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CWAA: Can We All Agree ™ – 3/18/17 edition

March 18, 2017

Can we all agree Donald Trump’s budget plan may not pass, but he has succeeded in reframing the debate for the GOP, so that only minor improvements can win over opponents?

Can we all agree the new budget director has already given Democrats plenty of ammunition for the mid-term elections?

Can we all agree the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates is good news, since it means the economy is growing?

Can we all agree Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has given North Korea exactly what they wanted; the threat of an imminent attack by the US?

Can we all agree the Democrats are leaving no stone unturned to create opposition to Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch?

Can we all agree, regardless of who leaked 2 pages Mr. Trump’s 2005 tax return, it was a blatant attempt to draw public attention for the plethora of controversies the White House is facing?

Can we all agree, if Hillary Clinton is really ‘coming out of the woods,’ she will be the only Democrat who can steal the spotlight away from Mr. Trump?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s meeting with German President Angela Merkel will not be the last awkward meeting he has with another world leader?

New Monopoly game pieces include T-Rex, a duck and a penguin

New Monopoly game pieces include T-Rex, a duck and a penguin

Can we all agree California farmers have proven unequivocally that Americans will not replace foreign workers to harvest crops?

Can we all agree Baby Boomers took another kick in the stomach this week as Hasbro replaced the boot, the wheelbarrow and the thimble as playing pieces in Monopoly?

Can we all agree Rep. Paul Ryan can make all the changes he wants to Trumpcare, but it still has little chance of passing the Senate, even by a simple majority if 24 million people will lose their insurance?

Can we all agree it won’t take Mr. Trump long to cite today’s attack in Paris as justification for more security measures?

Can we all agree, news that Syria had targeted Israel jets coming back from a bombing run was troubling on a  number of levels?

Can we all agree every time we increase the number of troops being sent to Syria, we just create more targets for ISIS?

Can we all agree, given the way things seem too be run in the White House, it’s easy to believe the Milpitas, CA man who jumped the fence, really was a friend of the President, as he claimed?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s Muslim travel ban will probably be decided by the Supreme Court – which is why he is so intent in having his nominee confirmed before the end of this term?

Can we all agree  Mr. Obama and now England are due apologies over the false claims that they colluded to tap Mr. Trump’s ‘wires‘?

Can we all agree Scotland deserves to get a new independence vote in light of England’s decision to leave the European Union?

Can we all agree the slow deterioration in EU-Turkish relations will continue as long as Recep Tayyip Erdogan leads Turkey?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s embrace of Andrew Jackson seems both logical and apalling?

Can we all agree, given the new Russian revelations, it’s pretty clear why Michael Flynn was ousted from his national security post? Someone knew what additional revelations were coming.

Can we all agree the world breathed a sigh of relief with the defeat of the Dutch anti-immigration candidate?

Can we all agree the sooner the White House starts cooperating with Congressional probes of Russian involvement in the campaign, the sooner the GOP will end the investigations?

Can we all agree charging two Russians with hacking millions of Yahoo accounts, just added to the pressure to get to the bottom of exactly what the Russian government is doing?

Can we all agree it’s doubtful  federal immigration officials will pay any attention to the request by the California Chief Justice, who asked them to stay away from state courthouses? After all, to paraphrase Willie Sutton, ‘that’s where the criminals are.’

Can we all agree, Olympic ideals took another hit this week when the head of USA Gymnastics was forced to resign ?

Can we all agree the women’s Olympic hockey team members had little choice but to threaten a strike to get the recognition and support they deserve?

Can we all agree it’s clear that Press Secretary Sean Spicer is performing for an audience of one, each time he addresses the press?

Can we all agree, speaking of performing, it’s embarrassing that  Republicxans have such a tough time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

Can we all agree it may be a small step, but banning plastic straws might be a good symbolic step to fight ocean pollution? Especially since the administration seems intent on rolling back air pollution rules.

Can we all agree since the administration seems unconcerned about how global warming, caused by air pollution, is affecting humans, it’s doubtful they will care about the death of large portions of the Great Barrier Reef?

