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CWAA: Can We All Agree™ – 7/2/17 edition

July 2, 2017

A day late, but hopefully, not a pound short.

Can we all agree, we should all be nervous about the administration’s request for voter data from the states and appalled that they don’t seem to understand why state officials are declining the demand?

Can we all agree, as the nation’s fertility rate declines any rational person realizes we need to change our attitude toward immigration?

Can we all agree, the GOP’s latest failure to pass a health care reform bill has left many Americans in the worst possible position – unable to plan for the future?

Can we all agree it's hard to understand why these opponents of Mr. trump's health care plan would agree to this picture? (AP photo)

Can we all agree it’s hard to understand why these opponents of Mr. Trump’s health care plan would agree to this picture? (AP photo)

Can we all agree, Mr. Trump has not been any help to Mitch McConnell?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s about face on health care shows his desperation and makes passage even more remote?

Can we all agree most voters don’t really understand ‘CBO scores,’ and don’t really care since they know what the impact of the Republican bill would be?

Can we all agree, Mr. Trump’s needless fight with two cable TV commentators has revealed the alternative universe inside the White House?

Can we all agree, the National Rifle Association’s latest ad campaign should outrage every American as it incites violence, simply to encourage gun ownership?

Can we all agree, anyone who doesn’t think a grandparent  constitutes a ‘bona fide’ relationship should ask one?

Can we all agree, next week’s G-20 summit should be quite the show for Mr. Trump, Germany’s Angela Merkel and Russia’s Vladimir Putin?

Can we all agree, Mr. Trump is oblivious to the fact that most of the world is laughing at him?

Can we all agree, Hong Kong is at pivotal crossroads as it celebrates 20 years since the British relinquished control?

Can we all agree, each week EPA administrator Scott Pruitt is allowed to stay in office we get closer to environmental disaster?

Can we all agree, Paul Manafort never should have been allowed to run any political campaign?

Can we all agree, it’s not the  $2.7 billion fine from the EU that worries Google, but the threat to their business model?

Can we all agree, the NSA, needs to admit they have screwed up and start helping people combat the hacking tools the agency created?

Can we all agree, the newfound friendship between Mr. Trump and Indian Prime Minister Modi will only last as long as Mr. Modi bows to all Mr. Trump’s demands?

Can we all agree, Germany’s rejection of visas for the body-guards/thugs who wanted to accompany Turkey’s dictator on a state visit, suggest the criminal charges brought in the US may have an impact after all?

Can we all agree, the latest report on the rise in sea level caused by increased carbon emissions makes our government’s position on the environment increasingly absurd?

Can we all agree, Mr. Trump has created his own echo chamber to support his egomaniacal positions?

Can we all agree, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has become a non-entity on the world stage?

Can we all agree, Serena Williams had a near perfect return for John Mcenroe’s sexist serve?

Can we all agree, gun control supporters were left a bit confused this week as the Supreme Court allowed a California law on ammunition to stand but a lower court issued an injunction preventing the law from going into effect?

Can we all agree, no one is looking forward to stricter airport security rules ?

Can we all agree,  the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should be congratulated for their bid to diversify their membership, even if it’s a few years late?

and finally:

A good news story about the heroic actions of a major league umpire.


An airline story that might restore your faith in the industry.

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Can We All Agree – 9/26/15 Edition

September 26, 2015

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Too bad there wasn’t much going on this week. Where to start?

Can we all agree, that Pope Francis has done very little to diminish his stellar reputation during his visit this week?

Can we all agree that even when he’s made statements you disagrees with, it’s tough to argue?

Can we all agree that, even excluding John Boehner, he will have a major impact on the social and political debate long after he has left?

Can we all agree that many Californians are still confused about why he would want to wade into the debate over Juniperro Serra by making him a saint?

Can we all agree that while Speaker of the House John Boehner, credits, at least some of his decision to step down to The Pope’s visit, it was more a question of timing?

Can we all agree that Mr. Boehner’s decision really won’t change much?

Can we all agree that we will be having the same conversation about a government shutdown later this year?

Can we all agree that The President’s ability to get Chinese leader Xi Jinping to announce a cap and trade plan for China increases the pressure on Congress to actually address climate change? As if he Pope’s comments were not enough?

Can we all agree that we will all remain a bit skeptical about Chinese promises to end hacking of commercial websites, until we can confirm the practice has ended?

Can we all agree that US businesses should not relax since there are many countries who are more than willing to continue the assault?

Can we all agree that it was nice to see that The Pope was at least able to keep Donald Trump off the front page for a few days?

Can we all agree that we didn’t even know that controversial Kentucky clerk Kim Davis was a Democrat? The GOP is welcome to have her.

Can we all agree that while The Pope’s visit back East was nice, this weekend’s visit by India’s Prime Minister is a much bigger deal in Silicon Valley?

Can we all agree that regardless of who you root for, Yogi Berra’s passing is a sad day for baseball?

Can we all agree that it’s nice to know we can all sing “Happy Birthday” whenever we want and not be forced to pay royalties.

Can we all agree that we are slightly incredulous that VW thought they could sell 11 million cars with software that deliberately deceived everyone, but felt they could escape detection?

Can we all agree that even in a capitalist society 5000% price increases for medication is not a good move?

Can we all agree that no one will miss Scott Walker and his campaign for president?

Can we all agree that this was a good week for presidential candidates to announce controversial decisions, because no one is paying attention? Like Hillary opposing the Keystone pipeline project?

Can we all agree that if you are a federal employee worrying about identity theft, things got a lot worse this week when the government announced that fingerprint records have also been stolen?

Can we all agree that it’s nice to know President Obama will meet with Mr. Putin, but we’re not sure how much good it will do? Have we seen his soul yet?

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