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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 11/5/16 edition

November 5, 2016

Can we all agree the World Series was a great diversion from the campaign? Maybe that’s why it had the highest TV ratings in 20 years.

Can we all agree both the Cubs and Indians deserved to win?

Fans outside Wrigley Field where the names of generations of Cubs faithful are listed. (AP photo)

Fans outside Wrigley Field where the names of generations of Cubs faithful are listed. (AP photo)

Can we all agree, like Red Sox fans in 2004, the most touching stories involved Cubs fans who were not alive to witness the historic win?

Can we all agree Bill Murray’s interview with Theo Epstein was a highlight of the post-win coverage:  not to mention the Budweiser ad featuring Harry Caray?

Can we all agree Chicago needed some good news given the record  number of murders that have occurred in the city this year?

Can we all agree the contrast in campaign style during the last week, mirrors the differences between the two presidential candidates?

Can we all agree it’s no surprise Mr. Trump’s income may not be all he says it is?

Can we all agree, even Mr. Trump probably thinks his latest newspaper endorsement is probably ill timed?

Can we all agree, reports about Mr. Tump’s ties to Russians who wanted to launder money through his projects, would doom most candidates, but not him?

Can we all agree that both sides are pulling out all the stops in the final week? Donald Trump brought out his wife and Hillary Clinton brought out the President: it was not a fair fight.

Can we all agree that, in one sense, this election will be like many others, since it all depends on voter turnout?

Can we all agree the strangest story of the week might be the link between the Trump campaign and a group of teenage hackers in Macedonia?

Can we all agree we owe the Washington Post a big thank you for compiling a list of the biggest lies of the campaign?

Can we all agree the one thing we are all happy about, is that there are only 3 days left to the campaign?

Can we all agree that based on his agency’s activity of the last 10 days, FBI director James Comey, has some real issues to deal with? I guess the question is, will he be around to deal with them?

Can we all agree the latest jobs report is good news for the Clinton campaign?

Can we all agree it would be hard to believe that two of Chris Christie’s top aides, who were were found guilty of conspiracy,  could have planned anything without his knowledge?

Can we all agree that Harvard did the right thing in canceling the men’s soccer team’s season, after their sexually explicit scouting report on the women’s team, came to light?

Can we all agree that Vladimir Putin has good reason to derail Mrs. Clinton’s campaign since, if she wins, he will have to deal with female leaders in Germany, England and the US ?

Can we all agree we’re a bit confused about the ‘controversy” between Beyonce and the CMAS?

Can we all agree, speaking of strange, that the leader of South Korea dependence on a mystic, conjures up memories of Nancy Reagan?

Can we all agree that conducting an opinion poll in North Korea can hardly be considered scientific?

Can we all agree Brexit just  got a lot more complicated this week, when the English courts said Parliament had to vote on the exit agreement?

Can we all agree the development of GMO’s was never about saving the world, but was more about making money?

Can we all agree when the Venezuelan president told city dwellers  to grow their own food, it sounded a lot like “let them eat cake.”

Can we all agree that Syrian President Assad is dealing with his own version of altered reality?

And finally, this week’s train wreck award goes to:

A Wisconsin high school that made up a story about students killed in a crash, to warn young people about the dangers of drunk driving,


The Bay Area Rapid Transit system which paid a janitor over $270,000 in pay and benefits for work in the last year.

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back.

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#CWAA: Can We All Agree – 10/15/16 edition

October 15, 2016

Can we all agree, as the First Lady noted this week, no-one would have imagined that the presidential election would turn on crude ‘locker room’ comments by a candidate?

Can we all agree, it’s hard to believe that almost 200 nations can agree on action to combat climate change, but the Republican Party continues to deny that there is a problem?

Can we all agree, Donald Trump’s reaction to the latest charges that he sexually assaulted women over the last 30 years, typifies his reaction to most criticism? It’s also typical of many third graders.

Can we all agree President Obama has been surprisingly down to earth in his criticism of Mr. Trump?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump is a creation of the GOP, although they won’t admit it?

Can we all agree that once again, Mr. Trump has managed to bury any bad news about Hillary Clinton coming out of the latest batch of leaked emails?

Can we all agree, the real test of American Democracy will be the day after the election?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump really wants to see violence after his election loss?

Can we all agree Hurricane Matthew may not be the most powerful storm to hit the US this season?

Hurricane Matthew from above

Hurricane Matthew from above

Can we all agree, Maine Governor Paul LePage should be impeached?

Can we all agree, it was revealing to see the students at Liberty University standing up to the admonish the school’s administration and oppose Mr. Trump?

Can we all agree, barring something really bizarre (as if we haven’t seen enough bizarre events) Mr. Trump has lost the election, everyone seems to know it except him?

Can we all agree it won’t be long before there is a major brouhaha because a passenger didn’t know Samsung’s Galaxy 7 Note is no longer allowed on airplanes?

Can we all agree it was remarkable to see GOP leaders abandon Mr. Trump last weekend and make a quick U-turn by Wednesday morning?

Can we all agree the world’s reaction to Haiti’s latest natural disaster has been unbelievably low key?