Can we all agree anyone who really thought Roundup was safe for the environment, just isn’t following the money in medical research?

Can we all agree Koch Industries has done masterful job in  making sure electric cars never eat into their profits on a national basis?

Can we all agree it’s great to see that the world’s oldest golf course finally agreed to let women join? Who would have thought Augusta National would beat them to the punch by 5 years?

Can we all agree telling your voters to ‘shut up’ may not be the best way to win re-election?

Can we all agree there were a number of head-slapping comments by politicians this week? And the list doesn’t even include Kellyanne Conway’s latest whopper.

Can we all agree, if Navy officials thought they could get away with a multi-billion dollar bribery scheme there are probably many more scandals we don’t know about?

Can we all agree it’s comforting to know white supremacist Richard Spencer will no longer be able to say he runs a tax-exempt non-profit organization?

Can we all agree, when the family of the president’s son-in-law can sign a deal with the Chinese it should raise some red flags?

Can we all agree we should get rid of the bi-annual clock changing ceremony and leave the country of Daylight Savings Time permanently?

and finally:

If you really want to know why people fear nuclear power. check out the state of the cleanup from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown six years ago.

Can’t wait for this week’s Saturday Night Live show?

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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 2/18/17 edition

February 18, 2017

Can we all agree, of all the President’s cabinet members approved approved so far, Mike Pruitt, at the EPA, has the potential to do the most damage to future generations?

Can we all agree many senators may regret their vote after Mr.  Pruitt’s emails as Oklahoma AG are made public?

Can we all agree if Mr. Trump continues his war on the media he will undermine his own credibility? If he has any left.

Can we all agree, speaking of credibility, picking a political ally to ‘review’  intelligence gathering operations will do nothing to stop the leaks that continue to plague the administration?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s continued insistence on an alternate reality that no one can see, is symptomatic of his personality disorder?

Can we all agree the Vice President will be getting an earful, as he travels to Europe – and none of it will be good?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump may have a valid point in pushing some NATO members to spend more on their own defense?

Can we all agree, it won’t be long before Mr. Trump runs out of friendly places to visit, during his election campaign? Oh wait, the campaign is supposed to be over.

Can we all agree It’s about time politicians admit that Trump’s antics are harming our international standing?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s budget plan looks like an all-out attack on the arts?

Can we all agree, it’s amazing that Mr. Trump actually found one person who is qualified to hold a cabinet position?

Can we all agree we’ve reached a new low when the Secretary of Education needs armed guards every time she wants to leave her office?

Can we all agree, despite Mr. Trump’s denials, members of his staff relish the thought of using the National Guard to round up illegal immigrants?

Can we all agree this week’s “Day Without Immigrants’ protest had minimal impact because most immigrants can’t afford a day without pay?

Can we all agree the money that the government will spend just to guard Mr. Trump and his family is simply outrageous?

Can we all agree the offenses of many of the illegal immigrants being rounded up by Trump’s ICE agents, are not the kind of criminals even his supporters thought he was going to target?

Can we all agree White House attempts to ‘insulate’ the President from efforts to expel the so called Dreamers, will fail and he will bear the full brunt of the public’s wrath?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s inability to come up with a new immigration order is an admission that the policy is just wrong?

Can we all agree, Russia’s attempts to manipulate European elections, is just an extension of their success here?

Can we all agree, it might be tougher in the EU, since Mr. Putin won’t be able to coordinate his activity with the actual candidate, as they could with Mr. Trump?

Can we all agree ousted national security advisor Michael Flynn’s biggest contribution to the government might be the multiple congressional investigations he has spawned?

Can we all agree the bizarre political assassination of the half brother of the North Korean leader sounds like a plot from the old ‘Spy vs Spy’ cartoon in Mad Magazine? It sounds like even China agrees.

Can we all agree Mr. Trump and the Israeli Prime Minister have outlined a roadmap to nowhere?

Can we all agree the new GOP plan to overhaul the Affordable Care Act doesn’t look it has much chance of winning the approval of most Republicans?

Can we all agree, any plan to send American troops to Syria would be a non-starter to any other American president?

