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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 3/12/16 edition

March 12, 2016

Can we all agree that the world owed George Martin more than it could have ever repaid for his work in bringing the Beatles music to us all?

Can we all agree that Donald Trump’s non-repudiation repudiation of the violence at his campaign events will just encourage more violence?

Can we all agree that President’s list of finalists for the Supreme Court is pretty much as expected?

Can we all agree the GOP debate this week was a lot more civil, but facts were few and far between?

Malia Obama at this week's state dinner (pool photo)

Malia Obama at this week’s state dinner (pool photo)

Can we all agree that, all things considered, we would have much rather watched the state dinner and fashion show for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

Can we all agree we have not heard the last of the Yosemite trademark case?

Can we all agree that the latest astronomical discovery is yuuuge?

Can we all agree that given their vote totals, neither Ms Fiorina’s nor Mr.Carson’s endorsement will change the GOP primary race that much?

Can we all agree that Hillary Clinton may win the Democratic nomination, but other than the second debate she has not inspired confidence, she can beat a Republican opponent?

Can we all agree that Bernie Sander’s win in Michigan may be the kick in the pantsuit that she needs to end the complacency among her staff and her supporters?

Can we all agree she seems to have convinced Michael Bloomberg that she can win?

Can we all agree that while some Latinos may be registering to vote, just to oppose Donald Trump, we’re not sure it’s the movement some newspapers are writing about?

Can we all agree that when the two top officials of a non-profit fundraising group  are fired after a blistering audit report, it makes you think twice about  donations to any group?

Can we all agree that when the dean of one of the nation’s leading law schools is forced to resign for sexually harassing his executive assistant we are a long way from equality in the workplace?

Can we all agree that Fukushima will stand forever alongside Three Mile Island and Chernobyl as a warning that we may never be able to create safe nuclear power plants?

Can we all agree that just when we thought the Europeans were making progress in their handling of refugees, more countries closing their borders did not help?

Can we all agree that while she may have been the power behind the throne, Nancy Reagan has made sure that her legacy is one of true love?

Can we all @gree that, love it or hate it, Ray Tomlinson’s contribution to our lives will not be forgotten?

Can we all agree that Erin Andrews’ court victory this week is hardly something to celebrate?

Can we all agree that despite assurances from Brazil, we’re all a bit nervous about the summer olympics in Rio later this year?

Can we all agree that San Jose hotels are understandably upset that the Super Bowl was not the bonanza they expected? Expect no such complaints from San Francisco.

Can we all agree that no-one is really surprised that another Russian athlete was caught cheating? Even if she’s an attractive, blond tennis player.

and finally:

Can we all agree that Google’s latest hire really makes you question their ‘do no harm’ mantra?

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