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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 2/11/17 edition

February 11, 2017

Can we all agree, no-one believes the immigration raids being conducted around the country are ‘routine,’ as the the federal agency claims?

Can we all agree the GOP knows it has a real problem when the staunchly red voters in California’s Central Valley, start to turn against them?

Can we all agree, in any other administration  National Security chief Michael Flynn’s contact with Russian officials before he took office, would lead to dismissal? It’s doubtful that will happen in the Trump administration.

Can we all agree the impact of Mr. Trump’s lies about voter fraud are being felt by one poor illegal immigrant with a sixth-grade education who is now facing an 8-year prison term for illegal voting?

Can we all agree, the only thing most people will remember about Mr. Trump’s press conference with the Japanese Prime Minister is the uncomfortable extended handshake? Especially since it’s not a Japanese custom.

Can we all agree, Mr. Trump may figure out a new way to impose his travel ban, but he will never admit he made a mistake?

Can we all agree, resistance to the GOP plan to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, finally seems to have had an impact on the GOP. They are literally living in fear.

Can we all agree the President’s son-in-law seems to be the only grown-up in the room when it comes to foreign policy?

Can we all agree our newly installed Education Secretary may have the roughest tenure of all the cabinet appointees?

Can we all agree Hillary Clinton was right, in questioning Mr. Trump’s mental stability and many Senators now seem to get the message?

Can we all agree Chinese leaders have schooled Mr. Trump on international diplomacy?

Can we all agree Kellyanne Conway doesn’t seem to understand what she did wrong in promoting Ivanka Trump’s product line? But she’s just following the lead of her boss.

Can we all agree, it appears the entire Trump family sees the presidency as one big money-making opportunity? Even their lawyers admit it.

Can we all agree, every time Sean Spicer holds a press briefing he looks foolish?  Whether it’s factual mistakes or simple spelling errors he looks like the buffoon Melissa McCarthy portrays on SNL.

Can we all agree, speaking on SNL, it appears Mr. Trump may be wrong about the show, as it enjoys it’s highest ratings in 22 years?

Can we all agree, even foreign countries seems to understand the role of comedy in the new world order?

Can we all agree the only question about Mr. Trump’s approval ratings are, “how low can they go?”

Can we all agree SNL may just be the tip of the iceberg as comedians of all stripes  continue to get under the thin skin of our new leader?

Can we all agree, it was heartening to see the North Carolina legislature put in its place by the courts, and the NCAA?

Can we all agree Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch probably won a few votes this week when he decried Mr. Trump’s tweets about the Federal Court system?

Can we all agree Senator Mitch McConnell my have given the protest movement a new slogan this week, while boosting Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential aspirations?

Can we all agree it’s great to see some House Democrats grow a little backbone and find new ways to challenge the GOP?

Can we all agree, Mr. Obama must have known the new administration would allow construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline?

Can we all agree it’s unfortunate the entire 84-Lumber Super Bowl ad was not aired during the game?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s pre-Super Bowl comments on Fox were another insult to every American and are even confounding his own party? Except maybe the Senate Majority leader…

and finally:

Can we all agree, speaking of the Big Game, it’s not always about football? This week’s good read.



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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 9/10/16 edition

September 10, 2016

Can we all agree whatever kind of deal has been negotiated for cooperation in Syria means nothing unless the troops on the ground are forced to accept it?

Can we all agree it’s somewhat comforting to know the flow of new recruits to ISIS seems to be slowing? Does this mean they will just stay home and wreak havoc independently?

Can we all agree the most distressing story of the week might be the item detailing what wars to expect once ISIS is defeated?

Can we all agree no one  knows what North Korea really wants, except maybe to threaten the United States?

Can we all agree that insulting the leader of the free world is not exactly the way to introduce yourself before a meeting?

Can we all agree that every 9/11 anniversary seems to bring out the worst in average Americans and politicians?

Can we all agree no matter how strange we all thought this campaign season would be, we never thought we would see Larry King interviewing Donald Trump on Russian TV?

Can we all agree the Trump – Putin bromance is just weird? Except if your goal is to undermine the election process.

