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Time to Re-Assess?

December 13, 2010

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At some point in your job search you need to assess or re-assess your basic assumptions.

These are issues that effect your whole family but whether you are working and  looking for something new or  unemployed and frustrated that you haven’t found anything, you need to consider your options.

These assumptions are often the toughest to change, particularly as you get older.

For example, are you in the right field. Yes, you may have been working in an area for many years, but is it a growth area. Is it really the best option  for new jobs.  Is your chosen field expanding or it it the modern version of the buggy whip maker?

It might be tough to leave your field but you need to consider the skills you have and how they might be applied to another job. That’s why your resume needs to reflect your skills, not just your experience.

It’s also good to consider moving to another part of the country or at least expanding your search to areas which might require more of a commute. It’s no secret that not every part of the country has suffered equally in the recession. Maybe you should consider moving.

For example, Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco has been hurt just as badly as other parts of the country. But a recent Justice Department agreement on employee poaching,  along with the maturing of major firms such as Google and Facebook, has created a lot more openings. Many people are openly shopping themselves and the resulting turnover will make 2011 a hiring hotbed in the area.

Do you need more training to switch fields or just improve your skills. You may not need to consider an advanced degree – although it’s not a bad idea if you can afford it – but certification programs and community college courses can introduce you to new careers or add skills to your resume.

These decisions should not be made in a vacuum since they impact the whole family, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t even consider talking things over before charting a new course.

Perhaps an even more serious issue, which I’ve touched on in previous posts, is assuming your family would be opposed to an alternative – like moving – before you even bring the idea up. Just don’t wait until you’ve gotten an interview opportunity from a company two states away, to talk about the issue.

That’s just not fair and is a recipe for disaster on a personal level.

Regardless of what stage of your job search you are in, it’s always a good time to re-assess.

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