Can we all agree the GOP plan to cut back on the government safety net will hit their own voters the hardest?

Can we all agree Bill Maher and Samantha Bee have jointly taken on Jon Steward’s role as America’s leading political commentator?

Can we all agree it’s not hard to figure out why traffic deaths are on the rise?

Can we all agree very few people understand the ‘sell by date’ on most food products?

Can we all agree, regardless of party affiliation, Americans are stressed out?

Can we all agree, it’s about time someone banned Kellyanne Conway from  TV?

Can we all agree, Ms Conway needs more than counseling?

Can we all agree the most disheartening Congressional accomplishment this week is the decision to keep Mr. Trump’s tax returns private?

Can we all agree the site of two world leaders discussing security issues in a public restaurant is really beyond belief? What were they thinking?

Can we all agree it’s interesting to see how Mr. Trump’s opinions on a number of topics seem to have changed in three months?

And finally::

The tragic story of loss for one veteran who had to evacuate his home below the Oroville, CA dam.


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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 10/8/16 edition

October 8, 2016

Can we all agree we’re not really that surprised by the latest tape revealing Donald Trump’s attitude toward women?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s non-apology, apology will  become a classic in future public relations manuals?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s comments will easily bury the leaked details of Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches to Wall Street?

Can we all agree, the fact that the speech transcripts were taken from hacked emails, hurts their credibility, but adds to  the US contention that Russia is trying to influence the election?toles6-16-16-0001

Can we all agree Sunday night’s debate is really Mr. Trump’s last, slim chance to show non-supporters that he has anything approaching a presidential temperament?

Can we all agree the latest revelations might derail Mr. Trump’s already derailed new focus on policy?

Can we all agree there was no shortage of outrageous statements this week even before the latest revelations?

Can we all agree that by the end of the week we didn’t even remember fundraising activities by Mr. Trump’s foundation were closed down by the New York Attorney General?

Can we all agree the makers of the Epipen may think their $465 settlement with Medicare is not a guilty finding, but given their previous actions, most folks know they are guilty of something?

Can we all agree 156,000 new jobs may be tepid growth, but at least it’s still growth?

Can we all agree no one really understands the sudden ‘scary clown’ epidemic but school administratrors all over they country have been forced to assure parents that the situation is under control?

Can we all agree it’s good news to see that the Paris climate accord will take effect, despite what the US Congress thinks about global warming?30

Can we all agree it seems Vladimir Putin’s plan to take over Syria while we are occupied with our election seems to be succeeding and the people of Aleppo are paying the price?

Can we all agree it’s hard for the rest of the world to understand how a country can vote against peace, but the Colombian president still deserves the Nobel Peace Prize?

Can we all agree even The NSA seems a little confused about whether they have arrested a spy or just someone who likes to hoard information?

Can we all agree, at this point, no-one even cares what happened at the vice presidential debate earlier this week?

Can we all agree, Yahoo seems to be trying to commit business suicide but agreeing to scan its users’ emails for the government?

Can we all agree, just when you think the President of the Philippines has insulted every world leader, he finds a new way to prove he has no business leading a Democratic country?

Can we all agree we have a few of our own unqualified elected officials?

Can we all agree there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of enthusiasm for Google’s newly announced smart phone?

Can we all agree Fox News’s attempt at humor by stereotyping Asian Americans was disturbing – mainly because no one at the network realized how insulting it was?

and finally, two feel-good stories:

One about a 113 year-old man having his bar mitzvah and another of heart felt appreciation during the most unimaginable tragedy.

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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 9/10/16 edition

September 10, 2016

Can we all agree whatever kind of deal has been negotiated for cooperation in Syria means nothing unless the troops on the ground are forced to accept it?

Can we all agree it’s somewhat comforting to know the flow of new recruits to ISIS seems to be slowing? Does this mean they will just stay home and wreak havoc independently?

Can we all agree the most distressing story of the week might be the item detailing what wars to expect once ISIS is defeated?

Can we all agree no one  knows what North Korea really wants, except maybe to threaten the United States?

