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CWAA: Can We All Agree™ – 12/30/17 edition

December 30, 2017

Can we all agree, it must  be frustrating, trying to send a consistent message when Mr. Trump is accessible to anyone dining at his resort or the boss invites a reporter over for an impromptu interview? They would probably rather he stick to golf.

Can we all agree the White House seems to know 2018 will be a disaster for Trump and the GOP?

Three months after Hurricane Maria, half of Puerto Rico is still without power, but no one seems to care. (NYT photo)

Three months after Hurricane Maria, half of Puerto Rico is still without power, but few seem to care. (NYT photo)

Can we all agree, it won’t be long before Mr. Trump tries to take credit for the drop in the New York City crime rate or the decrease in Chicago homicides in 2017?

Can we all agree, no one, Republican or Democrat, wanted to see Roy Moore’s court challenge to  Alabama election results, succeed?

Can we all agree, Apple owes the owners of older iPhones, more than an apology, for slowing down their devices – even it was to protect the battery?

Can we all agree, maybe the post office should charge more to Amazon for package delivery, but it’s not like Amazon has to stick with the Postal Service?

Can we all agree, Dr. Phil has betrayed the trust of his viewers by promoting drug rehab centers just because they advertise on his show?

Can we all agree, despite what police say, ‘swatting’ may have been the cause of a tragic Kansas shooting, but the police pulled the trigger?

Can we all agree, there is no doubt the Administration has guaranteed another oil well disaster by rejecting rules enacted after the Deepwater Horizon explosion?

Can we all agree, any other president would be in serious trouble if a state was without power 3 months after a hurricane?

Can we all agree, it doesn’t seem to bother anyone in California, that Mr. Trump is the first President in 50 years, not to visit us during his first calendar year in office. Even local GOP leaders do not want him to visit.

Can we all agree, even for Donald Trump, dismissing an advisory panel via a form letter, is just disrespectful?

Can we all agree, it’s sad that we have become so acclimated to Mr. Trump’s insults that we ignore his less-than-subtle digs at climate change while enraging  one-third of the country suffering with below normal temperatures?

Can we all agree, Facebook will continue to have problems until they develop a cohesive policy for dealing with unwanted users?

Can we all agree, the courts have, once again, been forced to step in to enforce legitimate public policy decisions made by previous administrations?

Can we all agree, with each new hack, reality gets more like the movies?

Can we all agree, attacking the credibility of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn could be problematic since Mr. Trump has spent the last  year praising him?

Can we all agree, The Internal Revenue Service has given the GOP another headache with their ruling on pre-paying 2018 state taxes before the end of 2017?

Can we all agree, it looks like the winner in the Virginia state election will be determined by the courts – which is only marginally better than drawing names from a hat?

Can we all agree, the expansion of Homeland Security’s role in fighting terrorism abroad will have some ominous and unintended implications?

Can we all agree, Sen. Orrin Hatch never read the scathing editorial accompanying his award at Utahn of the Year – and now he looks foolish? Maybe Mitt Romney should run for his seat.

Can we all agree, it’s no surprise the Department of Justice has been lax in its handling of sexual harassment complaints?

Can we all agree, the Russians will continue to test the West, until there is unified opposition – an unlikely prospect with Mr. Trump in the White House?

Can we all agree, it’s surprising Mr. Putin even cares about disrupting the opposition candidates, since he is almost guaranteed of winning next year’s election?

Can we all agree, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin deserved every pound of manure delivered to his front door?

Can we all agree, Democrats should be encouraged by the number of candidates filing to run for office at every level? At least some in the GOP seem to realize they have a problem.

Can we all agree, the rest of the world has moved on from Donald Trump by simply ignoring him? I just wish we could do the same.

Can we all agree, it was only a matter of time before the Bitcoin craze became a partisan issue?

Can we all agree, President Obama’s interview with Prince Harry, once again, makes many of us nostalgic for days gone by?

and finally:

Take a few minutes to watch some of the best moments from the last 12 months of Saturday Night Live.


Since California is often the leader in passing laws that other states follow, take a look at some of the new regulations going into effect in the Golden State on Monday – yes, it’s more than just legalized marijuana.


RIP Sue Grafton – along with Lynnfield’s own Robert Parker, she helped me wile away too many hours in airport lounges when I traveled for The AP.

