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What’s Wrong with Mr. Obama?

July 6, 2014

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Recently Peggy Noonan at the WSJ wondered how President Obama could have failed so badly, at least according to a recent poll.

I couldn’t help wondering what was so bad about our foreign and domestic policy.

Exactly what part of our foreign policy is a disaster?

That we did not bomb Russia for taking Crimea?
That we haven’t threatened nuclear war to support Ukraine?
That we did not send 10,000 troops back into Iraq, to fight a war that we could not win?
That we did not send another 5,000 young men and women to die in the sand so that oil companies can make more money?
That we did not solve all the problems created by British and French Imperialism over 100 years ago?
That we did not arm Al Quaeda in Syria?
That we could not convince The Palestinians not to form a united front?
That we could not force Israel to talk with people who want nothing more than their complete annihilation?
That there are few leaders in North Africa who understand how to govern?
That we did not invade Egypt to prevent a military takeover.
And the domestic mistakes include:
Refusing to negotiate with Republicans who see no problem with defaulting on our debt?
Refusing to negotiate over whether the government should be shut down?
Refusing to negotiate with Republicans who see no danger in climate change?
Refusing to negotiate with Republicans who think the earth is our garbage can and we can spoil it however we want?
Refusing to negotiate with Republicans who think it’s just fine that Walmart employees can work full time and still need food stamps?
Refusing to negotiate with Republicans who will not admit that 8 years of a GOP presidency takes at least 8 years to clean up?
Refusing to negotiate with a GOP that thinks 11 million people who now have health insurance would be better off living on the street when illness forces them to lose their home?
Refusing to negotiate with a GOP which believes the government had better not intrude into their lives by regulating guns, but that it’s OK for the government to tell a woman when she can have a baby?
No Mr. Obama is not perfect, and there are many things he has done wrong, or too slowly, but I’ll take hime any day over, Bush II, Bush I, Reagan, Ford, Nixon or Eisenhower. And by the way, if you have problems with Obama, I can’t wait to see what you do when Hillary takes over.


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The Week in Review

December 9, 2012

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Jim Levy, AKA Jimmy The Kid, writes a weekly summary of the news based on his radio show in Sonoma, CA.

The column includes links to listen to his show, as well as a great recap (with commentary) of what’s going on in the world.

I’m a semi-regular on the show so I thought I’d start posting his newsletter on my blog so everyone could benefit from his wisdom. If you want to get the newsletter on a regular basis drop him a note at .

Click here to download the newsletter as a PDF file;

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