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CWAA: Can We All Agree™ – 8/12/17 edition

August 12, 2017

Can we all agree, many of us never thought the Chinese president would be the grownup in the room, refereeing the war of words between a US President and the leader of North Korea?

Can we all agree, it’s tough to predict an outcome when you have two egomaniacal bullies hurling insults at each other?

Can we all agree the folks on Guam probably are not comforted by Mr. Trump’s promise of retaliation, if the island is attacked?

We all make mistakes, but Can we all agree we'd like to think this was on purpose.

We all make mistakes, but Can we all agree we’d like to think this headline  was printed  on purpose.

Can we all agree, most of us have been so preoccupied with North Korea we hardly noticed that, despite the billions of dollars spent after Katrina, New Orleans flooded again this week after a severe thunderstorm?

Can we all agree, the longer we ignore climate change reports, the more stories like New Orleans, we will see?

Can we all agree, sometime in the next year the EPA will effectively cease to exist?

Can we all agree, while we should be concerned about what’s happening in Venezuela,  we can’t invade every country, where we disagree with the government’s policies?

Can we all agree, the White House may not openly condone the activities of the alt-right, but the fact that an administration aide can pen a memo describing a leftist conspiracy, certainly provides support?

Can we all agree, Google made a bad situation worse this week, when they fired the author of a memo attacking women working in Silicon Valley? We may not agree with his comments, but he has every right to his opinion.

Can we all agree, it’s hard to tell if sports reporters are over-reacting to the cancellation of some  high school football programs, or if we are really seeing the start of a death spiral?

Can we all agree, Major League Baseball deserves a pat on the back for their ‘nickname’ promotion later this month? Don’t expect to see anything like this in the NFL.

Can we all agree, it’s about time the highest levels of government admitted that we have an opioid crises in this country?

Can we all agree, the new twitter battle between Senate President Mitch McConnell and Mr. Trump, will do little to advance the GOP agenda?

Can we all agree, the FBI’s pre-dawn raid of former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort, is very bad news for the President?

Can we all agree, despite all the rhetoric, it appears, the XL pipeline may be stymied by state regulations in Nebraska?

Can we all agree, state politicians, like those in Wisconsin, don’t care how much tax money they give away, as long as they can say they brought in new jobs?

Can we all agree, President Trump should take a close look at what’s happening to his good friend Benjamin Netanyahu, as he tries to downplay the special counsel’s investigation?

Can we all agree, Disney may be making the right business decision, by taking their movies off Netflix, but they are making it  more difficult for the consumer?

Can we all agree, we should be very concerned that industry lobbyists are re-writing the nation’s regulatory framework?

Can we all agree, it’s been another tough trip home for many GOP politicians?

Can we all agree, coal mining should not be encouraged on public land?

Can we all agree, Vice President Mike Pence is running for his boss’s job? He just doesn’t like to have it made public.

Barbara Cook

Barbara Cook

Can we all agree, voting for Amy McGrath over Mitch McConnell is a pretty easy decision?

Can we all agree, the Democrat’s shift to the left will not help them in conservative states, even where voters are appalled by Donald Trump?

Can we all agree, it appears the only world leader Mr. Trump does not stand up to, is Vladimir Putin?

Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell

Can we all agree, White House aides should not be making news at speaking engagements? If they can’t take the criticism, they should not have agreed to appear.

Can we all agree, the world is just a little less  lyrical this week with the passing of Glen Campbell and Broadway singer Barbara Cook.

and finally:

Only in America could Back to School shopping get combined with guns sales.




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Can We All Agree – 5/9/15 Edition

May 10, 2015

Can we all agree that the Big news of the weeks the return of the Muppets toTV?

The Muppets

The Muppets

Can we all agree that the addition of 230,000 new jobs last month confirms that the rest of the nation has joined the economic recovery that began here in California?

Can we all agree that the biggest news out of the Conservative Party’s win in England was the faulty performance of so many polls?

Can we all agree that England’s new princess, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, may have the best name in royal history?

Can we all agree that Pamela Geller is a publicity-seeking racist who does nothing to improve the relationship between Muslims and everyone else in the world?

Can we all agree that despite the latest additions to the GOP presidential list, it’s still a pretty sorry group?

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Can we all agree that revelations that the Germanwings co-pilot may have rehearsed his tactics is even more terrifying than his final successful crash?

Can we all agree that mandatory water cutbacks may be the only way California will survive its drought?

