wonder if they should be looking too. In most cases they haven’t even bothered to ask their current employer what their future might look like, if they stayed.

I can remember calls from clients who have been working in the same position for 3 or 4 years and have developed enough maturity to question what they want to do next. Some just know, they don’t want to do what they have been doing, but don’t realize how valuable that knowledge is. At least they’re  beginning to understand how lucky they are to have a choice and how many choices there are.

Ask a lot of older employees with well established careers, and they’ll be happy to point out  that they have no idea’ how they got to this stage in their careers, it wasn’t a plan, it just happened.

Then, there are the long-term employees who have worked for the same company for 5 or 10 years, and have actually earned a reputation and may have gotten a call from a recruiter. The knowledge that someone may actually value your skills has to be weighed against what are now, significant financial and family obligations. The decision gets much tougher since it may involves children, spouses, extended family and a host of other issues.

It’s impossible to make decision like that dispassionately, because everyone you talk to, except a coach, has an opinion.

Finally there are people who have spent 20 or more years with one company.These veterans are wondering about all the decisions they have made, and how they just woke up one morning and wondered,  “Is that all there is?” I have yet to meet a client at this stage who doesn’t, at some point tell me, “Ya know, what I really want to do is start a company that…” You fill in the blank.

They are often speak glowingly about their idea or dream and the enthusiasm is infectious. The trick becomes trying to figure out why they haven’t created their new career. Working through the list of why they can’t, is often a revelation and can take several sessions. In the end , they will either realize that they might have a good idea, or that they really just like having the dream.

Whatever career anniversary you’re having, a coach can’t make decisions for you, but we can make sure you ask the right questions.

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Can We All Agree – 4/18/15 Edition

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A weekly commentary on news, sport and culture.


Can we all agree that while the state’s measles outbreak may be over, the debate over vaccination will continue for a long time?

Can we all agree that the world is a lot less romantic with the passing of Percy Sledge?

Percy Sledge

Percy Sledge

Can we all agree that while Wikileaks has every right to publish the documents stolen from Sony, they don’t belong in the public domain?

Can we all agree that this week’s deals on fast-track trade legislation and the Iran nuclear treaty show that government can work, maybe?

Can we all agree that the alarming increase in teen usage of e-cigarettes proves that the tobacco industry still knows how to sell to kids?

Can we all agree that the recent decision to end the investigation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) without taking any action, is another PR win for Pope Francis?

Can we all agree, as I’ve noted before, that Republicans have boxed themselves into a tough spot by refusing to confirm a new attorney Genera?

Can we all agree that a Seattle’s businessman’s decision to make $70,000 the minimum wage at his company, deserves praise?

Can we all agree that the European Union investigation of Google as a monopoly could have serious repercussions in the United States?

Can we all agree that while the economic impact of the drought may be minimal in urban areas, it will be a disaster in the Central Valley?

Aaron Hernandez as a Patriot

Aaron Hernandez as a Patriot

Can we all agree that we would all be better off if we paid attention to how much water was needed to grow or raise, whatever we decide to eat?

Can we all agree that the NFL and the New England Patriots should both be embarrassed by the Aaron Hernandez verdict?

Can we all agree that taking Cuba off the list of countries that sponsor terrorism was long overdue -even the GOP agrees?

Can we all agree that Hillary Clinton’s announcement of another run for the Presidency was anti-climactic?

Can we all agree that, even with the addition of Sen. Marco Rubio, the list of GOP candidates running for President is less than impressive?

Can we all agree that the guilty verdict against the Blackwater private security guards is a reminder that we really have no control over the 40,000 mercenaries we hire to do work that the military does not do?

Can we all agree that Vladimir Putin’s decision to start missile deliveries to Iran, even before a treaty was signed, is just his way of annoying Western governments?

and finally,

Can we all agree that the Republican push to get rid of the inheritance tax just shows how out of step they really are?