Can we all agree that insulting the leader of the free world is not exactly the way to introduce yourself before a meeting?

Can we all agree that every 9/11 anniversary seems to bring out the worst in average Americans and politicians?

Can we all agree no matter how strange we all thought this campaign season would be, we never thought we would see Larry King interviewing Donald Trump on Russian TV?

Can we all agree the Trump – Putin bromance is just weird? Except if your goal is to undermine the election process.

Can we all agree, no matter how many times Mr. Trump’s handlers try to rein him in, he is incapable of speaking the truth? Even during his first appearance ever in an African-American church.

Can we all agree, if it were not for Mr. Trump’s bluster, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson would have made the biggest misstep of the week when he had no idea what the Syrian city of Aleppo was? That’s not to mention his ignorance of Harriet Tubman.

Can we all agree the Clinton-Trump show on national security was a great preview of the presidential debates, which start later this month?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump always manages to grab the headlines, even when it’s for all the wrong reasons?

Can we all agree Matt Lauer did a terrible job moderating the event? Only Mr. Trump disagrees.

Can we all agree every time  the FBI director says there was no case against Hillary Clinton, he fans the flames against her?

Can we all agree it’s hard to believe that Trump’s bluster has managed to somehow cut into Hillary’s lead in the nationwide polls? But that doesn’t change the count in the Electoral College.

Can we all agree Mike Pence’s release of his tax return just emphasizes his running mate’s failure to release his?

Can we all agree Trump’s supporters don’t seem concerned that Mr. Trump was able to stop the Florida attorney general from joining a suit against Trump University, by giving her campaign a $25,000 contribution? Why is there no FBI investigation here?

Can we all agree there is no chance that the GOP will act on President Obama’s nomination of the first Muslim-American to a federal judgeship?

Can we all agree that Wells Fargo had a pretty bad week, as if recalling an ad campaign wasn’t bad enough, that had to pay $185 million for the misdeeds of their own employees? As a former customer, I would note, the unethical behavior had to be sanctioned from the top.

Can we all agree the Mexican minister who lost his job   for proposing that his boss invite Donal Trump, deserved his fate?

Can we all agree, the case against Roger Ailes must have been pretty substantial, if he settled the sexual harassment suit rather than see his actions revealed in court?

Can we all agree that there is probably no woman who drew more vitriol in death than Phyllis Schlafly, who passed away this week?

Can we all agree it’s refreshing to see a leader, Angelica Merkel, who refuses to give in, when a local election defeat suggests some people disagree with your policies?

Can we all agree Mother Teresa deserves to be a saint?

Can we all agree the people of Oklahoma are starting to have second thoughts about fracking now that they feeling earthquakes on a regular basis?

Can we all agree despite dire warnings about climate change  Giant Pandas and Yosemite National Park provided a bit of good news for the environment?

Can we all agree Apple is disrupting it’s own technology by introducing a new phone with no headphone jack? But that’s what we said when they introduced computers with no CD drive, too.

Can we all agree even if Pop Warner football manages to fend off lawsuits, they have a problem with parents who don’t want to have their children permanently damaged by playing tackle football at a young age?

Can we all agree the 7 police officers to be charged in the Oakland sex scandal, are just the tip of the iceberg?

Can we all agree, it’s one thing to have your phone recalled, but quite another to be told not to use it?

Can we all agree that standing in line (or on line if you’re in New York) now has a whole new level of sophistication.

And finally:

I don’t know about you but I have no desire to work anyplace where my ID badge allows the boss to listen to all my conversations.


Next time you see a youngster playing basketball alone, think about this.

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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 6/18/16 edition

June 18, 2016

Can we all agree, banning the Russian track team from the Olympics in Rio was the right thing to do, but it could makes the games less compelling to watch?

Can we all agree the last thing Brazil needed was a state of emergency declaration for the state hosting the Games – even if they claim all their financial commitments for the Games are fulfilled?

Can we all agree the Mayor of Oakland, CA  never imagined she would be looking for her fourth police chief in less than 2 weeks? What a mess.

