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Can We All Agree – 8/1/15 edition

August 1, 2015

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Can we all agree that with major events in New Hampshire and Cleveland this week the 2016 campaign has an official starting point?

Can we all agree that the Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the Lion may actually be spurring some change in the big business of big game hunting?

Cecil the Lion

Cecil the Lion

Can we all agree that Hillary Clinton’s Friday night document dump of tax returns, medical records and emails just adds to suspicion about her campaign?

Can we all agree that Jeb Bush’s tremendous lead in PAC money raising won’t do him much good if he continues to stumble on the campaign trail?

Can we all agree that Californians deserve a healthy slap on the back for exceeding government requests for water conservation? Now if the farmers would do the same, maybe we can manage the drought until El Nino gets here.

Can we all agree that no one doubts the wreckage found in the Indian Ocean is from the downed Malaysian airliner? But few seem to know if it will help figure out what happened.

Can we all agree that with slow but steady growth continuing, the economy will be a major campaign plus for the eventual Democratic nominee?

Can we all agree that both the NFL and Tom Brady look pretty bad as ‘Deflategate’ heads to court? Are you ready for some actual football?

Can we all agree that the murder of a Cincinnati motorist over a missing license plate, maybe the best argument ever made for police body cameras?

Can we all agree that Cincinnati police must be doing something right because they have managed to avoid the same kind of violence that broke out in Baltimore and Ferguson?

Can we all agree that the Albuquerque police dispatcher who hung up on a 911 call from someone trying to save a shooting victim, needs to be prosecuted for something?

Can we all agree that the Los Angeles city council should get some support for trying to ban ammunition magazines, but the NRA will have the last word?

Can we all agree that income inequality was never more evident that in new statistics showing home ownership at its lowest level in 45 years?

Can we all agree that it’s good to know we can all sing “Happy Birthday’ without fear of a copywrite infringement lawsuit?24-cosby-lede-feature

Can we all agree that The New York Magazine cover of Bill Cosby accusers may be the best cover, ever?

Can we all agree that Boston’s decision to turn down an Olympic bid is great news for a region that doesn’t need all the headaches and debt? As a native of the area I’m probably a bit biased but I feel the same way about San Francisco.

Can we all agree, speaking of the Olympics, that no-one was really looking forward to a trip to Kazakhstan for the 2022 winter Olympics?

Can we all agree that Turkey’s entry into Mideast fighting adds a dangerous new dimension, as it threatens to bring NATO into the battle?

Can we all agree that Mike Huckabee’s comments on the Iran nuclear treaty are disgusting, no matter how you feel about the issue?

Can we all agree that it’s about time the United states government admitted that they needed to do something about Chinese hacking into our computer systems. Of course the list of other countries, doing the same thing is getting pretty long.

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