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February 1, 2010

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When you work out of your home, you wind up answering a fair number of phone calls from people doing polls. Not that I have to, but I rather like trying to figure out the news story that will be written from the results.

Last week it was politics, this week was 3-D TV.

The political poll was being done by Quinnipiac University, which is a well respected small school in Western Connecticut, whose  results usually get a lot of press during Presidential campaigns.

The general tenor was whether or not I approved of President Obama’s policies on everything from deficits to terrorism. Unfortunately my respect for the poll went out the window when I was given two choices on each question – approve- disapprove. The Republicans couldn’t have asked for a better survey, since, while I support Mr. Obama, I do have a few questions about some things.

There was very little likelihood The President was gonna come off looking good and I told the  nice lady on the phone what I thought of the methodology. To my surprise she answered, “Yeah, a lot of people say that.”

Then she went on to thank me for even answering the questions, “Most of the people in California just hang up. I don’t know why but you are the first person form California who even took time to answer me, Thank you.”

No wonder the president has bad poll numbers, his supporters won’t even answer the poll. I can’t wait for the news release.

The second poll was two questions. When was the last time you went to the movies? Would seeing a movie in 3-D make it more or less likely that you would go to a movie even if it meant an additional cost?

Brought to us all by ‘Avatar.’ Now I will say that seeing ‘Bolt’ in 3-D was kind of fun, but would I base plans on it. Doubtful. And, since “Bolt’ was the last movie I saw in a theater I guess I’m not really the target audience.

I can’t wait for the poll on 3-D TV.

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