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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 1/14/17 edition

January 14, 2017

Can we all agree, it’s hard to believe the GOP is so focused on repealing the Affordable Care Act, that they are willing to disrupt the lives of the 23 million Americans who know it has been a success?

Can we all agree, no matter what you think of the current administration, it’s improper for an incoming administration to conduct diplomacy before they are actually in charge?

Can we all agree it would be nice to believe that Speaker Paul Ryan was was outlining Donald Trump’s immigration policy when he assured an immigrant family they would not be deported?

The new Lady Liberty coin

The new Lady Liberty coin

Can we all agree the Justice Department probe of FBI director James Comey will end as soon as Loretta Lynch leaves office, but that won’t stop the Democrats from giving Mr. Comey a a piece of their mind?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s plan to put his sons in charge of his businesses does nothing to allay fears that he will act in their best interests rather than in the best interests of the United States?

Can we all agree appointing his son-in-law to a White House posts just reinforces the view that the family business interests will always be paramount ?

Can we all agree the salacious charges against Mr. Trump may not be verified, but they are pretty easy to believe for many Americans?

Can we all agree the appearance of Mr. Trump’s attorney, who showed up to justify his actions, was among the most cringe-worthy parts of his press conference?

Can we all agree Buzzfeed has taken a lot of criticism for publishing the material, but that’s the altered reality Mr. Trump has created?

Can we all agree the contrast between Mr. Obama’s final speech in Chicago and Mr. Trump’s attempt at a press conference was remarkable?

Can we all agree a large segment of the American public agrees with the government ethics chief, regarding Mr. Trump’s latest plans for his businesses?

Can we all agree the intimidation of the government ethics office will get more serious as  Mr. Trump continues to defy the advice of ethics attorneys on both sides of the political spectrum?

Can we all agree we’re still not sure if Mr. Trump really believes the Russians tried to influence the election?

Can we all agree the new Lady Liberty on the $100 gold coin is sure to spark protests from the racists in this country?

Can we all agree China’s addiction re-education camps sound a lot like the treatment camps some conservatives have proposed for anyone afflicted with the ‘disease’ of being gay?

Can we all agree the Russians have a novel approach to eliminating smoking – make it illegal for anyone who has not already started?

Can we all agree decriminalizing domestic violence, as Vladimir Putin ordered, is not the hallmark of a civilized society?

Can we all agree it’s easier to charge foreigners from Volkswagen or Takata with criminal activity in product liability cases, than it is to hold US companies liable for breaking US laws?

Can we all agree it will take years and require constant monitoring to make sure the Baltimore and Chicago police make progress in eliminating the deeply ingrained practices which have caused so many problems?

Can we all agree Mr. Obama latest new Cuba policy may please that country’s leaders, but will not be popular with citizens who make it to our shores?

Can we all agree we’re not surprised that Fox News secretly settled a sexual harassment claim against Bill O’Reilly – two lawsuits in 12 months might have been more than the network could handle?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s handling of the L.L. Bean controversy proves once again, he doesn’t understand the role of the President?

Can we all agree we’re amazed Mr. Trump hasn’t caused another international incident by tweeting about China’s lone aircraft carrier sailing through the Taiwan straight?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s biggest problem might be convincing his own cabinet that he knows what he’s doing?

Can we all agree it’s nice to hear about a company planning to create 1o0,000 new jobs, with no mention of government interference?

Can we all agree it’s great that 42% of California is drought free, now we can start worrying about Massachusetts and Europe?

Can we all agree Meryl Streep got all the publicity for her critique of Donald Trump, but Hugh Laurie really got the anti-Trump show started?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s response was just embarrassing?

Can we all agree you could have predicted the outcome of a California University event featuring a racist editor and a money hungry drug executive? – Yes, protests ended the session before it even got started.

and finally,

If you don’t believe Joe Biden was surprised to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, you should nominate him for a best actor award.

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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 5/28/16 edition

May 28, 2016

Can we all agree, The President was right to visit Hiroshima?

Can we all agree, that despite the GOP’s attempts at doom and gloom, the economy seems to be recovering pretty well?

Can we all agree all those young people living at home may not be a function of the economy? Maybe they just want to be home.

The President at the Hiroshima Memorial, (NY Times photo)

The President at the Hiroshima Memorial, (NY Times photo)

Can we all agree it’s just thrilling to know Donald Trump has officially won enough delegates to be the Republican nominee for President?

Can we all agree that Marco Rubio apparently thinks Mr. Trump will help him in his next career?

Can we all agree no matter how many dumb policy statements he utters, missteps he makes, or politicians in his own party he attacks no-one seems to have handle on what Donald Trump would actually be able to do as President?

Can we all agree that his latest statements on the California drought should automatically disqualify him from the race?

Can we all agree, despite the qualifiers, Hilary Clinton’s email server may be causing her problems on inauguration day in January?

Can we all agree if Bernie Sanders and Hillary are neck and neck in California this week, he will probably pull ahead over the next  10 days?

Can we all agree that selling arms to Viet Nam is a policy shift many Baby Boomers, who fought in that country, never thought they would see?

