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CWAA: Can We All Agree™ – 11/18/17 edition

November 18, 2017

Can we all agree, most Americans will figure  out about a year from now, that tax reform was not a middle class tax break, when they start to consider year-end moves to lessen their tax burden, and find out there’s nothing they can do?

Endangered species, at home and abroad?

Endangered species, at home and abroad?

Can we all agree, it’s starting to look like the House vote may be another exercise in futility?

Can we all agree, until The President changed course, there was something poetically correct about allowing big-game hunters to import the head of an animal which symbolizes the Republican party?

Can we all agree the House and Senate, long known as a misogynistic boys club,  might change now?

Can we all agree, Franken deserves the scorn he’s attracting, but at least he issued a quick apology? I don’t hear any other expressions of regret – quite the opposite in fact in Ohio.

Can we all agree, the administration has more sympathy for wild animals than it does for immigrants?

Can we all agree the issue probably had something to do with the nation’s two most prominent hunters – the Presidents’s sons?

Can we all agree, the drip, drip, drip of news about Russian meetings, and lies on government disclosure forms, is leading most Americans to conclude that there was some coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russian government?

Can we all agree, joking about the situation doesn’t help the administration’s effort?

Can we all agree, we are supposed to believe the Russians interfered in the Brexit vote and the Spanish election, but ignored our election campaign?

Can we all agree, Brett Joseph, a 36-year-old who has never practiced as lawyer, should stick to his day job as an author, and decline his nomination to the Federal Court

Can we all agree, the 210,000 barrell leak from the Keystone Pipeline, should end the Nebraska debate about whether the line should be extended? It should also end drilling in the Arctic wilderness, but it won’t.

Can we all agree, the more appointments Mr. Trump makes the more resignations and conflicts of interest appear?

Can we all agree, the IRS’s enforcement of the Affordable Care Act Mandate is either designed to put pressure on Congress to repeal the measure, or a sign that the administration has no clue what’s going on? I vote for the latter.

Can we all agree, Democrats are breathing a sigh of relief at the mistrial of Sen. Robert Menendez?

Can we all agree, the real heroes of this week’s mass shooting in Northern California, are the teachers and administrators who ‘locked down’ their school, to prevent the shooter from entering?

Can we all agree, it’s rather transparent that the President  comments on tragedies in red states, and ignores similar incidents in blue states?

Can we all agree, Europeans should be alarmed at the radioactive Russian cloud covering parts of the continent?

Can we all agree, there is something wrong when a business can provide millions to build a museum, but doesn’t want to cover some health care for its employees.

Can we all agree, if you need to hold a press conference to tell the world  how successful you have been, you probably weren’t?

Can we all agree, Mr. Trump’s biggest achievement in China was probably helping to get three shoplifters released from prison, to please UCLA basketball fans?

Can we all agree, we will all pay for the changes at the consumer finance bureau?

Can we all agree, the coup in Zimbabwe had more to do with the president’s wife than Mr. Mugabe?

Can we all agree, CEO’s and millionaires across the country  have called the President’s bluff on his tax reform plan?

Can we all agree, it’s hard to believe the administration has not even expressed sympathy for the 500 people who died in this week’s earthquake in Iran?

Can we all agree, you have to wonder about politicians who decline to provide benefits to their constituents, just to score political points?

Can we all agree, Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants us to believe there could not have been any coordination with Russia, because he thinks the Trump campaign was too disorganized and stupid?

Can we all agree, the continuing pressure to appoint a special; counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton,  shows  Mr. Trump’s lack of understanding about how government works?

Can we all agree, it’s not very reassuring that even GOP lawmakers are worried about Mr. Trump’s control of the nuclear launch codes?

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Can We All Agree – 11/7/15 edition

November 7, 2015

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Can we all agree that no one is surprised the President turned down the Keystone pipeline project?

Can we all agree that, given the history of airline investigations in Egypt and Russia, we may never know what happened to the Russian airliner? But smart money seems to be on a terrorist bomb.

