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Can We All Agree – 10/31/15 Edition

October 31, 2015

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Can we all agree that the photo below, released by the North Korean government, of their leader Kim Jong Un watching a musical performance is disturbing on a number of levels?

Reuters photo

Reuters photo

Can we all agree that John Beohner’s ability to ‘clean the barn’ for a new Speaker, just shows how dysfunctional the GOP ultra-conservative members have been?

Can we all agree that Paul Ryan’s honeymoon will last until the House begins consideration of the next big budget bill?

Can we all agree  that  White House attempts to minimize the number of special forces troops being sent to Syria will not work? It’s still boots on the ground.

Can we all agree that as long as China’s economy continues to slow, most families will continue to have only as many children as they feel they can support – one?

Can we all agree that even with the economy slowing the US will remain a primary growth engine for the rest of the world?

Can we all agree that the GOP debate proved the Republican’s do not have a realistic plan to govern the country?

Can we all agree that the facts were few and far between throughout the debate?

Can we all agree that Jeb Bush simply does not project the kind of leadership many Americans want? His decline has nothing to do with his politics.

Can we all agree that Marco Rubio should resign his senate seat unless he wants to cast a vote at least once in a while?

Can we all agree that the GOP’s displeasure with the media is based on the fact that they don’t really want to answer tough questions? It will be very interesting to see what kind of questions they get  when the Wall Street Journal hosts the next debate.

Can we all agree that there were several other alternatives the now-fired police officer might have tried before assaulting a student in a South Carolina classroom?

Can we all agree that the student knew exactly what she was doing, when she apparently told her classmates to film the encounter?

Can we all agree that the United States should continue to send ships within 12 miles of the disputed ‘islands’ in the South China Sea?

Can we all agree that replacing Donald Trump with Ben Carson on the GOP presidential ticket would make little difference in the final outcome of the election?

Can we all agree that every time a new study comes out telling us what we should or should not eat, we just get more confused?

Can we all agree that the move to impeach the IRS commissioner just makes the GOP look more desperate to score political points? Apparently they didn’t watch last week’s Benghazi hearing.



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