Can we all agree that Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady’s legacy may be forever tarnished by the ‘Deflategate’ report, but that he still belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Can we all agree that the investigation of police attitudes in San FranciscoBaltimore and other cities may be the start of a long healing process we desperately need?

Can we all agree that Benjamin Netanyahu must be envious of the outright  victory won by David Cameron in England? Natanyahu was not able to form a government until two hours before a 30-day deadline was about to expire.

Can we all agree that giving Congress a say in the upcoming Iran nuclear treaty will produce what can only be called a circus-like atmosphere in the Senate as multiple Presidential hopefuls jockey for position?

Can we all agree that  a Federal  court’s decision declaring  the NSA’s phone record collection illegal, makes Edward Snowden’s actions a bit more understandable?

Can we all agree that with multiple polls showing Hillary Clinton either doing better than expected or in deep trouble it’s really too early to tell?

and finally:

Can we all agree that hiring a man, convicted of sexual harassment to run a woman’s basketball team is just absurd? But that’s what James Dolan did this week in New York when he hired Isiah Thomas to coach the New York Liberty. You can’t make this up.

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Can We All Agree – 4/11/15 Edition

April 11, 2015

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Can we all agree that, whether you support her or not, Hillary’s expected announcement tomorrow is the starting gun for the 2016 race to the White House?

Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill

Can we all agree that despite her death this week, Lauren Hill was a remarkable young woman?

Can we all agree that Ayatollah Khamenei’s criticism  of the proposed outline for a nuclear deal, was really meant for internal consumption?

Can we all agree that Rolling Stone’s response to the blistering report on their handling of the now discredited rape story at UVA, was a black eye for journalists everywhere?

Can we all agree that Sara Brady will be missed by everyone who feels there are too many guns in the United States?

Can we all agree that Rand Paul’s presidential campaign is off to a horrendous start with everyone in the media?

Can we all agree that Jeb Bush is not Hispanic?

Can we all agree that Apple made the right decision to allow construction workers with felony convictions, to work on the new headquarters?

Can we all agree that, at the very least, California farmers should be pushed to grow crops that don’t require excessive amounts of water in a near desert environment?

Can we all agree that police will now have to learn to live with a higher level of scrutiny than ever before?

Can we all agree that the culture wars are alive and well in the United States as some states impose ridiculous restrictions on abortions?

CCF18IHW4AIqCC7Can we all agree that there is considerable doubt that a Massachusetts jury will impose the death sentence on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?

Can we all agree that while the White House mockery off Benjamin Netanyahu was pretty funny, it may not have been not politically correct?

Can We all agree that seeing Tiger Woods playing competitive golf again, is good for the sport?

Can we wall agree that two Presidents shaking hands is a good next step in normalizing relations with Cuba? I’m sure there will be  GOP outcry when Cuba is removed from the list of countries supporting terrorism, but that is the next step.

Can we all agree that PGE may never pay the $1.6 billion fine imposed by California?




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Can We All Agree – 3/28/15 Edition

March 28, 2015

Can we all agree that Amanda Knox may be the most relieved person in the world right now?

Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox

Can we all agree that while there is certainly evidence of discrimination in Silicon Valley, Ellen Pao’s plight was not the right case to make the point?

Can we all agree that Indiana’s new law allowing business owners to discriminate against LGBT couples is a black eye for the state and was totally unnecessary?

Can we all agree that the latest facts surrounding crash of the Germanwings airliner are truly terrifying?

Can we all agree that Sen. Herry Reid’s decision to retire was the right move?

Can we all agree that the the House’s ability to pass a Medicare payment bill, might offer some hope for the future?

Can We All agree that trying to understand the ISIS-Houti-Yemeni-Saudi Arabian-Iranian-Iraqi battle gets more confusing (and critical) every day?

Can we all agree that keeping some US troops in Afghanistan was inevitable?

Can we all agree that Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu is the most cynical of all politicians? Making inflammatory statements before the election and then trying to disavow them weeks after his party was was re-elected.

Can we all agree that the spy vs. spy saga in the Iran nuclear talks is not really surprising.

Bowe Bergdahl

Bowe Bergdahl

Can we all agree that regardless of whether Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter or not, he should not have been left behind as the US pulled out of Afghanistan?

Can we all agree that Sen. Ted Cruz’s highly orchestrated announcement of his presidential bid rings a bit hollow?

Can we all agree that Sen. Cruz’s decision to accept coverage under the Affordable Care Act, makes a mockery of his  stated opposition – especially since he had other options?

Can we all agree that 230 White House meetings in 6 years, is a bit much for any one company, even Google?


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