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CWAA: Can We All Agree™ – 3/11/17 edition

March 11, 2017

Can we all agree Speaker Paul Ryan’s replacement for the Affordable Care Act  is DOA unless he agrees to some changes?

Can we all agree the future of health care in the United States has more to do with politics and tax cuts for the wealthy, than with actually getting people medical care?

Can we all agree, that despite attempts to malign the credibility of the Congressional Budget Office, their estimate of the cost of the new health care program may seal its fate?

Can we all agree most uninsured Americans wish their health care was as easy to purchase as an iPhone?

Wall Street's newest statue: The Fearless Girl

Wall Street’s newest statue: The Fearless Girl

Can we all agree the ‘Fearless Girl’ statue on Wall Street should become permanent?

Can we all agree job growth numbers suddenly don’t look so phony  when you’re in the White House?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump is not going to stop making unsupported accusations about Mr. Obama or anyone else, until he is forced to pay a price, like an impeachment investigation?

Can we all agree Donald Trump deserves criticism for taking credit for  economic improvements that really happened during the Obama administration?

Can we all agree, Marines would not have been able to post nude photos of female comrades without the tacit approval of their commanding officers?

Can we all agree the major news of the week might be the GOP’s proposed restrictions on class action lawsuits?

Can we all agree no-one is really surprised that the National Football League forces its players to abuse drugs?

Can we all agree many Republicans show how little they understand the insurance business, when they question why men should pay for pre-natal coverage?

Can we all agree the North Koreans are trying to take advantage of Mr. Trump and the impeachment of the South Korean President?

Can we all agree the Wikileaks revelations about CIA espionage really have no impact on most Americans? No, they are not watching you through your TV: Others might be, but not the CIA.

Can we all agree the new head of the EPA may not believe in climate change but a lawsuit filed by 1o-year-olds may force him to change his attitude?

Can we all agree, the thought of  additional US troops on the ground in Syria is exactly what the American public does not want?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s new immigration policy still looks like a ban on Muslims?

Can we all agree separating families when they cross the US border is just mean spirited?

Can we all agree trading the Coast Guard and TSA for a wall on the Mexican border does not make the country safer?

Can we all agree the more Attorney General Jeff Sessions tries too explain away his lies to Congress, the worse he looks?

Can we all agree Ben Carson has no business running a federal department that many minorities count on? Maybe his budget deserves to be cut 14%.

Can we all agree the satirical columns of Andy Borowitz would not be mistaken for real news, if members of the administration did not make such outrageous comments?

Can we all agree the thought of a campaign official being paid by a foreign government would be outrageous for any politician except Donald Trump?

Can we all agree, speaking of fake news, could the GOP media mouthpieces get any more outrageous in their attempts to explain away the Russian connection to the Trump campaign?

Can we all agree the Trump administration’s reaction to the plea by all 100 senators for action on the threats made to Jewish Centers across the country, was deafening in its silence?

Can we all agree it is no longer entertaining to laugh at White House aides trying to defend  Mr. Trump’s tweets to TV talk show hosts, or his weekend temper tantrums?

Can we all agree , whether its the Chinese government or the US candy industry, Mr. Trump’s conflicts of interest will keep piling up until someone files a lawsuit and the courts force some action?

And finally this week’s good reads:

The tragic story of two 97-year-old sisters who lost their lives on a cold night in New England.


The California drought is over, but anyone who has visited our state and taken the breathtaking drive along Route 1 through Big Sur, should pause to see what the winter storms have done to that area.

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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 1/14/17 edition

January 14, 2017

Can we all agree, it’s hard to believe the GOP is so focused on repealing the Affordable Care Act, that they are willing to disrupt the lives of the 23 million Americans who know it has been a success?

Can we all agree, no matter what you think of the current administration, it’s improper for an incoming administration to conduct diplomacy before they are actually in charge?

Can we all agree it would be nice to believe that Speaker Paul Ryan was was outlining Donald Trump’s immigration policy when he assured an immigrant family they would not be deported?

