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#CWAA: Can We All Agree™ – 5/13/18 edition

May 13, 2018

Can we all agree, moms deserve more than just one day with breakfast in bed?

Can we all agree, the world is not a safer place now that the President has abandoned the Iran nuclear deal with nothing to replace it?

From my garden to moms everywhere: the rose 'Lasting Love'

From my garden to moms everywhere: The rose ‘Lasting Love’

Can we all agree, at some point an Iranian missile will reach an Israeli target and the Middle East will erupt in a full war?

Can we all agree, speechless would be the only way to describe public reaction to Mr. Trump’s vow to save jobs in China, endangered by his own actions?

Can we all agree, making fun of a senator, John McCain,  who is battling cancer is not acceptable between friends and certainly should not be tolerated in the White House?

Can we all agree, as long as white people see minorities as people to be feared, racism will continue to flourish in America?

Can we all agree, Mr. Trump’s new plan to lower drug prices will do nothing to save the average American anything when they get their next prescription?

Can we all agree, one solution would be to get off the drugs and their damaging side effects?

Can we all agree, California has already won the battle to retain higher emission standards for new cars and trucks?

Can we all agree, it’s too bad California Governor Jerry Brown, isn’t interested in running for President now: he would have a better shot than he did in 1996?

Can we all agree, Rudy Giuliani needs to work for Mr. Trump full-time, just to undo the mess he made in his first few part-time weeks on the job?

Can we all agree, no-one seems to know why anyone would have paid Mr. Trump’s lawyer to do anything, given his sketchy past?

Can we all agree, anyone who uses Facebook will probably recognize at least one ad used by the Russians during the last campaign?

Can we all agree, Senator McCain’s opposition to Gina Haspel, to lead the CIA, probably will not derail the nomination?

Can we all agree, it is sad when the President of the United States, is not able to attend funerals for respected citizens?

Can we all agree, it would be easier to credit Mr. Trump for the release of three Americans from North Korea, if he didn’t insist on taking so much credit himself?

Can we all agree, our new ambassador to Germany is off to a bad start, but he just reflects the administration’s view?

Can we all agree, the longer the GOP  ignores the results of early primary returns, the closer they get to a blue wave in November?

Can we all agree, it was great to see the heads of major drug companies taking some responsibility for the nation’s opioid crises, but none of them offered solutions?

Can we all agree, California’s mandate that all new homes built after 2020 include solar panels, is the kind of leadership the nation needs?

Can we all agree, Oliver North leading the NRA, is just what that organization needed to further damage its reputation?

Can we all agree, the fall of NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, was just astounding?

Can we all agree, immigration officials’ plan to separate parents and children if they cross the border together, is just one more cruel and unnecessary tactic ICE agents will use as they gleefully persecute immigrants to the United States?

Can we all agree, EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt, just cannot make it through a full week without another scandal?

Can we all agree, Melania Trump’s implicit criticism of her husband’s policies and demeanor could not have been more obvious, than in her choice of topics to focus on in her next few years in the White House?

Can we all agree, after years of progress against smoking, the cigarette companies have found a new way to encourage addiction?

Can we all agree, by the end of Nick Mulvaney’s tenure, as acting head of the consumer protection agency, there will be no consumers protected from any industry?

Can we all agree, new leaders in Armenia and Malaysia seem to suggest that Democracy can work?

and finally:

Those of you who thought only bone-jarring concussions suffered by football players were a problem, now have more evidence to consider, on the impact of even minor blows to the head.

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Can We All Agree – 12/24/16 edition

December 24, 2016

This marks my 101st CWAA post. Probably should have noticed that last week was number 100 and had some sort of special ceremony, but better late than never. This will be my last of 2016 unless Mr. Trump unleashes another Tweet storm next week  – making policy via Twitter. But I’ll be back at it in January of 2017. I don’t want to be like Jon Stewart who deserted us all when we needed him most.

Thank you to all my faithful readers, I appreciate your comments and suggestions. Happy Holidays.

Can we all agree it was only a matter of time before the gulf between President Obama and Donald Trump became very public? I am rather surprised it surfaced over Israel, though.

Can we all agree the truck attack in Germany which left 12 dead is bad news for Angela Merkel’s immigration policies? Even though, they had very little to do with it.

The slain Russian ambassador to Turkey and his assailant. (NYTimes photo)

The slain Russian ambassador to Turkey and his assailant. (NYTimes photo)

Can we all agree it appears Vladimir Putin, is not done with his campaign to destabilize the West?

Can we all agree it seems rather odd that Mr. Putin has not made more of the murder of his ambassador in Turkey? Could it be he was more intent on declaring victory in Syria?

Can we all agree Donald Trump has managed to convince many voters, we are on the edge of a recession, when the evidence suggests the US economy is very healthy?

Can we all agree the relationship between the press and the new administration will be the most strained in recent memory, now that we have to read Twitter, then listen to his counselors explain what the new President really meant?

Can we all agree announcing a nuclear missile arms war via a Twitter is not what anyone would call presidential?

Can we all agree they US policy in Syria has failed and the people of Al;expo are just the first to suffer for it?

Can we all agree the folks in the midwest and Northeast probably take little solace in knowing the North Pole temperatures are 30 degrees above normal?