Can we all agree, no matter how many times Mr. Trump’s handlers try to rein him in, he is incapable of speaking the truth? Even during his first appearance ever in an African-American church.

Can we all agree, if it were not for Mr. Trump’s bluster, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson would have made the biggest misstep of the week when he had no idea what the Syrian city of Aleppo was? That’s not to mention his ignorance of Harriet Tubman.

Can we all agree the Clinton-Trump show on national security was a great preview of the presidential debates, which start later this month?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump always manages to grab the headlines, even when it’s for all the wrong reasons?

Can we all agree Matt Lauer did a terrible job moderating the event? Only Mr. Trump disagrees.

Can we all agree every time  the FBI director says there was no case against Hillary Clinton, he fans the flames against her?

Can we all agree it’s hard to believe that Trump’s bluster has managed to somehow cut into Hillary’s lead in the nationwide polls? But that doesn’t change the count in the Electoral College.

Can we all agree Mike Pence’s release of his tax return just emphasizes his running mate’s failure to release his?

Can we all agree Trump’s supporters don’t seem concerned that Mr. Trump was able to stop the Florida attorney general from joining a suit against Trump University, by giving her campaign a $25,000 contribution? Why is there no FBI investigation here?

Can we all agree there is no chance that the GOP will act on President Obama’s nomination of the first Muslim-American to a federal judgeship?

Can we all agree that Wells Fargo had a pretty bad week, as if recalling an ad campaign wasn’t bad enough, that had to pay $185 million for the misdeeds of their own employees? As a former customer, I would note, the unethical behavior had to be sanctioned from the top.

Can we all agree the Mexican minister who lost his job   for proposing that his boss invite Donal Trump, deserved his fate?

Can we all agree, the case against Roger Ailes must have been pretty substantial, if he settled the sexual harassment suit rather than see his actions revealed in court?

Can we all agree that there is probably no woman who drew more vitriol in death than Phyllis Schlafly, who passed away this week?

Can we all agree it’s refreshing to see a leader, Angelica Merkel, who refuses to give in, when a local election defeat suggests some people disagree with your policies?

Can we all agree Mother Teresa deserves to be a saint?

Can we all agree the people of Oklahoma are starting to have second thoughts about fracking now that they feeling earthquakes on a regular basis?

Can we all agree despite dire warnings about climate change  Giant Pandas and Yosemite National Park provided a bit of good news for the environment?

Can we all agree Apple is disrupting it’s own technology by introducing a new phone with no headphone jack? But that’s what we said when they introduced computers with no CD drive, too.

Can we all agree even if Pop Warner football manages to fend off lawsuits, they have a problem with parents who don’t want to have their children permanently damaged by playing tackle football at a young age?

Can we all agree the 7 police officers to be charged in the Oakland sex scandal, are just the tip of the iceberg?

Can we all agree, it’s one thing to have your phone recalled, but quite another to be told not to use it?

Can we all agree that standing in line (or on line if you’re in New York) now has a whole new level of sophistication.

And finally:

I don’t know about you but I have no desire to work anyplace where my ID badge allows the boss to listen to all my conversations.


Next time you see a youngster playing basketball alone, think about this.

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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 12/26/15

December 26, 2015

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It was a slow week for news so I’m not doing my regular column.

Yes, I know Steve Harvey doesn’t seem to know how to read a

Miss Colombia, the new Miss Universe.

Miss Colombia, the new Miss Universe.

teleprompter and announced the wrong winner in the Miss Universe pageant, but despite what conspiracy theorists think,  we can all agree that he just messed up.

And yes, one of the most entertaining  candidates, not named Trump, dropped out of the GOP primary race, but we can all agree Lindsey Graham was not going to win.

Seth Blatter will have to wait eight years before he gets to run FIFA again, and we  have another World Cup in Qatar where the temperature will be over 100 degrees for many games which we can all agree is just absurd.

And we can all agree that Donald Trump again sounded like a third grader with no understanding of either basic bodily functions or Yiddish.

We can all agree that the NFL remained stubbornly consistent by refusing to fund a brain study of athletes on the same weekend that the movie “Concussion” debuted in theaters across the country.