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Can We All Agree – 4/11/15 Edition

April 11, 2015

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Can we all agree that, whether you support her or not, Hillary’s expected announcement tomorrow is the starting gun for the 2016 race to the White House?

Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill

Can we all agree that despite her death this week, Lauren Hill was a remarkable young woman?

Can we all agree that Ayatollah Khamenei’s criticism  of the proposed outline for a nuclear deal, was really meant for internal consumption?

Can we all agree that Rolling Stone’s response to the blistering report on their handling of the now discredited rape story at UVA, was a black eye for journalists everywhere?

Can we all agree that Sara Brady will be missed by everyone who feels there are too many guns in the United States?

Can we all agree that Rand Paul’s presidential campaign is off to a horrendous start with everyone in the media?

Can we all agree that Jeb Bush is not Hispanic?

Can we all agree that Apple made the right decision to allow construction workers with felony convictions, to work on the new headquarters?

Can we all agree that, at the very least, California farmers should be pushed to grow crops that don’t require excessive amounts of water in a near desert environment?

Can we all agree that police will now have to learn to live with a higher level of scrutiny than ever before?

Can we all agree that the culture wars are alive and well in the United States as some states impose ridiculous restrictions on abortions?

CCF18IHW4AIqCC7Can we all agree that there is considerable doubt that a Massachusetts jury will impose the death sentence on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?

Can we all agree that while the White House mockery off Benjamin Netanyahu was pretty funny, it may not have been not politically correct?

Can We all agree that seeing Tiger Woods playing competitive golf again, is good for the sport?

Can we wall agree that two Presidents shaking hands is a good next step in normalizing relations with Cuba? I’m sure there will be  GOP outcry when Cuba is removed from the list of countries supporting terrorism, but that is the next step.

Can we all agree that PGE may never pay the $1.6 billion fine imposed by California?




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Can We All Agree – 4/5/15 Edition

April 5, 2015

This week’s commentary on the news:

Can we all agree that no matter what kind of agreement the EU and US reach with Iran, Mr. Netanyahu and his GOP will oppose it?

Can we all agree that it’s better to be talking with Iran than fighting with them? Although it’s tough to ignore their state sponsored terrorism.

Can we all agree that the continuing revelations about the copilot of the Germanwings plane, make the whole episode, much more tragic?05kentucky2-master675

Can we ll agree that Lufthansa Airlines is in a lot of trouble if they knew their pilot was seriously depressed, and still allowed to fly?

Can we ll agree that, it’s not the ‘liberal press’ or ‘militant gays’ that are behind the brouhaha over the Indiana and Arkansas religious freedom bills?

Can we all agree that the European Union’s skepticism about the business practices of Google, Apple and Facebook is much healthier than the unquestioning ‘regulation’ of US agencies?

Can we all agree that for residents of the northern third of the country, ‘Play Ball’ may be the most welcomed phrase they’ve heard in a long time?

Can we all agree that while McDonald’s decision to give raises to minimum  wage employees at company stores, is good news, $12/hour is still not a living wage?

Can we all agree that while California’s drought is very serious, exempting farmers, who use 70% of the state’s water, undermines Governor Brown’s credibility? BTW: It’s supposed to be raining for the next three days here in Northern CA.

images Can we all agree that outside of  Kentucky, most of us were pulling for Wisconsin in the NCAA semi-final on Saturday?

Can we all agree that varsity letters should be awarded for academic accomplishment, as well as extra-curricular activities such as  speech, drama, music, art, and dance?

Can we all agree that the charges against  NJ Senator Robert Menendez are an indictment of the Citizen’s United, Supreme Court decision?

Can we all agree that Trevor Noah is off to a bad start as host of The Daily Show, even though he hasn’t even hosted a program yet?

Can we all agree that while cheating is wrong, and should not be condoned, we are troubled by  the potential jail terms that the Atlanta educators are now facing?

And finally,

Can we all agree that the thought of Al Franken and John Stewart in the US Senate is very funny?

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