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Shot to the Head

February 15, 2010

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My dad doesn’t tell war stories. He’s almost 90 now and a member of Tom Brokaw’s Greatest Generation. But in all his years I’ll bet he’s talked about his WWII experiences maybe 5 times.

But stories out of Afghanistan today remind me of one story he did tell. His unit was in Italy when they came under fire. I wish I had lots of colorful details but dad is rather matter of fact about the experience.

He was wounded three times and I know that over the years there were nights he woke up reliving enemy fire but he claims that he just shrugs it off. He still has enough shrapnel in him to set off the airport metal detector and he can’t have a full body MRI because, in case you didn’t know, the M stands for magnetic.

But, when he talks about that battle in Italy he just says that after the fire died down and he and his men were able to relax a bit, his buddy turned to him and asked if he wanted help to the infirmary. Surprised my dad asked why, only to be told he had a bullet hole in his helmet.

He took off his helmet and sure enough a round fell out but that was it. No blood no wound just a bullet to the head.

He just smiles about it today but down in the basement there’s an army helmet with a hole you can put your finger through.

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