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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 1/21/17 edition

January 21, 2017

Can we all agree that  the new President’s inaugural address did nothing to create a sense of unity in the nation, even among his supporters?

Can we all agree his first executive order, allowing states to ignore parts of the Affordable Care Act, will create confusion and do more harm than good?

The women's march on Washington

The women’s march on Washington.

Can we all agree that with Mr. Trump’s new slogan, it’s clear world leadership will fall to Britain’s Theresa May and Germany’s Angela Merkel?

Can we all agree Mr. Obama’s last video message tried unsuccessfully to leave his supporters with some hope?

Can we all agree the FBI did a pretty fair job of making sure no-one would notice they are investigating ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, by announcing the probe a day before th inauguration?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump will not be happy with the comparison of his inaugural crowds with those of Mr. Obama?

Can we all agree, despite Mr. Trump’s efforts to prohibit the National Park Service from estimating crowd sizes, it’s obvious the crowd for the women’s march will also be march larger than his?

Can we all agree comparisons between Mr. Obama’s extraordinarily high approval ratings and the extraordinarily low ratings of Mr. Trump are inevitable?

Can we all agree, speaking of comparisons, it seems Mr. Trump  needed Mr. Obama’s inspiration for his inaugural cake?

Can we all agree the idiots who decided to destroy buildings in Washington DC had nothing to do with the protests that will mark the rest of Mr. Trump’s term?

Can we all agree many world leaders, except probably Vladimir Putin, will not sleep well until Mr. Trump has left office?

Can we all agree it didn’t take long for the Trump minions to begin expressing their views, as went to work deleting large portions of web pages dealing with climate change and government regulation?

Can we all agree, deleting climate change information is significant, since it comes just days after NASA announced that 2016 marked the third straight year global temperature reached record levels?

Can we all agree that it’s nice to see an impeachment website starting on Day One?

Can we all agree the Trump Hotel will be the starting point for every ethics inquiry over the next four years?

If you want to hear more about the ethics challenges Mr. Trump will face, just listen to this week’s NPR interview with two ethics experts:

Can we all agree this weekend’s Saturday Night Live show may have a record audience?

Can we all agree we will have to get used to more lawsuits and depositions by Mr. Trump? It’s only a matter of time before one of them results in release of his tax returns.

Can we all agree that doesn’t even include the ethics issues his cabinet members will face?

Can we all agree Mr. Trump’s cabinet picks including Mr. Mnuchin, Mr. Perry, Mr. Price, Mr. Pruitt and especially Ms Devos did not aquit themselves very well this week?

Can we all agree we dying to know what’s in the Tiffany box Mrs. Trump gave to Mrs. Obama?

Can we all agree after seeing the hearings this week the two cabinet posts approved on Friday were the least objectionable? But that’s not saying much.

Can we all agree it appears some Trump policies will start very soon with workplace immigration raids and a reduction in funding for the arts?

Can we all agree it will be impossible for the GOP to live up to Mr. Trump’s call for “insurance for all’ when they vote on repealing the Affordable Care Act? Especially when they see the costs.

Can we all agree the friendship between Mr. Trump and the legislative branch will be tested soon when he’s asked to approve a measure repealing many of Mr.Obama’s regulations and also restricting his own executive power?

Can we all agree we’re not sure why the extradition of a Mexican drug lord took place just before the new President took office?

Can we all agree it’s remarkable that at least 10 people have been rescued from the avalanche that busied an Italian hotel?

Can we all agree that America may now be the least safe place in the world as California sets a record for gun permits issued?

Can we all agree most conservatives don’t seem to understand that shortening a sentence means Chelsea Manning is still guilty?

Can we all agree that despite  Mr. Trump’s portrayal of the US economy, we have just about reached full employment as defined by economists?

Can we all agree Mr. Putin is turning in to his SNL caricature?

Can we all agree the Senegalese ‘invasion’ of Gambia would be big news, were it not for our new President?

Can we all agree the end of the search for Malaysian airliner leaves the world baffled?

Can we all agree our dreams of running off to join the circus may have finally ended this week?

and finally:

There needs to be some mention of two other non-political events:

The passing of the last man to walk on the moon and the World Champion Chicago Cubs’ visit to the White House.

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Can We All Agree – 9/12/15 Edition

September 12, 2015

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Can we all agree that whatever California  Governor Jerry Brown decides to do with the assisted suicide bill now on his desk, will have a major impact on what happens in the 45 states without such a law? I’m not sure what I would do.

Can we all agree that Rick Perry’s departure from the GOP presidential sweepstakes is just the first in a long line? I guess the new glasses didn’t help.

Can we all agree that, despite her loss on Friday, Serena Williams is still the best female tennis player in the world?

A Syrian refugee child in Spain - Washington Post photo

A Syrian refugee child in Spain – Washington Post photo

Can we all agree that President Obama’s willingness to accept 10,000 refugees from the Mideast, is embarrassing, given the size of our country?

Can we all agree that the only thing more embarrassing is the continuing treatment of the refugees on the Serbian – Hungarian border?

Can we all agree that the election of a Socialist to lead Britain’s main opposition party, will be another boost for Bernie Sanders campaign?

Can we all agree that the GOP far right is delusional if they think they will not get blamed for their planned government shutdown over funding for Planned Parenthood?

Can we all agree that most Californians are shocked that Governor Jerry Brown lost a legislative battle – even though his opponent was the oil and gas industry?

Can we all agree that apparently as far as blood pressure is concerned 120 is the new 140?

Can we all agree that automobile industry plans to install auto-stopping technology on new cars is just the first step on the road to driverless cars?

Can we all agree that every football fan will be happy when TV announcers can get through a full New England Patriots football game without mentioning deflated footballs?

Can we all agree that it will be a long time before Roger Goodell will be making another decision in an NFL disciplinary case?

Can we all agree that the AG Loretta Lynch’s decision to ‘crack down’ on white collar crime comes abut 7 years too late?

Can we all agree that nothing on Stephen Colbert’s opening night was as good as his interview with VP Joe Biden?

Can we all agree that about the only person who’s not happy that Queen Elizabeth is now the longest serving English monarch is Prince Charles?

Can we all agree that we probably should not have been surprised when  the United Airlines CEO was forced to step down over corruption charges involving an New Jersey political figure?

Can we all agree that Hillary is about 6 months late in apologizing for her private email server?

Can we all agree that we really don’t need to hear anything more from Kim Davis?

Can we all agree it might be tough for a Baltimore jury considering charges against police officers, not to be swayed by the $6.4 million settlement reached in the Freddie Gray civil case?

Can we all agree that we are thrilled to know that the human family tree has a new branch?

Pieces of a skeleton of Homo naledi -NYT photo

Pieces of a skeleton of Homo naledi -NYT photo

Can we all agree that Pope Francis probably does not have many fans in the conservative wing of the Catholic church, but everyone else is thrilled with the changes he continues to announce?

Can we all agree that the fight over the Iran nuclear deal is over but the House doesn’t seem to realize their symbolic votes are irrelevant?



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