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CWAA Can We All Agree – 4/23/17 edition

April 23, 2016

Can we all agree that Prince and David Bowie were pop music icons who will be missed by everyone – even folks who were not fans?

Prince in concert

Prince in concert

Can we all agree that the Democratic nominee for President will be Hillary Clinton?

Can we all agree she still has an image problem to correct before November?

Can we all agree that no one believes Donald Trump’s new campaign manager when he says the candidate is really more presidential behind closed doors?

Can we all agree, the GOP convention may be the best political TV in many years?

Can we all agree that despite protestations by North Carolina’s governor that he will not change their so called ‘bathroom law,’ the mounting PR nightmare along with court cases, may force the issue?

Can we all agree that if the FBI had been smarter and hired a $125 million hacker first we could have avoided two weeks of endless pontification over privacy and public safety?

Can we all agree that the dramatic  rise is suicide rates in the United States may be the first visible evidence of what income inequality is doing to the country?

Can we all agree that every climate change denier should be given a free tour of the Great Barrier reef to see what they are causing?

Can we all agree that the Earth Day signing of the climate change treaty is just a start and may be too little, too late?

Can we all agree that it is unacceptable that over half the country is still breathing polluted air?

Queen Elizabeth with her grand children and great grandchildren.

Queen Elizabeth with her grand-children and great-grandchildren.

Can we all agree it’s really pretty amazing that Queen Elizabeth is the only English monarch most Americans have ever known? Happy birthday Your Majesty.

Can we all agree that if the UK’s Science minister were any kind of a fun bloke, he would let the nation’s new research vessel keep the name given to it through an internet vote? Long live Boaty McBoat face!

Can we all agree that while Harriet Tubman is an excellent choice for the $20 bill, replacing an impeached slave-owning president, most Americans have no idea who she is?

Can we all agree that this may be the first time a Broadway show played a role in currency policy?

Can we all agree we were heartened to hear that three people had been charged in the Flint water crises, but know that many more deserve to be punished for the harm they caused to that city’s children?

Can we all agree that Curt Schilling may have been a great pitcher, and a pretty fair TV broadcaster, but he doesn’t understand that free speech doesn’t mean you should blurt out everything that floats through your brain? Professionally, I would say he has no emotional intelligence.

Can we all agree that the same could probably be said for Kelly Ripa, but at least she had the sense to keep her mouthy shut?

Can we all agree that we all loved actress Doris Roberts, because she said what we all wanted to say at some family gathering?

Can we all agree it will be interesting to see how many Volkswagen diesel owners decide to keep their cars, rather than let VW buy them back?

Can we all agree the there is always at least one triumphant story to emerge from the Boston Marathon?

Can we all agree that Islamophobia is reaching new heights when a single word can get you thrown off an airplane?

Can we all agree that judicial approval of the NFL’s concussion settlement won’t keep the issue out of the public consciousness when football season starts this fall?

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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 1/16/15 edition

January 16, 2016

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Can we all agree that when the President proposes billion for research on self driving cars,  we’ll start seeing them around town pretty soon, just like the early days of the hybrid cars?

Can we all agree that even if you were not fan, you are mourning the passing of David Bowie?

David Bowie  from images

David Bowie from images

Can we all agree that the Delaware North Company should be embarrassed for seeking $41 million for the names in Yosemite National Park? It will be a long time before anyone out west calls the Awahnee Hotel anything but the Awahnee.

Can we all agree that the Planned Parenthood suit against the anti-abortion group which secretly filmed conversations with executives, will make sure the abortion issue remains on the front burner right through the November elections?

Can we all agree the public image of the men taking over that wildlife refuge in Oregon took another hit today?

Can we all agree that declining to issue new coal leases for mining on public land will  be another blow to the coal industry already reeling from years of mismanagement and pollution?

Can we all agree that Thursday night’s GOP debate had some clear winners and losers?

Can we all agree that despite their best efforts the GOP establishment has not done much to dampen enthusiasm for either Mr. Trump or Mr. Cruz? Each man will probably notch a win in the the two early states.

Can we all agree that the so-called political experts don’t have a clue what will happen this year?

Can we all agree that even if Hillary loses in Iowa and New Hampshire, big wins across the South could propel her to the Democratic nomination?

Can we all agree that Sunday night’s Democratic debate could be critical for her?

Can we all agree that no matter how many stories pointing out how futile it is to buy a Powerball lottery ticket, one chance in 292,000,000 is better than no chance in 292,000,000?

Can we all agree that President Obama gave one superb speech in his final State of the Union?

Can we all agree that the President’s comments on gerrymandering of electoral districts is supported by every voter but opposed by every legislator with a ‘safe seat.’

Can we all agree that there is virtually no chance anything he wants will get passed in the next 10 months?

Gov, Nikki Haley of South Carolina

Gov, Nikki Haley of South Carolina

Can we all agree that Governor Nikki Haley does not deserve the vitriol she has been subjected to, for speaking the truth in her GOP response?

Can we all agree it will be great to have football back In Los Angeles? The question now is does it force teams in San Diego and Oakland, to stay put – as they should?

Can we all agree that the quick release of 10 US sailors who strayed into Iranian waters is a symbol of how our relations with that nation have improved? Another sign is the apparent release of 4 Iranian-American prisoners.

Can we all agree that Ricky Gervais has overstayed his welcome as host of the Golden Globe Awards?

Can we all agree that thanks to DVD’s and online movie streaming we at lease have a good shot at seeing all the 2015 Oscar nominated movies before the end of 2016?

Can we all agree that Sean Penn’s interview with a wanted drug kingpin stretched the bounds of acceptable journalism? Even Mr. Penn admits he did not achieve his goal.

and finally:

Can we all agree that we are all thrilled to know the exact spot where 18 alleged witches were hung in 1692?

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