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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 12/12/15 Edition

December 12, 2015

Can we all agree that for at least a couple of generations, Frank Sinatra’s 100 birthday, today, is worth celebrating?

Can we all agree that anything coming out of the current climate change conference, is just talk until nations actually do something concrete?

Can we all agree that even before the predicted El Nino, California is getting good news as weekly rains drench northern parts of the state and bring snow to the Sierra’s? We even had hail that piled up like snow in my back yard.

'Snow' in my Bay Area back yard this week

‘Snow’ in my Bay Area back yard this week

Can we all agree that the GOP is now reaping what they sowed by encouraging Donald Trump’s outrage at the establishment? Reaction has been overwhelmingly negative both in the US and abroad but it has only embolden him and his supporters.

Can we all agree that Donald Trump is just giving voice to fringe elements who are now considered mainstream?

Can we all agree that given his actual support, Mr. Trump has little chance of fulfilling his promise to take his postponed trip to Israel ‘after he is elected.’

Can we all agree that we envy the reception Syrian refugees are getting in Canada? And wonder if it will ever happen in this country – as it should.

Can we ll agree that last night’s apparent arson at a California mosque will probably not be the last?

Can we all agree that the rhetoric employed by the GOP is not far from the kind of arguments heard during the McCarthy era?

Can we all agree that it’s a bit surprising to learn the shooters in San Bernardino were ‘radicalized’ years ago, but somehow no-one knew it?

Can we all agree that the charges against an Oklahoma police officer for sexually assaulting 24 black women should have engendered the same outrage as the murder of black men?

Can we all agree that it’s not surprising that military students at the Citadel think it’s acceptable to portray KKK members in school skits, since they continue to display the Confederate flag in their chapel?

Can we all agree that when a sitting Supreme Court justice suggests that a segment of the population does not deserve to attend top-flight universities he should not be sitting on the bench?

Can we all agree that the demise of “No Child Left Behind” came about 12 years late?

Can we all agree that Rham Emanuel, mayor of Chicago is in big trouble? Even the President senses it.

The USS Zumwalt - the Navy's newest ship

The USS Zumwalt – the Navy’s newest ship

Can we all agree that the Navy’s newest destroyer looks like a modern version of the civil war’s USS Monitor?

Can we all agree that the man who attacked the Planned Parenthood Center in Colorado as a “warrior for the babies” is just another example of a fringe element encouraged by misguided politicians?

Can we all agree that despite what the GOP would have us believe, there seems to be some progress in the battle against ISIS?

Can we all agree that while there was nothing wrong with the President’s address last Sunday night, there was nothing memorable or particularly comforting. His policies will be judged by results not speeches.

Can we all agree that we might have made some progress this week in the war against assault weapons when the Supreme Court allowed a local assault weapons ban to stand?

Can we all agree that drug company owner Martin Shkrelis may be the most vilified businessman  in the United states?

Can we all agree that we were shocked when Fox News actually suspended an on-air personality for crossing the line in criticizing the President? Who knew they even had a line establishing a standard?

Can we all agree that unless we start to do something about climate change we may all be facing the same kind of red alert imposed in China this week?

Can we all agree that proposals to arm students with guns are not the kind of solutions we need to solve our weapons problem? Just ask the woman who tried to shoot a shoplifter in Michigan.

An finally, can we all agree that it was good to hear that President Jimmy Carter’s cancer seems to be losing it’s battle with modern medicine?

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