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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 6 -11-16 edition

June 11, 2016

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Can we all agree the real Presidential campaign finally began this week, maybe even last night?

Can we all agree Bernie Sanders’ biggest contribution may be the policy debate he allowed the Democrats to showcase while the GOP compared ‘hand sizes.’

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Can we all agree that Hillary Clinton may have had the best week any politician has ever had in Washington – winning enough delegates to secure the nomination and then accepting endorsements from the President, Vice President and a major opponent?

Can we all agree that Donald Trump had the kind of week that might end the campaigns of other politicians, but his enormous ego manages to keep him afloat. despite his own words?

Can we all agree that, in opposing the release of his video deposition, Mr. Trump has made the world even more eager to see the recording?

Can we all agree the longer Mitt Romney and his supporters hold out some hope of derailing Trump, the more pundits are convinced the Republican party is headed for a November disaster?

Can we all agree that finding someone to run as Mr. Trump’s VP will be a challenge?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Can we all agree that words cannot express the emotions that well up when another young life is senselessly ended by someone with a gun?

Can we all agree the outrage over the short prison term assessed to a former Stanford athlete would have died down quickly if his father had not published a tone-deaf defense?

Can we all agree the Gawker bankruptcy filing might actually help to tone down the non-news gossip sites which do a disservice to journalists everywhere?

Can we all agree that the political news has overshadowed a major change in the Afghan war strategy?

Can we all agree that Governor Gerry Brown’s decision to seek health insurance for undocumented immigrants. might have been a bigger deal if he weren’t in California?

Can we all agree that the outpouring of emotion for Muhammad Ali may  have been unprecedented for someone who was not a politician?

Can we all agree that Baby Boomers are increasingly gripped by fear as the icons of our youth succumb to life’s final act?

Can we all agree the NRA will surely challenge a Federal Court ruling that carrying a concealed weapon in California is not guaranteed by the Constitution?

Can we all agree the voting results in California should shine a light on the uphill road the GOP is facing as population trends accelerate?

Can we all agree that new revelations about the defense team’s conduct in the OJ Simpson murder trial are not surprising anyone?

Can we all agree the debate over the fate of a gorilla, shot dead at the Cincinnati Zoo, raises fundamental questions about how humans treat the world around us?

Can we all agree that the fate of homeowners in Connecticut resonates with every American who believed homeownership was the key to a happy retirement?

Can we all agree that the producers of the new documentary “A Time to Choose,” probably wish it hadn’t taken two years to make their project a reality, as they watched climate events overtake some parts of their film?

Can we all agree it’s a little difficult to get upset at the Chinese for buzzing a US plane spying on them?

Can we all agree that we are surprised at the upsurge of Chinese crossing the Mexican border to get to the United States?

Meryl Street as Donald Trump (AP photo)

Meryl Street as Donald Trump (AP photo)

Can we all agree, it’s tough to believe a world class tennis player was suspended for two years, because she forgot to check her email?

and finally:

Can we all agree that the highlight of the week has to be Meryl Steep’s impersonation of Donald Trump?

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