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An NFL Photographer’s Tale

December 24, 2015

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Scientists who study the human brain like to point out that memories are the unique feature that sets humans apart from other creatures.

Mack Herron (42) and John Hanna (73)

Mack Herron (42) and John Hanna (73)

For  my radio show’s end of the year celebration I was asked to go through the list of folks who had passed away in 2015.
Among the famous and infamous on Wikipedia I found:
December 6, Mack Herron- American football player.
While his later life was apparently filled with drugs and tragedy, my singular memory of the diminutive running back for the New England Patriots, was him following blockers around left end, holding on to the jersey of Half of Fame guard John Hannah before they were both swarmed by the defense and rolled out of bounds into me and my cameras.
Some place in a collection of old negatives I have the photo, snapped just before the collision, but the memory – and fear – is as clear as day.

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