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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 5/28/16 edition

May 28, 2016

Can we all agree, The President was right to visit Hiroshima?

Can we all agree, that despite the GOP’s attempts at doom and gloom, the economy seems to be recovering pretty well?

Can we all agree all those young people living at home may not be a function of the economy? Maybe they just want to be home.

The President at the Hiroshima Memorial, (NY Times photo)

The President at the Hiroshima Memorial, (NY Times photo)

Can we all agree it’s just thrilling to know Donald Trump has officially won enough delegates to be the Republican nominee for President?

Can we all agree that Marco Rubio apparently thinks Mr. Trump will help him in his next career?

Can we all agree no matter how many dumb policy statements he utters, missteps he makes, or politicians in his own party he attacks no-one seems to have handle on what Donald Trump would actually be able to do as President?

Can we all agree that his latest statements on the California drought should automatically disqualify him from the race?

Can we all agree, despite the qualifiers, Hilary Clinton’s email server may be causing her problems on inauguration day in January?

Can we all agree if Bernie Sanders and Hillary are neck and neck in California this week, he will probably pull ahead over the next  10 days?

Can we all agree that selling arms to Viet Nam is a policy shift many Baby Boomers, who fought in that country, never thought they would see?

Can we all agree President Obama probably wanted Texas and 10 other states to sue him over the LGBT bathroom rules, so  it will keep the issue in the news through the elections?

Can we all agree, the Republicans have no idea how to deal with the LGBT issue and now it has led them to defeat their own spending bill?

Can we all agree that new findings suggest we may be dealing with a major health problem in the years ahead, unless manufacturers figure out a better way to protect us from our cell phones?

Can we all agree the medical news about antibiotic resistant bacteria was predicted years ago?

Can we all agree, California’s so-called bullet train between LA and San Francisco looks more and more unlikely to be completed?

Can we all agree it’s very sad to see the potential end of the Persian rug business?

Can we all agree, at least one new Harvard grad, already has number of job offers, after this speech at graduation?

Can we all agree, despite assurances, we’d all be a bit hesitant to try the latest Whole Foods delicacy being sold in Florida?

Can we all agree that, if it stabilizes the world economy, $50/barrel oil may not be so bad in the long run?

Can we all agree, the problems at Baylor University, probably go even deeper than what’s been made public?

Can we all agree the Obama’s new home in Washington DC may be a step up from the White House, except for the level of service?

Can we all agree this could be the most heartbreaking story of the week?

Can we all agree that Louisiana’s new “Blue Lives Matter” legislation is totally unnecessary?

Can we all agree we’re not surprised that North Korea may have been behind the digital theft at world banks?

Can we all agree, equating veterans waiting for medical care to waiting in line at Disneyland, is just unforgivable?

Can we all agree linking the obesity epidemic to the drop in smoking levels is absurd on its face?

Can we all agree the NFL has once again shown itself to be incapable of facing the truth about concussions?

Can we all agree the TSA might be the worst run federal agency in the United States?

Can we all agree Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has become the face of Silicon Valley excess?

Can we all agree that voting in Austria is a warning to us about Donald Trump?

Can we all agree  Trump’s tax returns must be quite embarrassing if he still won’t release them despite pressure from his own party?

And finally:

Can we all agree, one way to get rid of accidents may not be to  simply stop using the word?

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Can We All Agree V 3.0

December 11, 2014

Can we all agree that despite what the officials say, today’s storm ended the drought in most people’s minds.

Can we all agree that if you need a legal opinion to define ‘torture’ you are already in trouble. As the Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once said about pornography, the definition may be unclear but, “I know it when I see it.”

Can we all agree that every once in a while the Noble Peace prize committee gets it right – like this year.

Can we all agree that the message of the Berkeley protestors has gotten a bit lost in the methods.

Can we all agree that the NCAA selection committee did a pretty good job. TCU and Baylor disagree but, the playoff games should be pretty good. My pick, Alabama-Oregon final with The Tide on top.

Can we all agree that the economy is headed in the right direction.

Can we all agree that John Boehner has told the Tea Party folks (and Ted Cruz) to sit down and behave like good little children and pass the $1.01 trillion spending package.

Can we all agree that there are probably so many unrelated provisions in the budget bill, (campaign finance is just one example) it will takes months to know what Congress is really approving.

Can we all agree that the Rolling Stone Magazine has done more to harm coverage of sexual assault than any jury ever could.

Can we all agree that continuing violence in protest of the Ferguson/NY grand jury decisions, is not helping race relations.

Can we all agree that when athletes participate in the debate on racial inequality, we all benefit.

Can we all agree that the Senate report on the CIA’s torture methods is an embarrassment to every American.

Can we all agree that GOP protests against release on the Senate torture report is just a smokescreen to protect George Bush.

Can we all agree that watching the price of oil fall is a great winter sport. The fact that Vladimir Putin is really squirming is just an added benefit.

Can we all agree that we knew Steve Kerr might be a pretty good coach but the Warriors are still a surprise.

Can we all agree that McDonald’s recent earning statement is good news for the overall health of the nation.

Can we all agree that when the federal agency sponsoring flu shots admits they might not do any good, the only winners are the pharmaceutical companies.

Can we all agree that the NFL’s treatment of cheerleaders is odious and disgusting and should be part of the sexual assault debate.

Can we all agree that President Bush may not have known what torture the CIA was up to, but Dick Cheney, the administration’s Darth Vader …come on.

Can we all agree that my RedSox may be better off with Porcello, Masterson and Miley instead of John Lester.

Can we all agree that The Santa Clara Niners…oh never mind.

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