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Can We All Agree – 8/20/16 edition

August 20, 2016

Can we all agree it will take more than one dramatic photo of a dazed little boy, to force the warring factions in Syria to stop fighting and get serious about ending a war that no one can win?

Omran, a Syrian boy, awaits treatment. (Mahmoud Rslan/Agence France-Presse via Getty Images)

Omran, a Syrian boy, awaits treatment. (Mahmoud Rslan/Agence France-Presse via Getty Images)

Can we all agree the actions of Ryan Lochte and his fellow swimmers are probably the biggest unforced error in Olympic history?

Can we all agree the whole episode just takes the spotlight away from the spectacular performance of the athletes?

Can we all agree the actions of distance runners Nikki Hamblin and Abbey D’Agostino should be the story that gets the most attention?

Usain Bolt wins the 100 meter race at the Olympics. (Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Usain Bolt wins the 100 meter race at the Olympics. (Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Can we all agree the United Nations should be embarrassed that it took them 6 years to admit their soldiers brought cholera to Haiti?

Can we all agree that we have no interest in getting a ride from one of Uber’s planned driverless cars in Pittsburgh? Maybe they knew a SF judge was going to reject their proposed settlement with drivers?

Can we all agree that it would be a lot more comforting to wait five years for the Ford fleet to become available?

Can we all agree the only reason Donald Trump went to visit Louisiana flooding victims was to embarrass the President?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s “teleprompter regret” didn’t come close to an apology?

New Zealander Nikki Hamblin helps fallen U.S. athlete Abbey D'Agostino. (Ian Walton / Getty Images)

New Zealander Nikki Hamblin helps fallen U.S. athlete Abbey D’Agostino. (Ian Walton / Getty Images)

Can we all agree Mr. Trump needs to look no further than this week’s news from Washington state, to see the impact of his hateful speech?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s latest campaign reorganization is probably his last gasp? Or maybe it’s a death rattle?

Can we all agree the change was inevitable once the word got out about Ukraine’s secret payments to campaign manager Paul Manafort?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s plan for increased vetting of Muslim’s entering the country, is just wrong on every level? Even conservatives are dismayed.

Can we all agree that adding Roger Ailes to your list of advisors, probably won’t win you any female votes?

Can we all agree real panic has set in with the GOP, as they ponder losing control of both the House and Senate?

Can we all agree, if Hillary Clinton is elected, she and her husband should give up any role in their foundation and maybe even close it down?

Can we all agree a judge’s decision forcing Mrs. Clinton to submit written answers to questions about her use of a private email server, will uncover few new facts and just keep the issue alive – which is exactly the point?

Can we all agree the Obama administration’s explanation  about the money paid to Iran, when hostages were released, is still just linguistic gymnastics?

Can we all agree, that with no rain due until November, California firefighters have their work cut out for them?

Can we all agree the Justice Department’s decision to gradually eliminate using private prison firms for inmates should be copied by the states?

Can we all agree that. if Kamala Harris is elected as California’s next senator she will be featured at the 2020 convention and will find her way on to the presidential ticket in 2024? You read it here first.

Can we all agree there probably won’t be many young ‘snowbirds’ vacationing in Miami this winter?

Can we all agree the GOP is now getting another black eye from it’s own candidates for not approving any money to fight the Zika virus?

Can we all agree, if former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling runs against Elizabeth Warren for US Senate, it will be a replay of the Trump campaign, just on a smaller scale?

Can we all agree the Social Security Administration’s plan to get seniors to confirm their identity by using text messaging, had to be dreamed up by an out of touch millennial?

Can we all agree that we don’t understand the French ban on Burkinis at the beach?

Can we all agree it’s one thing to steal  DNC emails but quite another to hack the NSA?

A Burkini bathing suit on the beach

A Burkini bathing suit on the beach

Can we all agree this may be the week the California drought was declared over, but we still have water problems?

Can we all agree, it’s easy to understand the frustration in Milwaukee, but they may have chosen the wrong incident to express their emotions?

Can we all agree the former Pennsylvania Attorney General needs to understand that all is fair in politics, unless you break the law?

and finally:

Can we all agree David Brooks and Jennifer Rubin, two conservative columnists,  could speak for all of us?


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