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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 2/21/16 edition

February 21, 2016

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Can we all agree that Hillary supporters are pleased, but not as pleased as they would be if she won in Nevada by say, 30%.

Can we all agree that everyone except the GOP establishment, considers Trump the front runner?

Can we all agree that Jeb Bush was a terrible candidate and really cannot blame anyone but himself?

Can we all agree the only one who thinks Ben Carson has any business staying in the race, is Dr. Ben? Is Kasich next to go?

Can we all agree that, as the media write off Ted Cruz because he lost the Evangelical vote, you have to wonder if it was the candidate or the dirty tricks campaign, that turned off voters?

Can we all agree the GOP response to the death of Justice Antonin Scalia would have embarrassed him?

Can we all agree he would have favored a strict adherence to the words of the constitution as it is written?

Can we all agree that the conspiracy theories now making the rounds on the internet are just mind boggling?

Can we all agree that however things turn out, the battle for the Supreme Court will be the epic struggle of the decade?

Can we all agree that even Mitch McConnell might admit that he made a tactical mistake in opposing a nominee for the court, even before most people knew Justice Scalia had died?

Can we all agree that had it not been for the passing of Justice Scalia, the President’s trip to Cuba next month would have been the biggest story of the week?

Can we all agree the real truth about what’s really going on in the battle against ISIS lies somewhere between here and there?

Can we all agree that we lost two literary giants this week in Harper Lee and Umberto Eco?

Can we all agree that the ‘tech bro’ in San Francisco who complained about having to deal with the city’s chronic homeless problem, is just a graphic encapsulation of  the battle our politicians face every day?

Can we all agree, now that the Aliso gas field leak has been sealed the only thing remaining, is to figure out how many lawsuits the gas company will face?

Can we all agree that no-one could have predicted that  the GOP presidential primary could turn on a debate between a candidate and the Pope?

Mayor's response to Jeb Bush

Mayor’s response to Jeb Bush – America

Can we all agree, speaking of politics, Jeb Bush may have had the worst week in Washington?

Can we all agree that New York Mayor Debiasio’s response to Mr. Bush’s tweet of his engraved gun, was just perfect?

Can we all agree that the fight between Apple CEO Tim Cook and the FBI has now become a PR battle, although it looks destined to wind up in the Supreme Court?

Can we all agree that China’s placement of missiles on a disputed island in the South China Sea seems an odd provocation, given the timing? Maybe they hoped no-one would notice.

Can we all agree that while we may be happy that OPEC members have agreed on output targets, it was more to calm markets than to actually effect output?

Can we all agree that the EU didn’t have much choice but to give in to David Cameron’s demands in hope of keeping them attached, however tenuously to the continent?

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