Can we all agree President Obama probably wanted Texas and 10 other states to sue him over the LGBT bathroom rules, so  it will keep the issue in the news through the elections?

Can we all agree, the Republicans have no idea how to deal with the LGBT issue and now it has led them to defeat their own spending bill?

Can we all agree that new findings suggest we may be dealing with a major health problem in the years ahead, unless manufacturers figure out a better way to protect us from our cell phones?

Can we all agree the medical news about antibiotic resistant bacteria was predicted years ago?

Can we all agree, California’s so-called bullet train between LA and San Francisco looks more and more unlikely to be completed?

Can we all agree it’s very sad to see the potential end of the Persian rug business?

Can we all agree, at least one new Harvard grad, already has number of job offers, after this speech at graduation?

Can we all agree, despite assurances, we’d all be a bit hesitant to try the latest Whole Foods delicacy being sold in Florida?

Can we all agree that, if it stabilizes the world economy, $50/barrel oil may not be so bad in the long run?

Can we all agree, the problems at Baylor University, probably go even deeper than what’s been made public?

Can we all agree the Obama’s new home in Washington DC may be a step up from the White House, except for the level of service?

Can we all agree this could be the most heartbreaking story of the week?

Can we all agree that Louisiana’s new “Blue Lives Matter” legislation is totally unnecessary?

Can we all agree we’re not surprised that North Korea may have been behind the digital theft at world banks?

Can we all agree, equating veterans waiting for medical care to waiting in line at Disneyland, is just unforgivable?

Can we all agree linking the obesity epidemic to the drop in smoking levels is absurd on its face?

Can we all agree the NFL has once again shown itself to be incapable of facing the truth about concussions?

Can we all agree the TSA might be the worst run federal agency in the United States?

Can we all agree Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has become the face of Silicon Valley excess?

Can we all agree that voting in Austria is a warning to us about Donald Trump?

Can we all agree  Trump’s tax returns must be quite embarrassing if he still won’t release them despite pressure from his own party?

And finally:

Can we all agree, one way to get rid of accidents may not be to  simply stop using the word?

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Can We All Agree – 9/5/15 Edition

September 5, 2015

Can we all agree that Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who decided that jail was better than doing her job, is misguided and receiving terrible advice?

Can we all agree that the GOP candidates who have come to her defense have proven, once again, that they are ill equipped to lead the country?

Kim Davis - NYT photo

Kim Davis – NYT photo

Can we all agree that the continuing rash of baseball fans injured and dying at baseball games must lead to more protective barriers and higher railings?

Can we all agree that new figures showing smoking in the US is at its lowest level ever, probably means tobacco companies are just more focused on countries where it’s easier to hawk their products?

Can we all agree that Pope Francis’ decision to welcome women who repent after having abortions, back into the Catholic church is a remarkable and welcome departure from past papal announcements?

Can we all agree that Roger Goodell totally mishandled the Tom Brady, Deflategate episode? (As a life-long Patriots fan, I feel it would be cruel to say any more.) But it may lead to major changes.

Can we all agree that the refugee crises in Europe was born out of the same ill-conceived agreement that created the EU?

Can we all agree that, as some commentators are saying, Europe has now found their own ‘Donald Trump’ in Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban?

Can we all agree that the stock market has officially entered the realm of irrational depression when 173,000 jobs are added and they worry about something (a rate increase) that they know has been coming for months? (I repeat, the stock market is not the economy.)

Can we all agree that renaming Mt. Mckinley to Denali – something even GOP senators in Alaska wanted –  makes sense to everyone except the Ohio Congressional delegation? I’m sure taking 1o feet off the elevation was a bit of a disappointment to Denali supporters.

Mt. Denali-Washington Post photo

Mt. Denali-Washington Post photo

Can we all agree that the President’s trip to Alaska to boost his environmental street cred,  seems a bit ill timed, coming just months after he approved oil drilling in the Arctic Circle?

Can we all agree that any 62-year-old who can survive 9 days lost in the Sierra’s – with a broken leg – deserves some kind of award from the AARP?

Can we all agree that Sony Pictures’ decision to alter the script of a movie about concussions to avoid angering the NFL is just one more black eye for a company already having a very bad decade?

Can we all agree that Hillary Clinton may be the luckiest Democratic candidate in 50 years as her favorability ratings drop while the GOP continues to self-destruct?

Can we all agree that while Mr. Trump will be the main event the September 16th GOP debate, Carley Fiorina will be a great undercard?

Can we all agree that the GOP establishment and Jeb Bush have finally woken up to the fact that they need to do something to stop The Donald? If not, he could set the party back about 150 years.

Can we all agree that we have no idea what’s going through the minds of Chinese leaders who stage a military parade as a TV event, while announcing a cut of 300,000 troops, and send a ships to the Aleutian islands while an America president is touring Alaska?

Can we all agree that while the eventual fate of the Iran nuclear deal has been decided, there will be plenty of political maneuvering for the next few weeks while Congress debates the treaty?

Can we all agree that the Trump loyalty pledge to the GOP party is not worth the paper it’s printed on?

And finally, can we all agree that California’s decision to limit the use of solitary confinement should have happened long before some inmates spent 30 years inside 8×10 foot rooms?

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