Can we all agree the tragedy in Orlando sounds more like a hate crime against the LGBT community, than a terrorist attack?

Can we all agree that this Baptist minister in Sacramento deserves a special place in hell for his comments?

Can we all agree, that the murder of a member of England’s Parliament, sounds more like the work or a deranged citizen than a political statement in the battle over EU membership?

Can we all agree the head of the Boston University School of Public Health needs to attend some freedom of speech lectures in the BU law school  for rescinding an invitation to Bennet Omalu (the concussion doctor) because of comments he made about the University?

Can we all agree it’s nice to get good news from Iraq, for a change?

Can we all agree when 50 diplomats, possibly  including the current Secretary of State, call on the President to change course in Syria, maybe it’s time to rethink our strategy?

Can we all agree that 149 days before our general election, the Orlando murders and the comments by Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton may mark the turning point in this political cycle?

Can we all agree the actions by two Connecticut politicians at least helped restore some faith in our system? Not much, but a little?

Can we all agree the tide might have begun to shift, ever so slightly, against the NRA?

Can we all agree it’s good to have the AMA on your side in a gun battle with Wayne LaPierre?

Can we all agree the GOP convention in Cleveland has now taken center stage as political theater this summer?

Can we all agree Bernie Sanders wasted all his political capital and has become Mr. Irrelevant in the Democratic Party?

Can we all agree that it is it comforting to know hot beverages and not hot coffee that might cause cancer? Ice coffee for everyone!

Can we all agree that Marco Rubio is showing his true colors as he decides to re-enter the race for a position (The Senate) that he disdained just weeks ago?

Can we all agree that Disney’s ‘No swimming’ signs were inadequate as a way to explain to folks from Nebraska, that there were alligators in the water behind their resort?

Can we all agree the Baltimore Aquarium may be starting a trend by getting rid of their dolphin exhibit and reacclimating the animals to the wild?

Can we all agree Mr. Obama really hit the nail on the head when he answered comments made by Mr. Trump and the GOP?

Can we all agree that with everything else going on this week we may have missed two major stories when the Supreme Court essentially ruled that internet access was a utility and could be regulated by the FCC and the EPA could regulate emissions?

Can we all agree that we are dumbfounded that two Russian agencies felt it was necessary to hack into the DNC computers to get dirt on Donald Trump? All they needed to do was read a newspaper.

and finally:

Can we all agree the best thing on the internet this week was the graduation speech of an Illinois eighth grader who entertained the crowd with imitations of Trump, Clinton, Cruz, Obama and Sanders? It’s worth watching for all nine minutes.

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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 3/19/16 edition

March 19, 2016

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Can we all agree, the European plan to deport 40,000 refugees in Greece back to Turkey for re-processing is simply cruel?

Can we all agree that. despite the partisan nature of the questioning at this week’s Congressional hearing on the Flint water disaster, the state’s Republican governor looked much worse than the EPA administrator? Although there was plenty of blame to go around.

Can we all agree the world is a bit safer today after the arrest of three terror suspects in Belgium yesterday?

Killer whales at SeaWorld

Killer whales at SeaWorld

Can we all agree SeaWorld didn’t have much choice about ending their killer whale program, given the public outcry and government opposition?

Can we all agree that we all owe Donald Trump a big ‘thank you’ for refusing to show up at next week’s GOP debate – possibly ending the the useless exercises for this primary season?

Can we all agree that the Senate finally did something right in allowing states to pass regulations on GMO labeling?

Can we all agree Hulk Hogan saved us all from endless postings of sex tapes that we never wanted to see anyway?

Can we all agree that watching Senate Republicans tie themselves into verbal knots explaining why they won’t vote on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee until after they see who wins the November election is truly entertaining? Sen.Orrin Hatch deserves an Oscar for his outstanding performance.

Can we all agree that Donald Trump has virtually guaranteed there will be some kind of violence if he does not get the GOP nomination?

Can we all agree that even Hillary Clinton’s most ardent supporters did not expect her to sweep all five primaries this week?

Can we all agree that Marco Rubio’s loss proves once again that it takes more than money to win in politics?

