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Can We All Agree – 2/8/15 Edition

February 7, 2015

News and Commentary in the hope that: We Can All Agree on Something.

Can we all agree that the latest ISIS atrocity may have finally tipped the balance of public opinion in the Mideast against the terrorist group?

Can we all agree that comparing the fight against ISIS to The Crusades, as Mr. Obama did, was not a good idea, but the concept has  crossed your mind before?

katy-perry-prismatic-tour-us-2014-01-billboard-650Can we all agree that regulating the Internet as a public utility sounds like a pretty good idea?

Can we all agree that the latest GOP vote (their 56th) on repealing The Affordable Care Act, cements their image as a doomed party, beholden to ultra-conservatives, and unwilling to present an alternative agenda?

Can we all agree that the situation in the Ukraine is taking a scary turn and Mr. Putin seems to have the upper hand as long as European rulers won’t confront him.

Can we all agree that last weekend’s Super Bowl was one of the best ever – no matter which team you supported?

Can we all agree that initially, after hearing there would be a new book by Harper Lee we were all thrilled but after a closer look – a 40-year-old rejected manuscript may not be such a good idea after all?

Can we all agree that adding 275,000 jobs in a month is good news, even if it means the unemployment rate increased.

Can we all agree that the British vote to allow babies created with the DNA of three people may be a bit too close to a brave new world?

Unknown-1Can we all agree that this week’s train wreck is TV news anchor Brian Williams? As a journalist, all you have is your credibility and he has none, now.

Can we all agree that the State of New York’s decision to investigate the supplement industry will make everyone who takes supplements safer in the long run?

Can we all agree that Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s decision to tone down both his extremist rhetoric and policies, was a long time coming?

Can we all agree that watching Tiger Woods struggle on the golf course is just heartbreaking?

Can we all agree that, no matter how they wind up slicing it, the President’s $4 trillion budget is a lot of money?

Can we all agree that Democrats are disappointed, and Republicans are thrilled, that Mitt Romney decided against another Presidential run?

Can we all agree that GOP support for Elizabeth Warren is pretty transparent?

Can we all agree that the current measles outbreak could doom the anti-vaccine movement?Unknown-1

Can we all agree that the Super Bowl ads were, as usual, a mixed bag? My personal favorite was the Brady Bunch Snickers spot, but that just shows my age.

Can we all agree that Pete Carroll will be explaining his Super Bowl play calling for the rest of his career, or until he wins another Super Bowl?

Can we all agree that Katy Perry brought her ‘A’ game to the halftime show?

Can we all agree that it’s disheartening, but probably not surprising to see Robin Williams’s family fighting over his estate?

Can we all agree that no one is surprised that NFL player Johnny Manzeil is in a treatment program?

Can we all agree that the murder of a prominent Argentinean prosecutor may topple the government, which is just what President Cristina Kirchner said was the goal?

Can we all agree that Anthem’s data breach, in which ‘several million’ customer and employee records were stolen, will make little difference to them, but a big difference to those whose records were stolen?

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