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#CWAA: Can We All Agree – 10/15/16 edition

October 15, 2016

Can we all agree, as the First Lady noted this week, no-one would have imagined that the presidential election would turn on crude ‘locker room’ comments by a candidate?

Can we all agree, it’s hard to believe that almost 200 nations can agree on action to combat climate change, but the Republican Party continues to deny that there is a problem?

Can we all agree, Donald Trump’s reaction to the latest charges that he sexually assaulted women over the last 30 years, typifies his reaction to most criticism? It’s also typical of many third graders.

Can we all agree President Obama has been surprisingly down to earth in his criticism of Mr. Trump?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump is a creation of the GOP, although they won’t admit it?

Can we all agree that once again, Mr. Trump has managed to bury any bad news about Hillary Clinton coming out of the latest batch of leaked emails?

Can we all agree, the real test of American Democracy will be the day after the election?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump really wants to see violence after his election loss?

Can we all agree Hurricane Matthew may not be the most powerful storm to hit the US this season?

Hurricane Matthew from above

Hurricane Matthew from above

Can we all agree, Maine Governor Paul LePage should be impeached?

Can we all agree, it was revealing to see the students at Liberty University standing up to the admonish the school’s administration and oppose Mr. Trump?

Can we all agree, barring something really bizarre (as if we haven’t seen enough bizarre events) Mr. Trump has lost the election, everyone seems to know it except him?

Can we all agree it won’t be long before there is a major brouhaha because a passenger didn’t know Samsung’s Galaxy 7 Note is no longer allowed on airplanes?

Can we all agree it was remarkable to see GOP leaders abandon Mr. Trump last weekend and make a quick U-turn by Wednesday morning?

Can we all agree the world’s reaction to Haiti’s latest natural disaster has been unbelievably low key?

Can we all agree most of us were a bit confused when we learned Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature, but eventually it made sense?

Can we all agree Wells Fargo chief John Stumpf had to go, but putting his chief lieutenant in charge  hardly makes it seem that  anything will change?

Can we all agree all of Southeast Asia is on edge now that the Thai king has passed away and left the country in the hands of his son?

Can we all agree the Wells Fargo case has done more for the consumer financial protection bureau that any lobbying by Sen. Elizabeth Warren?

Can we all agree it’s great to know Ronald McDonald is keeping a low profile because of the recent clown scare? Now if we could mke that permanent we’d all be better off.

Can we all agree, it was nice to see that, for a change, no one criticized the President for striking back at Yemeni rebels who fired on US warships?

Can we all agree it’s nice to know we have plans to go to Mars, but we don’t plan on buying tickets when they go on sale?

Can we all agree it’s about time Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and NJ Governor Chris Christie face charges?

Can we all agree that Ken Bone is a pretty unlikely hero from last week’s debate?

Can we all agree Sunday’s Presidential debate seemed like an afterthought by the end of the week?

Can we all agree no-one seems to be crying for the NFL because their TV ratings have dropped?

Can we all agree we have reached the tipping point with US-Cuban relations – the limits on cigars and rum have been lifted?

Can we all agree, if we ever needed a story to prove our unconscious bias, this was it?

Can we all agree, we’re glad we never had to call 911 for help while we were in Houston?

Can we all agree, if you have ever driven through California’s Central Valley on Route 99, you can understand why it is called the nation’s deadliest highway?

This week’s good reads:

One out of Georgetown University and another from the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.



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Can We All Agree V 3.0

December 11, 2014

Can we all agree that despite what the officials say, today’s storm ended the drought in most people’s minds.

Can we all agree that if you need a legal opinion to define ‘torture’ you are already in trouble. As the Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once said about pornography, the definition may be unclear but, “I know it when I see it.”

Can we all agree that every once in a while the Noble Peace prize committee gets it right – like this year.

Can we all agree that the message of the Berkeley protestors has gotten a bit lost in the methods.

Can we all agree that the NCAA selection committee did a pretty good job. TCU and Baylor disagree but, the playoff games should be pretty good. My pick, Alabama-Oregon final with The Tide on top.

Can we all agree that the economy is headed in the right direction.

Can we all agree that John Boehner has told the Tea Party folks (and Ted Cruz) to sit down and behave like good little children and pass the $1.01 trillion spending package.

Can we all agree that there are probably so many unrelated provisions in the budget bill, (campaign finance is just one example) it will takes months to know what Congress is really approving.

Can we all agree that the Rolling Stone Magazine has done more to harm coverage of sexual assault than any jury ever could.

Can we all agree that continuing violence in protest of the Ferguson/NY grand jury decisions, is not helping race relations.

Can we all agree that when athletes participate in the debate on racial inequality, we all benefit.

Can we all agree that the Senate report on the CIA’s torture methods is an embarrassment to every American.

Can we all agree that GOP protests against release on the Senate torture report is just a smokescreen to protect George Bush.

Can we all agree that watching the price of oil fall is a great winter sport. The fact that Vladimir Putin is really squirming is just an added benefit.

Can we all agree that we knew Steve Kerr might be a pretty good coach but the Warriors are still a surprise.

Can we all agree that McDonald’s recent earning statement is good news for the overall health of the nation.

Can we all agree that when the federal agency sponsoring flu shots admits they might not do any good, the only winners are the pharmaceutical companies.

Can we all agree that the NFL’s treatment of cheerleaders is odious and disgusting and should be part of the sexual assault debate.

Can we all agree that President Bush may not have known what torture the CIA was up to, but Dick Cheney, the administration’s Darth Vader …come on.

Can we all agree that my RedSox may be better off with Porcello, Masterson and Miley instead of John Lester.

Can we all agree that The Santa Clara Niners…oh never mind.

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