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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 4/3/16 edition

April 3, 2016

Can we all agree that Villanova-UNC should be a fitting NCAA championship game Monday night?

USA Today photo

USA Today photo

Can we all agree that it’s good news the economy added 215,000 new jobs last month? Someone please tell the GOP and Mr. Trump?

Can we all agree that it’s somehow comforting to know that self-driving cars apparently will not be common until the condition of US roadways improves significantly? Maybe that will get them fixed.

Can we all agree, speaking of cars, putting $1,000 down for a $35,000 Tesla which may not be available for two years puts a bit too much faith in Elon Musk? That didn’t stop 133,000 fanatics though.

Can we all agree it was great to see the ‘Stones’ play Havana? Relations can now be considered normal.

Can we all agree that increases in the minimum wage in California and New York are welcome, but could be entirely eaten up by inflation, by the time they are fully implemented?

Can we all agree the women’s soccer stars who have kept their sport alive while the men continue to be international also-rans, deserve higher pay than the men?

Can we all agree that Alabama’s Republican Governor deserves to lose his job over his sex scandal?

Can we all agree that the FDA’s action this week, increasing the ability of women to end their pregnancies on their own, may do more to insure adequate access, than anything activists might do?

Can we all agree that Donald Trump has, once again, shown how improbably uninformed he is on topics ranging  from abortion to nuclear missiles? Quite an accomplishment.

Ron Wood and Keith Richards in Havana (AP Photo)

Ron Wood and Keith Richards in Havana (AP Photo)

Can we all agree all three of the remaining  candidates, Kasich, Cruz and Trump sound increasingly desperate and the GOP is now officially the party of the walking dead?

Can we all agree that the actions of one of our smallest states will have a big impact on food labeling?

Can we all agree, that since US politicians continue to deny global warming, despite the most recent revelations about the Antarctic ice sheet, our only choice is to head to higher ground?

Can we all agree it was nice to have the GOP candidates get together this week and not debate? Did we ever believe Mr, Trump intended to support the GOP nominee if it was not him?

Can we all agree it might be a bit unsettling to see your pilot arrested and taken off your plane, just minutes before your were scheduled to take off?

Can we all agree that continuing revelations about the activity of terrorists in the EU might make Americans think twice about their summer travel plans to Europe?

Can we all agree that the media overreacted, just a tad, when news broke that an Egyptian plane had been hijacked?

Can we all agree that the actions of those state legislatures controlled by the Republicans, are starting to worry the party faithful – one state at a time?

Can we all agree it was good news that at least one governor (in Georgia) stood up to the crazies?

Can we all agree that when man-made earthquakes have become a natural phenomenon, we’ve all lost sight of the dangers of fracking?

Can we all agree that, while most of the attention was focused on the Republicans this week, Susan Sarandon may have hit on the biggest problem facing the Democratic front runner? I guess her performances in ‘Bull Durham’ and ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ qualify her a political pundit.

Can we all agree that when anyone on your campaign staff is charged with a crime, you really should tell them to find some other line of work? Let’s go to the video tape…

Can we all agree that it may not take many more 4-4 Supreme Court votes before Mitch McConnell’s coalition against Judge Merrick B. Garland starts to show cracks? Although it would be great to know what threat he’s using to keep them in line.

and finally:

Can we all agree that it’s tough for some of us to understand why people want to create a second or third virtual reality when the reality we all live, is a pretty good show?


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Can We all Agree – 7/25/15 edition

July 25, 2015

Can we all agree that despite another gun attack on unsuspecting moviegoers, Americans will shake their heads and agree with candidates who say “Now is not the time to talk about gun control.” When exactly would be a good time?

Can we all agree that part of Donald Trump’s appeal is ‘decision fatigue.’ – the feeling we all get when we have too many choices and find it easier to  take the easy way out?

Can we all agree that the last thing Hillary Clinton needed was another headline talking about classified emails?

Can we all agree with a Federal Court ruling that families fleeing political repression should not be held in detention camps?

Can we all agree that, the crises in Greece is really the product of a long-standing class war between Northern and Southern Europe?

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds

Can we all agree that Planned Parenthood has made a PR mess out of their handling of the secret videos of their internal operations?

Can we all agree that the GOP really doesn’t want an abortion debate to be the central campaign theme?

Can we all agree that the $15/hour minimum wage is coming to America, whether businesses like it or not?

Can we all agree that anyone stopped for failing to signal a lane change should not be in jail three days later?

Can we all agree that while Barry Bonds may have finally come out on top in his battle with the judicial system, the court of public opinion made up its mind years ago?

Can we all agree that that theme of the Pope’s conference on Global warming and poverty was summed up pretty well by Gov. Jerry Brown’s quote: “We’re talking extinction…”

Can we all agree that the opening of embassies in Havana and Washington was a welcome site?

Can we all agree that Bill Cosby’s attempts to defend himself against his own deposition testimony, may be the final nail in his coffin?

Can we all agree that it’s great to see that the Kepler satellite has found another ‘Goldilocks planet’ similar to earth that we can add to the other 1 billion planets scientists say we might colonize after we have destroyed this one?

NASA graphic via Cal Tech

NASA graphic via Cal Tech

Can w all agree that Uber’s agreement to participate in a traffic study of NYC is really just an excuse to get both sides more time to negotiate an operating agreement with the Mayor?

Can we all agree that we are not surprised GM had to recall a million cars because their computers could be hacked, as the owners were driving?

Can we all agree that the President’s trip to Kenya only served to highlight the many problems that country faces?


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