Can we all agree that shutting down a city’s municipal train system with just 24 hours notice is absurd on its face?

Can we all agree that watching FIFA claim that they are a victim of their own scandal, is like the young man who kills his parents and pleads for mercy because he’s an orphan?

Can we all agree that we are shocked the NFL casually admitted what doctors have been saying for years – that repeated blows to the head of football players cause the brain disease, CTE?

Can we all agree that The President’s decision not to allow oil drilling off the southeast coast may have been a flip-flop of the best kind?

Can we all agree that when the President leaves Cuba after his weekend visit, he needs to have something concrete in hand regarding human rights, or his trip will be wasted?

Can we all agree that Russia’s announcement of a troop withdrawal from Syria is really meaningless since they maintain  major sea and air bases in the country?

Can we all agree that the University of California seems to have a major sexual harassment problem on its hands. It was good to see Cal President Janet Napolitano try to get out in front of the story, finally.

Can we all agree that the last thing the newspaper world needed was a journalistic monopoly running from greater Los Angeles to the Mexican border?

Can we all agree that Brazil’s leaders have figured out a way to take a bad corruption scandal and make it worse?

and last but not least:

Can We all agree we are happy Twitter is maintaining their 140 character limit  forcing everyone to stay short and too the point?

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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 2/27/16 edition

February 27, 2016

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Can we all agree there were no winners in this past Thursday’s GOP debate –  only losers and the list is pretty long?

Can we all agree ‘debate’ is probably the wrong name for what turned out to be a WWF SmackDown of Mr. Trump?toles022316

Can we all agree that the GOP only has itself to blame for the monster they have created?

Can we all agree that NJ Governor Chris Christie must really dislike Marco Rubio to effectively end his political career by backing Trump?

Can we all agree that by this time next week both races will have been decided?

Can we all agree that having the backing of the White Supremacist movement will probably thrill Trump supporters?

Can we all agree that Mitch McConnell is doing the GOP no favors in refusing to even consider a Supreme Court nominee? He even managed to convince a Republican governor that being nominated to the court is really not that special.

Can we all agree that regardless of what happens in the battle between Apple and the Federal government over unlocking iPhones, at least the courts will establish some ground rules?

Can we all agree if Microsoft had a more popular smartphone Bill Gates would be on the same side as Apple CEO Tim Cook?

Can we all agree that no one really knows what’s going on in the Chinese economy? Not even the Chinese.

Can we all agree that the Chinese must be really upset with North Korea to go along with new sanctions backed by the US?

Can we all agree that the California legislature should approve a proposed bill ending Daylight Savings Time?

Can we all agree that if we had $400 million to give away, like Phil Knight, we might find something else to do with it, rather than giving it to one of the nation’s richest private universities?

Can we all agree that shutting down the prison at Guantanamo Bay is the right thing to do?

Can we all agree there will be no truce in Syria until Mr. Putin decides it’s in his best interest?

Can we all agree we have all become immune to climate change, when news that the sea is rising at the fastest rate in 2800 years doesn’t even raise an eyebrow?

Can we all agree there is something seriously wrong when, in one week, six people are shot in Michigan, three in Kansas, and five in Washington while the state of Iowa votes to remove the age limit on gun possession?

Can we all agree, while we are on the topic of guns, what Tennessee really needed was an official state gun that could be used to shoot down an airliner?

Can we all agree, now that charges against former Texas governor Rick Perry have been dropped, he should probably re-enter the presidential race?

Can we all agree it doesn’t really matter who heads FIFA if member countries do not really want to get rid of the corruption?

and finally:

Can we all agree watching 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin dance with President and Mrs. Obama brought a smile to our faces?

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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 2/13/16-non-political edition

February 13, 2016

So much news this week, I needed two posts – one on politics and another on the real news.

Can we all agree that Pope Francis’s meeting with the leader of the Eastern Orthodox church was remarkable?

Can we all agree that, in a strange way, the best news of the week may be the increase in number of employees who voluntarily quit their jobs?

