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Can We All Agree – 4/11/15 Edition

April 11, 2015

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Can we all agree that, whether you support her or not, Hillary’s expected announcement tomorrow is the starting gun for the 2016 race to the White House?

Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill

Can we all agree that despite her death this week, Lauren Hill was a remarkable young woman?

Can we all agree that Ayatollah Khamenei’s criticism  of the proposed outline for a nuclear deal, was really meant for internal consumption?

Can we all agree that Rolling Stone’s response to the blistering report on their handling of the now discredited rape story at UVA, was a black eye for journalists everywhere?

Can we all agree that Sara Brady will be missed by everyone who feels there are too many guns in the United States?

Can we all agree that Rand Paul’s presidential campaign is off to a horrendous start with everyone in the media?

Can we all agree that Jeb Bush is not Hispanic?

Can we all agree that Apple made the right decision to allow construction workers with felony convictions, to work on the new headquarters?

Can we all agree that, at the very least, California farmers should be pushed to grow crops that don’t require excessive amounts of water in a near desert environment?

Can we all agree that police will now have to learn to live with a higher level of scrutiny than ever before?

Can we all agree that the culture wars are alive and well in the United States as some states impose ridiculous restrictions on abortions?

CCF18IHW4AIqCC7Can we all agree that there is considerable doubt that a Massachusetts jury will impose the death sentence on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?

Can we all agree that while the White House mockery off Benjamin Netanyahu was pretty funny, it may not have been not politically correct?

Can We all agree that seeing Tiger Woods playing competitive golf again, is good for the sport?

Can we wall agree that two Presidents shaking hands is a good next step in normalizing relations with Cuba? I’m sure there will be  GOP outcry when Cuba is removed from the list of countries supporting terrorism, but that is the next step.

Can we all agree that PGE may never pay the $1.6 billion fine imposed by California?




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