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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 7/9/16 edition

July 9, 2016

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Can we all agree that the rest of the week’s news pales in comparison to the gun violence, but it should be noted?

Can we all agree that Serena Williams deserves her spot atop the list of best athletes of this generation?

Can we all agree, no-one on this side of the Atlantic really understands what’s going on in Britain?

Can we all agree that we are all sure that the woman the British choose to lead them, will need the fortitude of Margret Thatcher to lead them out of their mess?

Can we all agree that FBI chief James Comey, apparently wanted to clear Hillary Clinton of any criminal wrongdoing regarding her email server, but felt he had to be severely critical to placate the GOP?

Can we all agree the Republican hearings the day after the FBI announcement were a waste of time?

Can we all agree Donald Trump wasted a great opportunity to attack Hillary, by choosing instead to extoll the virtues of Saddam Hussein?

Can we all agree that Donald Trump has no knowledge of the US constitution?

Can we all agree Trump’s bid to unify the GOP in Washington behind him, was pretty much a failure?

Can we all agree Bernie Sanders didn’t have much luck either when he addressed his Democratic colleagues?

Can we all agree that Republican comparisons between the Clinton case and convicted general David Petraeus are absurd on their face?

Can we all agree that an economy that creates almost 300,000 jobs in a month is doing pretty well?

Can we all agree the British report criticizing the actions of former Prime Minister Tony Blair over the Iraq invasion, is really an indictment of George Bush?

Can we all agree the West has become desensitized to the violence, suicide bombers and murder in the Mid-East?

Can we all agree President Obama’s decision to leave 8500 troops in Afghanistan was really no big surprise?

Can we all agree that we want to believe the sexual harassment charges against Fox News president Roger Ailes?

Can we all agree that Americans take NASA’s remarkable achievements, like sending a satellite to orbit Jupiter, for granted?

Can we all agree Elie Wiesel deserves a permanent memorial for making sure ‘we never forget?’

Can we all agree who have no idea why the openly gay CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, would want to hold a fund raiser for House Speaker Paul Ryan?

Can we all agree that it’s a bit disheartening to know it took the state of California a month to count the ballots from last month’s primary? In case you missed it, Hillary won.

Can we all agree that Kevin Durant has now made the Warriors the most unloved team in the NBA?

and finally:

Can we all agree there is probably an easy way to find out why an unremarkable English village has sudden;y become a must-see stop for Chinese tourists? Just ask them…

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