Can we all agree that Oprah’s interview with the First Lady was interesting, but it really just seemed like a way for her to give Michelle Obama a way to fight back against all the racist hate that exists in this country.

Can we all agree Mr. Obama seems intent on making it as difficult as possible for the new president elect to carry out some of his campaign promises? Not to mention some of his environmental goals.

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s requests for information have made it pretty clear which policies he wants to end? First it was the environment and now it’s gender equality.

Can we all agree the new administration has no idea how embarrassing the hearings on their cabinet nominees will be, since they have done very little vetting of candidates beyond their interviews with Mr. Trump?

Can we all agree anyone who expected  North Carolina to change their infamous “bathroom bill’  was either dreaming or simply very naive?

Can we all agree we will be hearing more about how access to Mr. Trump was available to anyone who wanted to pay for it?

Can we all agree, it won’t change things, but Mrs. Clinton can take some solace from her 3-million vote ‘victory’? And what happened to all that voter fraud, we could never find?

Can we all agree the January inauguration will not be the star-studded party we are all used to? Unless your idea of top notch entertainment is the Rockettes.

Can we all agree the war of words between Mr. Trump and President Clinton does not put either of them in a very good light?

Can we all agree the increase in sign-ups for health care under the Affordable Care Act will could create quite a backlash if the GOP and Mr. Trump are dumb enough to follow through on their campaign pledges?

Oprah Winfrey (right) interviews the First Lady. (White House photo)

Oprah Winfrey (right) interviews the First Lady. (White House photo)

Can we all agree the United States doesn’t seem to have an exclusive on strange court decisions..just ask IMF chief Christine Lagarde who was apparently found guilty and not guilty at the same time?

Can we all agree the new word of the year  – surreal – was a great choice by the folks at Merriam Webster?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s little chat this week with Mexican millionaire Carlos Slim is just another example of the conflicts of interest inherent in the new administration?

Can we all agree Ben Utecht’s book should be required reading for every player in the NFL?

Can we all agree the reason the GOP has been able to get away with denying science, is studies like this?

and finally:

This week’s great read is from the New York Times – a  profile of basketball coach Steve Kerr. He’s not just your average spoiled jock.

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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 7/23/16 edition

July 23, 2016

Can we all agree Hillary Clinton’s decision to pick Senator Timothy Kaine as her running mate was probably the safe choice, but he could make a difference with more moderate republicans?

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine (Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine (Getty Images)

Can we all agree, that if the GOP was trying to expand their base, their convention this week was a disaster?

Can we all agree that if most Americans bought into Mr. Trump’s doom and gloom picture of the United States we would all have moved to New Zealand?

Can we all agree the major connection between Mr. Trump’s theme of “I alone can...” and “I am your voice,” is the letter “I?”

Can we all agree the convention did little to convince anyone that the Republicans are just one big happy family?

Can we all agree that if your main themes are to either kill or jail your opponent you don’t really have a platform? Especially if the FBI rightfully starts an investigation – of you.

Can we all agree that Ted Cruz might have thought he was starting his 2020 campaign, but he was really ending it?

Can we all agree that as long as Mr. Trump maintains a thin skin and an outsized ego, Democrats will have no problem embarrassing him for the next three months?

Can we all agree that when one major speaker is booed off the stage and another is shown to have plagiarized parts of her speech, it’s tough to call the week a success?

Can we all agree we are not surprised at the GOP convention  TV ratings – it was quite the show?

Can we all agree that without the GOP convention and it’s jaw dropping moments, there was still plenty of unsettling news?

Can we all agree we’ve run out of words to describe the senseless violence striking Western Countries but we know Donald Trump will not make us feel safer?

Can we all agree that two years of searching for the missing Malaysian airliner is  more than enough?

Can we all agree that regardless of what you think of Roger Ailes, he had a major impact on TV news and US politics?

Can we all agree that we would not have Donald Trump as a candidate, were it not for Ailes and Fox TV?

Radio host Laura Ingraham salutes the GOP nominee.

Radio host Laura Ingraham salutes the GOP nominee.

Can we all agree the NBA’s decision to move their all-star game from Charlotte, is an important chapter in sport’s history? If no changes are made will Michael Jordan move his team?

Can we all agree the real losers on the decision to ban the Russian track and field team from the Rio Olympics, are the few athletes who did not take drugs because it would not have helped their performance?

Can we all agree, news that the Nice truck driver had apparently been planning his attack for a year, and may have had accomplices puts a new spin on his horrible act?

Can we all agree that when Turkish Prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, declared a three-month state of emergency after purging 40,000 people from their positions, he was simply solidifying his hold on power and making good on his claim that the attempted coup was a ‘gift from god.’

Can we all agree, the real victim will be his own country? Erdogan may have already sown the seeds of his own fate, and that of cleric Fethullah Gülen?

Can we all agree that soon, the only term that will describe Erdogan is, dictator?

Can we all agree that GOP attempts to limit voting are having a tough time standing up to the constitution?

Can we all agree that advocates of gun control may not need many more stories like this, out of Massachusetts, to make their point?

Can we all agree that Rep.Loretta Sanchez is showing some signs of desperation now that President Obama and others have endorsed Kamala Harris in the race for the California senate seat?

and finally:

Can we all agree if you’re a baseball fan and want to know why The Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy is headed to the Hall of Fame this weekend, you should read this?

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