Mohave National Monument

Mohave National Monument

Can we all agree that three new national monuments will be a great addition to wildlife preservation – even if they are mostly desert?

Can we all agree that the capping of the Porter Ranch gas leak will help everyone take a deep breath, and hopefully make sure it doesn’t happen elsewhere?

Can we all agree that whatever they are calling the Syrian peace plan, it doesn’t sound like there is much agreement?

Can we all agree that stepped up NATO patrols to monitor boats crossing the Mediterranean won’t mean much if they don’t actually do anything?

Can we all agree that we’re happy scientists have confirmed the existence of gravitational waves, but we have no idea what it really means? Except that Albert Einstein was really smart.

Can we all agree that the FBI deserves a lot of credit for ending the Oregon occupation quietly and with no further violence?

Can we all agree that because of the California Coastal Commission, the state has the prettiest coastline in the nation? Why they fired their executive director remans a mystery.

Can we all agree that lawsuits are always a poor way to solve most issues, but when race is involved in the United States, like in Ferguson, MO, it is sometimes the only option?

Can we all agree that it would be a shame if the US Supreme court wound up undoing what 196 countries accomplished in Paris earlier this year?

Can we all agree that it’s a bit ironic that Mitch McConnell, who berates Mr. Obama for his coal policy, is the main reason thousands of coal miners got the shaft?

Can we all agree that the GOP response to the President’s budget plan is beyond despicable? But Speaker Ryan appears to be in the same box as John Boehner.

Can we all agree we’re thrilled there’s a new Harry Potter book coming out? Or maybe not.

Can we all agree that a major league athlete who throws away his career to performance enhancing drugs deserves his own special place in the “You Can’t Make This Up Hall of Fame.”

and finally:

Can we all agree the world needed Burger King to put hot dogs on the menu? But it’s doubtful we will all head there instead of Chipotle.

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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 2/6/16 edition

February 6, 2016

Can we all agree there it’s no secret why the Syrian peace talks failed? President Assad and Vladimir Putin obviously think they can win the ground war.

Can we all agree that President Obama’s visit to a mosque could only have happened late in his second term since most of the right-wing crazies still insist he’s a Muslim? Seems to me George Bush visited a mosque and no one got excited.

Can we all agree that Pope Francis continues to amaze the world with his outreach and attempts to heal old wounds?

President Obama at a Mosque in Baltimore this week - NYT photo

President Obama at a Mosque in Baltimore this week – NYT photo

Can we all agree that while the addition of 151,000 new jobs may not measure up to the 200,000 created last month, it’s still better than losing jobs?

Can we all agree that the President’s proposal to add $10.00 to the price of a barrel of oil, is a great idea that will go no-where – and he knows it?

Can we all agree that Hillary and Bernie each scored some points during Democratic forums this week?

Can we all agree that Hillary’s best hope on Tuesday is to simply beat expectations and lose by less than 10%.

Can we all agree that barring some unforeseen gaffe, Marco Rubio seems to have a clear shot at the GOP nomination?

Can we all agree that after Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary at least two more GOP candidates will join, Rand Paul, and Rick Santorum on the sidelines? Could Carly be next?

Can we all agree that, were it not for PAC money, Ted Cruz would suffer the same fate as the last two GOP winners of the Iowa caucuses?

Can we all agree that Mr. Trump seems completely unhinged since he lost in Iowa – an that’s saying something for him.

Can we ll agree that Speaker Paul Ryan, seems to be visiting all the right folks and saying all the right things?

Can we all agree that sending more troops to eastern Europe sends a pretty strong message to Mr. Putin and probably should have been done sooner?

Can we all agree that the Flint water crises has brought out the worst in the GOP? They subpoena EPA officials appointed by the President but decline to ask the Republican Governor of the state to testify even though most people in the state blame him for creating the problem.

Can we all agree that while the NFL prepares for the biggest game of the year, they continue to get hammered by reports of retired players who suffered terribly from  head injuries  which occurred during their playing days?

Can we all agree that indicted drug company president Martin Shkrelli is probably the only person, other than Donald Trump, who can make Congress look good?

