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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 7/23/16 edition

July 23, 2016

Can we all agree Hillary Clinton’s decision to pick Senator Timothy Kaine as her running mate was probably the safe choice, but he could make a difference with more moderate republicans?

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine (Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine (Getty Images)

Can we all agree, that if the GOP was trying to expand their base, their convention this week was a disaster?

Can we all agree that if most Americans bought into Mr. Trump’s doom and gloom picture of the United States we would all have moved to New Zealand?

Can we all agree the major connection between Mr. Trump’s theme of “I alone can...” and “I am your voice,” is the letter “I?”

Can we all agree the convention did little to convince anyone that the Republicans are just one big happy family?

Can we all agree that if your main themes are to either kill or jail your opponent you don’t really have a platform? Especially if the FBI rightfully starts an investigation – of you.

Can we all agree that Ted Cruz might have thought he was starting his 2020 campaign, but he was really ending it?

Can we all agree that as long as Mr. Trump maintains a thin skin and an outsized ego, Democrats will have no problem embarrassing him for the next three months?

Can we all agree that when one major speaker is booed off the stage and another is shown to have plagiarized parts of her speech, it’s tough to call the week a success?

Can we all agree we are not surprised at the GOP convention  TV ratings – it was quite the show?

Can we all agree that without the GOP convention and it’s jaw dropping moments, there was still plenty of unsettling news?

Can we all agree we’ve run out of words to describe the senseless violence striking Western Countries but we know Donald Trump will not make us feel safer?

Can we all agree that two years of searching for the missing Malaysian airliner is  more than enough?

Can we all agree that regardless of what you think of Roger Ailes, he had a major impact on TV news and US politics?

Can we all agree that we would not have Donald Trump as a candidate, were it not for Ailes and Fox TV?

Radio host Laura Ingraham salutes the GOP nominee.

Radio host Laura Ingraham salutes the GOP nominee.

Can we all agree the NBA’s decision to move their all-star game from Charlotte, is an important chapter in sport’s history? If no changes are made will Michael Jordan move his team?

Can we all agree the real losers on the decision to ban the Russian track and field team from the Rio Olympics, are the few athletes who did not take drugs because it would not have helped their performance?

Can we all agree, news that the Nice truck driver had apparently been planning his attack for a year, and may have had accomplices puts a new spin on his horrible act?

Can we all agree that when Turkish Prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, declared a three-month state of emergency after purging 40,000 people from their positions, he was simply solidifying his hold on power and making good on his claim that the attempted coup was a ‘gift from god.’

Can we all agree, the real victim will be his own country? Erdogan may have already sown the seeds of his own fate, and that of cleric Fethullah Gülen?

Can we all agree that soon, the only term that will describe Erdogan is, dictator?

Can we all agree that GOP attempts to limit voting are having a tough time standing up to the constitution?

Can we all agree that advocates of gun control may not need many more stories like this, out of Massachusetts, to make their point?

Can we all agree that Rep.Loretta Sanchez is showing some signs of desperation now that President Obama and others have endorsed Kamala Harris in the race for the California senate seat?

and finally:

Can we all agree if you’re a baseball fan and want to know why The Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy is headed to the Hall of Fame this weekend, you should read this?

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