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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 11/5/16 edition

November 5, 2016

Can we all agree the World Series was a great diversion from the campaign? Maybe that’s why it had the highest TV ratings in 20 years.

Can we all agree both the Cubs and Indians deserved to win?

Fans outside Wrigley Field where the names of generations of Cubs faithful are listed. (AP photo)

Fans outside Wrigley Field where the names of generations of Cubs faithful are listed. (AP photo)

Can we all agree, like Red Sox fans in 2004, the most touching stories involved Cubs fans who were not alive to witness the historic win?

Can we all agree Bill Murray’s interview with Theo Epstein was a highlight of the post-win coverage:  not to mention the Budweiser ad featuring Harry Caray?

Can we all agree Chicago needed some good news given the record  number of murders that have occurred in the city this year?

Can we all agree the contrast in campaign style during the last week, mirrors the differences between the two presidential candidates?

Can we all agree it’s no surprise Mr. Trump’s income may not be all he says it is?

Can we all agree, even Mr. Trump probably thinks his latest newspaper endorsement is probably ill timed?

Can we all agree, reports about Mr. Tump’s ties to Russians who wanted to launder money through his projects, would doom most candidates, but not him?

Can we all agree that both sides are pulling out all the stops in the final week? Donald Trump brought out his wife and Hillary Clinton brought out the President: it was not a fair fight.

Can we all agree that, in one sense, this election will be like many others, since it all depends on voter turnout?

Can we all agree the strangest story of the week might be the link between the Trump campaign and a group of teenage hackers in Macedonia?

Can we all agree we owe the Washington Post a big thank you for compiling a list of the biggest lies of the campaign?

Can we all agree the one thing we are all happy about, is that there are only 3 days left to the campaign?

Can we all agree that based on his agency’s activity of the last 10 days, FBI director James Comey, has some real issues to deal with? I guess the question is, will he be around to deal with them?

Can we all agree the latest jobs report is good news for the Clinton campaign?

Can we all agree it would be hard to believe that two of Chris Christie’s top aides, who were were found guilty of conspiracy,  could have planned anything without his knowledge?

Can we all agree that Harvard did the right thing in canceling the men’s soccer team’s season, after their sexually explicit scouting report on the women’s team, came to light?

Can we all agree that Vladimir Putin has good reason to derail Mrs. Clinton’s campaign since, if she wins, he will have to deal with female leaders in Germany, England and the US ?

Can we all agree we’re a bit confused about the ‘controversy” between Beyonce and the CMAS?

Can we all agree, speaking of strange, that the leader of South Korea dependence on a mystic, conjures up memories of Nancy Reagan?

Can we all agree that conducting an opinion poll in North Korea can hardly be considered scientific?

Can we all agree Brexit just  got a lot more complicated this week, when the English courts said Parliament had to vote on the exit agreement?

Can we all agree the development of GMO’s was never about saving the world, but was more about making money?

Can we all agree when the Venezuelan president told city dwellers  to grow their own food, it sounded a lot like “let them eat cake.”

Can we all agree that Syrian President Assad is dealing with his own version of altered reality?

And finally, this week’s train wreck award goes to:

A Wisconsin high school that made up a story about students killed in a crash, to warn young people about the dangers of drunk driving,


The Bay Area Rapid Transit system which paid a janitor over $270,000 in pay and benefits for work in the last year.

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back.

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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 4/16/16 edition

April 16, 2016

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Can we all agree that Pope Francis has, once again, shown that his actions speak much louder than anything he could possibly say to the nations of Western Europe?

Can we all agree Bernie Sanders’ sarcasm did not play well at this week’s Democratic debate with Hillary Clinton?

Can we all agree that while the Warriors 73-win NBA record is more impressive, Kobe Bryant’s final game was better TV?

Kobe Bryant (USA Today photo)

Kobe Bryant (USA Today photo)

Can we all agree that while most Americans have no idea why Tax Day was moved to Monday, we’ll take the extra weekend?

Can we all agree that Brazil has picked the wrong time to devolve into political chaos?

Can we all agree that the proposed desert concert including Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Neil Young and Roger Waters  would be a site to behold? Average age of attendees might be over 60, but it would be a great time.

Can we all agree, the thought of getting a refund from a hospital is pretty remarkable?

Can we all agree that the resignation of the University of California provost is just the first domino to fall in the wake of sexual harassment investigations going on at the school?

Can we all agree, the George Lucas Museum has become a public relations nightmare for both cities where it was supposed to be built?

Can we all agree North Korea’s attempts to develop a missile capable of hitting the US would be pretty funny, if they weren’t talking about a nuclear warhead?

Can we all agree that Microsoft’s lawsuit, asking the government to allow them to notify people whose phone records are being sought, seems pretty reasonable?

Can we all agree that Donald Trump’s speech on Joe Paterno was  this week’s political highlight? Although the fact that his own children will not be able to vote for him was an honorable mention.

Can we all agree that UC Davis’s attempts to scrub mentions of their pepper spray incident from the internet, reveals a real disagreement about priorities?

Can we all agree that Russian jets buzzing US warships makes no sense no matter how you view it?

Can we all agree that Justin Trudeau continues to be a great example of leadership?

Can we all agree the Chicago Police Department appears to have some serious issues to confront?

Can we all agree the spread of the Zika virus creates a true dilemma for any woman who wants to have a baby?

Can we all agree that we were all surprised this week by two court decisions – one  giving the so called affluenza teen a two-year prison term and another granting a pardon to Manson family member Lesley Van Houten?

Can we all agree, speaking of justice, that California politicians gave the legal system a huge black eye by paroling a prominent politician’s son?

Can we all agree we never knew banks had living wills and that they might endanger the economy?

Can we all agree that Donald Trump will have to win the GOP nomination on the first ballot or his bid will end in Cleveland?

Can we all agree, no-one is surprised to find out the government just paid someone to hack into an iPhone? We would all love to know what they paid.

Can we all agree that the GOP’s activist government style seems to create a headline every day. This week was Kentucky and Tennessee.

Can we all agree Florida Governor Rick Scott would have been better off ignoring a heckler rather than taking out an attack ad to respond?imrs.php

Can we all agree that no-one seems to believe Paul Ryan when he says he would not accept the GOP nomination for President?

Can we all agree that with the new forever stamps, most people never noticed the cost of sending a first class letter dropped by 2 cents? Of course, no one under 30 even sends a real letter anyway.

Can we all agree that John Kerry’s visit to the Hiroshima memorial will do little to dampen the GOP criticism of the President when he visits, as expected, later this year?

Can we all agree we are happy to know the wild tiger population is on the rise?

And finally:

Can we all agree it’s nice that chip technology on credit cards has made them safer, but it has done nothing to speed up the checkout line at the local supermarket?


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