Can we all agree that the discovery of classified emails on the private servers of two GOP secretaries of state probably will not end the silly controversy over Hillary’s email server?

Can we all agree that North Korea has given new meaning to the term trash talk?

Can we all agree that every Californian feels better now that we have a marijuana czar?

Can we all agree that no one is surprised to learn that many lawyers have drinking problems?

Can we all agree that no one really wants to see Bill Cosby stand trial and the chances that he will, are still pretty slim? A financial settlement seems likely.

Can we all agree that Congress needs to reach some kind of compromise to help the residents of Flint and pass an energy infrastructure bill?

Maurice White

Maurice White

Can we all agree that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors seem pretty insensitive to their own police force when they declared a day to honor Mario Woods?

And my favorite story of the week:

Can we all agree that showing up at your own funeral to surprise your husband, who thought he had you killed, is sweet revenge?

and finally:

Can we all agree: RIP Maurice White and Bob Elliott?

Happy Year of the Monkey: Kunghei fatchoy (gong-hey faa-chwhy)

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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 12/19/15 Edition

December 19, 2015

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Can we all agree that Paul Ryan is off to pretty good start as House Speaker, since he’s been able to actually pass a budget bill?

Can we all agree that regardless of who’s right, the DNC looks like they are taking sides in the Democratic primary battle?

Can we all agree that the new Star Wars movie was destined to make box office history weeks before it opened?images

Can we all agree that after favorable reviews in the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, LA Times, Chicago Tribune,, SF Chronicle and virtually every other media outlet, the Star Wars movie will set attendance standards that may never be broken?

Can we all agree that the most troubling story of the week might be a reporter’s account of attending a Donald Trump rally?

Can we all agree that a proposed FDA age limit on the use of tanning booths will be an enormous waste of time? No-one should use them.

Can we all agree that we didn’t need scientists to tell us this was the hottest year on record?

Can we all agree that we’re not sure if  UN approval of the Syrian ‘peace process’ will make any difference, but it’s good PR?

Can we all agree that it’s only a matter of time before the GOP jumps on the anti-Chinese immigration bandwagon, now that statistics show more immigrants from that country are coming to California than from Mexico?

Can we all agree that Cubans may be getting more than they bargained for, once regularly scheduled flights from the US begin?

Can we all agree that having  Mr. Putin endorse your candidacy may not be the best thing for your campaign?

Can we all agree that very few folks are shedding a tear for Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical exec who was arrested on fraud charges this week?

Can we all agree that we are at least relieved that there has not been more violence in Baltimore in the wake of the hung jury after the first trial in the Freddie Gray murder case?

Can we all agree that scheduling a Democratic debate on Saturday night has made it all but irrelevant – just like the DNC wanted?

Can we all agree that just four days after the most recent GOP debate no-one even remembers who won or lost?

Can we all agree that the stark contrast between the New York and Los Angeles school systems to a bomb-threat letter is a function of the distance from the most recent terrorist attack?

Can we all agree that the most gut wrenching story of the week was the City of Flint Michigan declaring a state of emergency over the lead poisoning of its children from the city’s own drinking water?

Can we all agree that Journalistic integrity took a another body blow this week when it was revealed that billionaire Sheldon Adelson was the new owner of The Las Vegas Review Journal? Of course, the New York Times’ major error didn’t help either.

Can we all agree that the French citizenry struck a blow for tolerance when they voted against the far-right politics of Marine Le Pen? Could it happen here?

Can we all agree that we wish the Bill Cosby story would just disappear? I guess you could say the same for the Pete Rose saga.

Aaron Miller after meeting LeBron James (Boston Globe photo)

Aaron Miller after meeting LeBron James (Boston Globe photo)

Can we all agree that the strangest story of the week may be the Texas man who is suing Ford after he saw the truck he traded in, with his business logo still visible on the side, being used by ISIS in Syria?

Can we all agree that it’s a bit disconcerting when a hospital system, such as Kaiser, decides to open a medical school to teach their own brand of medical care?

Can we all agree that this week’s feel good story has to be Aaron Miller’s encounter with basketball start LeBron James?

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