The new Lady Liberty coin

The new Lady Liberty coin

Can we all agree the Justice Department probe of FBI director James Comey will end as soon as Loretta Lynch leaves office, but that won’t stop the Democrats from giving Mr. Comey a a piece of their mind?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s plan to put his sons in charge of his businesses does nothing to allay fears that he will act in their best interests rather than in the best interests of the United States?

Can we all agree appointing his son-in-law to a White House posts just reinforces the view that the family business interests will always be paramount ?

Can we all agree the salacious charges against Mr. Trump may not be verified, but they are pretty easy to believe for many Americans?

Can we all agree the appearance of Mr. Trump’s attorney, who showed up to justify his actions, was among the most cringe-worthy parts of his press conference?

Can we all agree Buzzfeed has taken a lot of criticism for publishing the material, but that’s the altered reality Mr. Trump has created?

Can we all agree the contrast between Mr. Obama’s final speech in Chicago and Mr. Trump’s attempt at a press conference was remarkable?

Can we all agree a large segment of the American public agrees with the government ethics chief, regarding Mr. Trump’s latest plans for his businesses?

Can we all agree the intimidation of the government ethics office will get more serious as  Mr. Trump continues to defy the advice of ethics attorneys on both sides of the political spectrum?

Can we all agree we’re still not sure if Mr. Trump really believes the Russians tried to influence the election?

Can we all agree the new Lady Liberty on the $100 gold coin is sure to spark protests from the racists in this country?

Can we all agree China’s addiction re-education camps sound a lot like the treatment camps some conservatives have proposed for anyone afflicted with the ‘disease’ of being gay?

Can we all agree the Russians have a novel approach to eliminating smoking – make it illegal for anyone who has not already started?

Can we all agree decriminalizing domestic violence, as Vladimir Putin ordered, is not the hallmark of a civilized society?

Can we all agree it’s easier to charge foreigners from Volkswagen or Takata with criminal activity in product liability cases, than it is to hold US companies liable for breaking US laws?

Can we all agree it will take years and require constant monitoring to make sure the Baltimore and Chicago police make progress in eliminating the deeply ingrained practices which have caused so many problems?

Can we all agree Mr. Obama latest new Cuba policy may please that country’s leaders, but will not be popular with citizens who make it to our shores?

Can we all agree we’re not surprised that Fox News secretly settled a sexual harassment claim against Bill O’Reilly – two lawsuits in 12 months might have been more than the network could handle?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s handling of the L.L. Bean controversy proves once again, he doesn’t understand the role of the President?

Can we all agree we’re amazed Mr. Trump hasn’t caused another international incident by tweeting about China’s lone aircraft carrier sailing through the Taiwan straight?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s biggest problem might be convincing his own cabinet that he knows what he’s doing?

Can we all agree it’s nice to hear about a company planning to create 1o0,000 new jobs, with no mention of government interference?

Can we all agree it’s great that 42% of California is drought free, now we can start worrying about Massachusetts and Europe?

Can we all agree Meryl Streep got all the publicity for her critique of Donald Trump, but Hugh Laurie really got the anti-Trump show started?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s response was just embarrassing?

Can we all agree you could have predicted the outcome of a California University event featuring a racist editor and a money hungry drug executive? – Yes, protests ended the session before it even got started.

and finally,

If you don’t believe Joe Biden was surprised to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, you should nominate him for a best actor award.

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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 1/23/16 edition

January 23, 2016

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Can we all agree that Sarah Palin’s injection into the GOP presidential race, raises the absurdity quotient to unimaginable heights? The happiest folks are the late night talk show hosts and comedians worldwide.

NYDN front page

NYDN front page

Can we all agree that until Ms Palin’s speech, Mr. Trump’s performance at Liberty University was the week’s biggest head-scratcher, narrowly edging out the British parliament’s debate over banning Trump?

Can we all agree that her endorsement speech might be the the most illogical batch of nonsense ever uttered during a political campaign – at least until she gives her next speech?

Can we all agree that Michael Bloomberg’s reported interest in running for president as an independent, throws a monkey wrench into everything? Wait, isn’t this the year of the monkey coming up?

Can we all agree there is enough blame for everyone in the Flint water crises but the Michigan governor and the EPA deserve special mention?

Can we all agree that the Academy of Motion Pictures had to do something about their overwhelmingly older white male voting base?

