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Making Assumptions

August 21, 2010

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I was in a local card shop recently when a young mother and her tow-haired 3-year-old walked in.

They had obviously been in before because the youngster made a bee-line for some cuddly stuffed animals and, after a brief stop, headed for a candy display conveniently placed at his eye-level.

“OK,,” his mom said, “you can have one.”
“No, two,” he answered.
“One,” his mother said firmly.

His mother eyed me and then the clerk, who were watching to see who would win the battle of wills. The conversation degenerated quickly to “One,” Two,” “One,” “Two.”

Exasperated the mother tried “It’s either one, or none.” The youngster, looked up sadly and holding two candies in his hand, said simply, “I was thinking of you.”
Guess how many candies mom bought.

Next time you get into an argument, make sure you think things through before you back yourself into a corner.

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