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#CWAA: Can We All Agree™ – 6/10/18 edition

June 10, 2018

Can we all agree, the only thing Donald Trump cares about is keeping the spotlight on himself – that’s the only reason he refused to sign the G-7 closing statement?

Can we all agree, Mr. Trump has no unified policy goals, can’t handle criticism and can only respond with name calling?

German Prime Minister Angela Merkel explains it all to Mr. Trump.

German Prime Minister Angela Merkel explains it all to Mr. Trump.

Can we all agree, it was quite a week in sports: a new Stanley Cup owner,  repeat NBA champions and a Triple Crown winner?

Can we all agree, Melania’s ‘minor surgery’ suddenly got a lot more serious?

Can we all agree, The Pope seems to be the only world leader who can get the attention of the CEO’s who will ultimately change the world’s climate?

Can we all agree, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is using every charge he can muster to force Paul Manafort to flip on Mr. Trump?

Can we all agree, Mr. Trump delights in annoying Attorney General Jeff Sessions, by changing the nation’s marijuana policy with an off-hand comment?

Can we all agree, there will finally be a House vote on immigration policy?

Can we all agree,  suicides byAnthony Bourdain and Kate Spade will force the nation to focus on the increase in the county’s suicide rate?

Can we all agree, the most ominous part of the arrest of former Senate aide for spying was the seizing  of a reporter’s notes?

Can we all agree, by refusing to defend the Affordable Care Act’s very popular pre-existing condition provision, the AG has handed the Democrats a powerful campaign tool – even in red states?

Can we all agree, Muhammad Ali does not need a pardon – Mr. Trump is just pandering in a desperate attempt to win over African-American voters?

Can we all agree, separating families, whether they come here illegally or not, is just inhumane?

Can we all agree, Tuesday’s election results show that Democratic voters remain energized?

Can we all agree, the cancellation of the White House visit by the NFL Champion Philadelphia Eagles, probably ends the practice for all sports teams?

Can we all agree, Former President Bill Clinton, should just shut up?

Can we all agree, elimination of the Miss American swimsuit competition may have been the politically correct move, but if will not help the pageant’s TV ratings?

Can we all agree, while reporters focus on EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s ethical lapses, he is working to allow chemical companies to poison us?

Can we all agree, Facebook continues to get bad press for selling information to anyone who wants it, but Americans don’t seem to care?

Can we all agree, Mr. Trump knows he will be charged with a crime in Mr. Mueller’s Russia investigation why else would he protest so much?

and finally:

I can’t imagine what it must have been like for Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer to write this.


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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 12/26/15

December 26, 2015

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It was a slow week for news so I’m not doing my regular column.

Yes, I know Steve Harvey doesn’t seem to know how to read a

Miss Colombia, the new Miss Universe.

Miss Colombia, the new Miss Universe.

teleprompter and announced the wrong winner in the Miss Universe pageant, but despite what conspiracy theorists think,  we can all agree that he just messed up.

And yes, one of the most entertaining  candidates, not named Trump, dropped out of the GOP primary race, but we can all agree Lindsey Graham was not going to win.

Seth Blatter will have to wait eight years before he gets to run FIFA again, and we  have another World Cup in Qatar where the temperature will be over 100 degrees for many games which we can all agree is just absurd.

And we can all agree that Donald Trump again sounded like a third grader with no understanding of either basic bodily functions or Yiddish.

We can all agree that the NFL remained stubbornly consistent by refusing to fund a brain study of athletes on the same weekend that the movie “Concussion” debuted in theaters across the country.

The NBA on the other hand, apparently believes that athletes can impact society as they agreed to participate in anti-gun violence television advertisements.

Mona Haydar and her husband, Sebastian Robins, in Cambridge. (Boston Globe photo)

Mona Haydar and her husband, Sebastian Robins, in Cambridge. (Boston Globe photo)

We can all agree that one of the more unique stories came from Cambridge, MA where a Muslim couple served donuts and coffee to anyone who wanted to ‘Talk to a Muslim.”

I did find a couple of  columns that you might find interesting: one by Dave Barry and another, surprisingly, by George Will.

Enjoy, and if you want to read more, take a look at my review of the new Star Wars movie, or my short post on a memory from 2015.


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