Can we all agree that after three weeks of rain,  it’s nice to know we might be making a dent in the California drought?

Can we all agree that no-one is surprised that Mr. Putin may have known about the poisoning of a former agent who had defected to England? The number of political adversaries who have mysteriously disappeared makes his tactics pretty obvious.

Can we all agree that if scientists confirm the existence of a new planet the name has to begin with a “P” so we can get back to the old sentence we all learned, to remember the names of the celestial bodies circling our sun?

Can we all agree that it will probably be just about a year before we have a new winner in the ‘hottest year’ competition?

Can we all agree that the Supreme Court’s decision to take up the challenge to the President’s immigration plan, insures that the topic will be front and center right through the November election?12573912_1057866744235548_6504267830214865117_n

Can we all agree that we have lost another major talent with the death of Glenn Frey?

Can we all agree that last week’s Democratic debate may have been a Sanders victory, but most non-GOP voters are interested in backing someone who might actually win?

Can we all agree that Delaware North Corporation deserves all the scorn they are getting for demanding $51 million for the naming right to the Ahwahnee Lodge and other landmarks in Yosemite National Park?

Can we all agree that it will be a welcome day when media outlets can stop proclaiming he ‘first women’ being elected to lead a country? Taiwan elected a woman and the sky did not fall, the next day.

Can we all agree that the lifting of the sanctions against Iran and allowing that nation to participate in world politics will help ease world tensions in the long run?

Can we all agree, speaking of planets, it’s probably worth an early morning walk to see the five planets that all be visible from earth (below) simultaneously?


Where to look for planets about an hour before sunrise.

Where to look for planets about an hour before sunrise.


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Can We All Agree – 8/1/15 edition

August 1, 2015

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Can we all agree that with major events in New Hampshire and Cleveland this week the 2016 campaign has an official starting point?

Can we all agree that the Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the Lion may actually be spurring some change in the big business of big game hunting?

Cecil the Lion

Cecil the Lion

Can we all agree that Hillary Clinton’s Friday night document dump of tax returns, medical records and emails just adds to suspicion about her campaign?

Can we all agree that Jeb Bush’s tremendous lead in PAC money raising won’t do him much good if he continues to stumble on the campaign trail?

Can we all agree that Californians deserve a healthy slap on the back for exceeding government requests for water conservation? Now if the farmers would do the same, maybe we can manage the drought until El Nino gets here.

Can we all agree that no one doubts the wreckage found in the Indian Ocean is from the downed Malaysian airliner? But few seem to know if it will help figure out what happened.

Can we all agree that with slow but steady growth continuing, the economy will be a major campaign plus for the eventual Democratic nominee?

Can we all agree that both the NFL and Tom Brady look pretty bad as ‘Deflategate’ heads to court? Are you ready for some actual football?

Can we all agree that the murder of a Cincinnati motorist over a missing license plate, maybe the best argument ever made for police body cameras?

Can we all agree that Cincinnati police must be doing something right because they have managed to avoid the same kind of violence that broke out in Baltimore and Ferguson?

Can we all agree that the Albuquerque police dispatcher who hung up on a 911 call from someone trying to save a shooting victim, needs to be prosecuted for something?

Can we all agree that the Los Angeles city council should get some support for trying to ban ammunition magazines, but the NRA will have the last word?

Can we all agree that income inequality was never more evident that in new statistics showing home ownership at its lowest level in 45 years?

Can we all agree that it’s good to know we can all sing “Happy Birthday’ without fear of a copywrite infringement lawsuit?24-cosby-lede-feature

Can we all agree that The New York Magazine cover of Bill Cosby accusers may be the best cover, ever?

Can we all agree that Boston’s decision to turn down an Olympic bid is great news for a region that doesn’t need all the headaches and debt? As a native of the area I’m probably a bit biased but I feel the same way about San Francisco.

Can we all agree, speaking of the Olympics, that no-one was really looking forward to a trip to Kazakhstan for the 2022 winter Olympics?

Can we all agree that Turkey’s entry into Mideast fighting adds a dangerous new dimension, as it threatens to bring NATO into the battle?