Can we all agree most of us were a bit confused when we learned Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature, but eventually it made sense?

Can we all agree Wells Fargo chief John Stumpf had to go, but putting his chief lieutenant in charge  hardly makes it seem that  anything will change?

Can we all agree all of Southeast Asia is on edge now that the Thai king has passed away and left the country in the hands of his son?

Can we all agree the Wells Fargo case has done more for the consumer financial protection bureau that any lobbying by Sen. Elizabeth Warren?

Can we all agree it’s great to know Ronald McDonald is keeping a low profile because of the recent clown scare? Now if we could mke that permanent we’d all be better off.

Can we all agree, it was nice to see that, for a change, no one criticized the President for striking back at Yemeni rebels who fired on US warships?

Can we all agree it’s nice to know we have plans to go to Mars, but we don’t plan on buying tickets when they go on sale?

Can we all agree it’s about time Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and NJ Governor Chris Christie face charges?

Can we all agree that Ken Bone is a pretty unlikely hero from last week’s debate?

Can we all agree Sunday’s Presidential debate seemed like an afterthought by the end of the week?

Can we all agree no-one seems to be crying for the NFL because their TV ratings have dropped?

Can we all agree we have reached the tipping point with US-Cuban relations – the limits on cigars and rum have been lifted?

Can we all agree, if we ever needed a story to prove our unconscious bias, this was it?

Can we all agree, we’re glad we never had to call 911 for help while we were in Houston?

Can we all agree, if you have ever driven through California’s Central Valley on Route 99, you can understand why it is called the nation’s deadliest highway?

This week’s good reads:

One out of Georgetown University and another from the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.



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Can We All Agree – 7/4/15 Edition

July 4, 2015

Can we all agree that John Adams had a pretty good idea when he suggested fireworks for our July Fourth Celebration?Unknown

Can we all agree that The President is having a great time now that his legacy has been assured?

Can we all agree that this week’s leap second was really enjoyable?

Can we all agree that, despite all the caveats by the economists, adding 223,000 new jobs is a big deal?

Can we all agree, that from a PR standpoint, Whole Foods admission that it overcharged NYC consumers for some items, was a great move?

Can we all agree that it would be nice to think that some of the  $18.7 billion BP will pay to settle charges connected with the 2010 oil spill, will actually make it to real people, but we’re doubtful?

Can we all agree that with Chris Christie joining the GOP race for President, the clown car, just got a LOT more crowded?

Can we ll agree that Jim Webb’s entrance on the Democratic side is beyond baffling?

Can we all agree that it may be a while before anyone knows whether the Supreme Court decision on how the EPA determines pollution rules makes any difference at all?

Can we all agree the Supreme Court ruling on redistricting would have been a disaster, if it had gone the other way?

Can we all agree that the President’s decision to expand overtime pay to working managers was long overdue?

Can we all agree that reports that USA products are competitive again may be the biggest economic news of the week?

Can we all agree that visiting the US embassy in Havana will be a pleasure, at last?

Can we all agree that the disaster that is Greece now has more to do with European politics than economics?

Can we all agree that the USA has more than enough motivation for tomorrow’s match against Japan?

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Can We All Agree – 5/2/15 Edition

May 2, 2015

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Can we all agree that entertainer Ben E. King, who died this week, will be missed for more than just “Stand By Me?”

Can we all agree that charging the police officers involved in arresting Freddie Gray in Baltimore was the best way to calm tensions in the city.

Can we all agree that one mother’s attempt to corral her wayward son in Baltimore may do more for race relations than any indictment?635658161629637683-Screen-Shot-2015-04-28-at-11.09.01-AM

Can we all agree that the guilty plea and new indictments in the ‘Bridgegate’ scandal just puts anther nail in Chris Christie’s presidential coffin?

Can we all agree that even Americans are following the Royal Family and are thrilled that she had a healthy baby girl?

Can we all agree that Prime Minister Abe’s speech to Congress was largely a non-event.

Can we all agree that, as the death toll in Nepal climbs toward 10,000, the government’s response has been a second disaster? Continued calls to donate to private organizations and not the government are very telling.

Can we all agree that some sort of justice was served when Malala Yousafzai’s attackers were sentenced to life in prison?

Can we all agree that Alex Rodriguez’s climb past Willie Mays in the baseball’s home run count will, forever been an embarrassment – especially here in San Francisco?

Can we all agree that the Pope’s call for increased awareness of man-made climate change is like a breath of fresh air? Now, if he would accept his invitation to address Congress, that would be an event.

Can we all agree that Governor Jerry Brown is at least making an effort to make Californian’s care about water conservation and the environment, by calling for $10,000 fines and more greenhouse gas cuts?

Can we all agree that Bernie Sanders presidential campaign announcement is this week’s campaign chuckle?

Can we all agree that all the speculation about what The Supreme Court may, or may not do, on gay marriage, is getting a bit tiring?

And finally,

Can we all agree that it is incredible that after multiple reviews and conferences and probably hundreds of meetings, Bud Light still came up with an embarrassing promotional slogan for their latest ad campaign?

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