Kansas City Royals celebrate after winning World Series

Kansas City Royals celebrate after winning World Series

Can we all agree that the Kansas City Royals were the best team in baseball this year and deserved to win the World Series?

Can we all agree that the new books about the Vatican’s bookkeeping do not paint a very flattering picture?

Can we all agree that 271,000 additional jobs is good news for everyone – except he stock market which knows a Fed interest rate increase is almost guaranteed, and the GOP who knows elections are all about the economy?

Can we all agree that while conservatives may have won significant victories in this week’s elections, it will not help them in the general election for President in 2016?

Can we all agree that the story of the Illinois police officer who apparently committed suicide gets stranger every day?

Can we all agree that the arrest of two Louisiana officers on murder charges leaves everyone wondering what really happened?

Can we all agree that Volkswagen may never recover from the expanding investigations into their practices?

Can we all agree that it’s good the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal is  available to read, but very few legislators will read it before staking out a position?

Can we all agree that George H.W. Bush’s comments on his son’s presidency seem to reinforce what we all suspected?

Can we all agree that there is something unseemly about the Pentagon  paying sports teams for patriotism?

Can we ll agree that Fox’s decision to trim the number of GOP candidates in their main debate next week might torpedo a few candidates?

Can we all agree that Jeb Bush’s new  slogan is not the answer to his campaign’s  problems?

Can we all agree that Ben Carson’s stories, which seem to be filled with significant exaggerations are starting to cause real problems?

Can we all agree that decisions by Mexican courts, which may lead to the legalization of marijuana in that country, will put more pressure on US border states?

Can we all agree that the meeting between the presidents of China and Taiwan, may just be a political stunt, since the people of Taiwan seemed poised to oust their leader because of his close ties to China?

Can we all agree that Paul Ryan is off to a bad start as Speaker when he says he will not work with the President on immigration reform?

Can we all agree that the victory by Turkey’s president last weekend, may help the US bombing campaign against ISIS, but will certainly lead to more repression in Turkey?

Can we all agree that the ACC officials suspended after blowing the final play of the Duke Miami game deserved a much more severe penalty?

Can we all agree that it will be good to have some version of Star Trek back on TV, or at least on streaming video?

Can we all agree that surveys showing teens devote more time to digital media (9 hours) than they do to sleep, has some ominous implications for society?

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Can We All Agree, 2/14/15 Edition

February 14, 2015

Can we all agree that Justice Ginsberg’s admission that she was not “100% sober” during the State of the Union speech is kind of endearing. I wonder how many others had wine with dinner?proxy

Can we all agree that Mr. Putin is schooling the EU on the Ukraine?

Can we all agree that Brian Williams may never be seen on TV again.

Can we all agree that punishing the Little Leaguers for sins of the adults is just unfair and unjustified?

Can we all agree that if a Muslim man had killed three white people, we would not be talking about a parking space?

Unknown-1  Can we all agree that no matter what end of the political    spectrum you are on, you are sad to see John Stewart leave his show?

Can we all agree that dropping out of college for a start-up is one thing, but dropping out just a few credits short, just to take a routine job, as Gov. Walker did, is a bit unusual?

Can we all agree Mr. Obama seems invigorated by his new aggressive stance on climate, ISIS, Keystone, Ukraine? Where was this 6 years ago?

Can we all agree that the Greek crisis is not going to have a happy ending for someone?

Can we all agree that David Carr’s untimely death is a monumental tragedy?

Can we all agree that Alabama’s Supreme Court’s Justice will be on the wrong side of history on gay marriage and a number of other issues?

Can we all agree that Apple and Google seem to be engaged in a new battle for supremacy as the nation’s greenest company? This is a good thing.

Can we all agree that the GOP stunt- holding a signing ceremony for the Keystone pipeline bill, that will be vetoed – will not help their reputation among independent voters?Gavin Newsom

Can we all agree that Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsome’s decision to run for governor is not a shock?

Can we all agree that’s it’s good news that the ‘Ebola troops’ are coming home from Africa?

Can we all agree that Dean Smith and Jerry Tarkanian both left their mark on NCAA basketball? Not equal marks, but marks nonetheless.


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