Can we all agree that Mike Huckabee’s comments on the Iran nuclear treaty are disgusting, no matter how you feel about the issue?

Can we all agree that it’s about time the United states government admitted that they needed to do something about Chinese hacking into our computer systems. Of course the list of other countries, doing the same thing is getting pretty long.

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Can We All Agree – 4/18/15 Edition

April 18, 2015

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A weekly commentary on news, sport and culture.


Can we all agree that while the state’s measles outbreak may be over, the debate over vaccination will continue for a long time?

Can we all agree that the world is a lot less romantic with the passing of Percy Sledge?

Percy Sledge

Percy Sledge

Can we all agree that while Wikileaks has every right to publish the documents stolen from Sony, they don’t belong in the public domain?

Can we all agree that this week’s deals on fast-track trade legislation and the Iran nuclear treaty show that government can work, maybe?

Can we all agree that the alarming increase in teen usage of e-cigarettes proves that the tobacco industry still knows how to sell to kids?

Can we all agree that the recent decision to end the investigation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) without taking any action, is another PR win for Pope Francis?

Can we all agree, as I’ve noted before, that Republicans have boxed themselves into a tough spot by refusing to confirm a new attorney Genera?

Can we all agree that a Seattle’s businessman’s decision to make $70,000 the minimum wage at his company, deserves praise?

Can we all agree that the European Union investigation of Google as a monopoly could have serious repercussions in the United States?

Can we all agree that while the economic impact of the drought may be minimal in urban areas, it will be a disaster in the Central Valley?

Aaron Hernandez as a Patriot

Aaron Hernandez as a Patriot

Can we all agree that we would all be better off if we paid attention to how much water was needed to grow or raise, whatever we decide to eat?

Can we all agree that the NFL and the New England Patriots should both be embarrassed by the Aaron Hernandez verdict?

Can we all agree that taking Cuba off the list of countries that sponsor terrorism was long overdue -even the GOP agrees?

Can we all agree that Hillary Clinton’s announcement of another run for the Presidency was anti-climactic?

Can we all agree that, even with the addition of Sen. Marco Rubio, the list of GOP candidates running for President is less than impressive?

Can we all agree that the guilty verdict against the Blackwater private security guards is a reminder that we really have no control over the 40,000 mercenaries we hire to do work that the military does not do?

Can we all agree that Vladimir Putin’s decision to start missile deliveries to Iran, even before a treaty was signed, is just his way of annoying Western governments?

and finally,

Can we all agree that the Republican push to get rid of the inheritance tax just shows how out of step they really are?

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Can We All Agree? 3/21/15 Edition

March 21, 2015

Can we all agree that the ‘arsenic in wine’ news could win the award for bogus story of the month. Now SF lawyers are trying to make a killing off it?

Can we all agree that the last thing we want with our coffee is a conversation about race relations?Unknown

Can we all agree that a Church who tries to drown homeless people has lost its way?

Can we all agree that March Madness has lost a bit of luster? It’s big business and needs an overhaul.

Can we all agree that holding the Attorney General nomination hostage to abortion is a strategy that is doomed to failure? Just another nail in the GOP coffin.

Can we all agree that within the next five years Pete Rose will be welcomed into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Can we all agree that we are shocked, that John Boehner is shocked that Aaron Schock resigned amid a spending scandal that has been going on for two years?

Can we all agree that until last week, none of us could have found Vanuatu on a world map?

Can we all agree that the Governor and other state agencies need to do more to convince the average California resident that the drought is serious?

Can we all agree that the GOP budget produced in the House, just shows how little they understand about governance. Even their own party in the Senate thinks it’s laughable.

Can we all agree that the Israeli election means there will be no peace in our lifetime?


Israeli’s soon to be Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Can we all agree that the explosion in new options for viewing television content is a little reminiscent of what happened when the government forced AT&T to break up? Or am I just showing my age?

Can we all agree that San Francisco’s texting controversy is shocking for the content and source of the text?

Can we all agree that Chris Borland’s decision to retire from football at 24 could signal a major change for the sport?

Can we all agree that Microsoft’s decision to put an end to Internet Explorer is a realization that they need to give up on the past and begin to innovate to stay relevant?

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