The NBA on the other hand, apparently believes that athletes can impact society as they agreed to participate in anti-gun violence television advertisements.

Mona Haydar and her husband, Sebastian Robins, in Cambridge. (Boston Globe photo)

Mona Haydar and her husband, Sebastian Robins, in Cambridge. (Boston Globe photo)

We can all agree that one of the more unique stories came from Cambridge, MA where a Muslim couple served donuts and coffee to anyone who wanted to ‘Talk to a Muslim.”

I did find a couple of  columns that you might find interesting: one by Dave Barry and another, surprisingly, by George Will.

Enjoy, and if you want to read more, take a look at my review of the new Star Wars movie, or my short post on a memory from 2015.


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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 12/12/15 Edition

December 12, 2015

Can we all agree that for at least a couple of generations, Frank Sinatra’s 100 birthday, today, is worth celebrating?

Can we all agree that anything coming out of the current climate change conference, is just talk until nations actually do something concrete?

Can we all agree that even before the predicted El Nino, California is getting good news as weekly rains drench northern parts of the state and bring snow to the Sierra’s? We even had hail that piled up like snow in my back yard.

'Snow' in my Bay Area back yard this week

‘Snow’ in my Bay Area back yard this week

Can we all agree that the GOP is now reaping what they sowed by encouraging Donald Trump’s outrage at the establishment? Reaction has been overwhelmingly negative both in the US and abroad but it has only embolden him and his supporters.

Can we all agree that Donald Trump is just giving voice to fringe elements who are now considered mainstream?

Can we all agree that given his actual support, Mr. Trump has little chance of fulfilling his promise to take his postponed trip to Israel ‘after he is elected.’

Can we all agree that we envy the reception Syrian refugees are getting in Canada? And wonder if it will ever happen in this country – as it should.

Can we ll agree that last night’s apparent arson at a California mosque will probably not be the last?

Can we all agree that the rhetoric employed by the GOP is not far from the kind of arguments heard during the McCarthy era?

Can we all agree that it’s a bit surprising to learn the shooters in San Bernardino were ‘radicalized’ years ago, but somehow no-one knew it?

Can we all agree that the charges against an Oklahoma police officer for sexually assaulting 24 black women should have engendered the same outrage as the murder of black men?

Can we all agree that it’s not surprising that military students at the Citadel think it’s acceptable to portray KKK members in school skits, since they continue to display the Confederate flag in their chapel?

Can we all agree that when a sitting Supreme Court justice suggests that a segment of the population does not deserve to attend top-flight universities he should not be sitting on the bench?

Can we all agree that the demise of “No Child Left Behind” came about 12 years late?

Can we all agree that Rham Emanuel, mayor of Chicago is in big trouble? Even the President senses it.

The USS Zumwalt - the Navy's newest ship

The USS Zumwalt – the Navy’s newest ship

Can we all agree that the Navy’s newest destroyer looks like a modern version of the civil war’s USS Monitor?

Can we all agree that the man who attacked the Planned Parenthood Center in Colorado as a “warrior for the babies” is just another example of a fringe element encouraged by misguided politicians?

Can we all agree that despite what the GOP would have us believe, there seems to be some progress in the battle against ISIS?

Can we all agree that while there was nothing wrong with the President’s address last Sunday night, there was nothing memorable or particularly comforting. His policies will be judged by results not speeches.

Can we all agree that we might have made some progress this week in the war against assault weapons when the Supreme Court allowed a local assault weapons ban to stand?

Can we all agree that drug company owner Martin Shkrelis may be the most vilified businessman  in the United states?

Can we all agree that we were shocked when Fox News actually suspended an on-air personality for crossing the line in criticizing the President? Who knew they even had a line establishing a standard?

Can we all agree that unless we start to do something about climate change we may all be facing the same kind of red alert imposed in China this week?

Can we all agree that proposals to arm students with guns are not the kind of solutions we need to solve our weapons problem? Just ask the woman who tried to shoot a shoplifter in Michigan.

An finally, can we all agree that it was good to hear that President Jimmy Carter’s cancer seems to be losing it’s battle with modern medicine?

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