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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 6/18/16 edition

June 18, 2016

Can we all agree, banning the Russian track team from the Olympics in Rio was the right thing to do, but it could makes the games less compelling to watch?

Can we all agree the last thing Brazil needed was a state of emergency declaration for the state hosting the Games – even if they claim all their financial commitments for the Games are fulfilled?

Vice President Joe Biden and President Obama leave the Orlando memorial to victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting (Reuters Photo)

Vice President Joe Biden and President Obama leave the Orlando memorial to victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting (Reuters Photo)

Can we all agree the Mayor of Oakland, CA  never imagined she would be looking for her fourth police chief in less than 2 weeks? What a mess.

Can we all agree the tragedy in Orlando sounds more like a hate crime against the LGBT community, than a terrorist attack?

Can we all agree that this Baptist minister in Sacramento deserves a special place in hell for his comments?

Can we all agree, that the murder of a member of England’s Parliament, sounds more like the work or a deranged citizen than a political statement in the battle over EU membership?

Can we all agree the head of the Boston University School of Public Health needs to attend some freedom of speech lectures in the BU law school  for rescinding an invitation to Bennet Omalu (the concussion doctor) because of comments he made about the University?

Can we all agree it’s nice to get good news from Iraq, for a change?

Can we all agree when 50 diplomats, possibly  including the current Secretary of State, call on the President to change course in Syria, maybe it’s time to rethink our strategy?

Can we all agree that 149 days before our general election, the Orlando murders and the comments by Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton may mark the turning point in this political cycle?

Can we all agree the actions by two Connecticut politicians at least helped restore some faith in our system? Not much, but a little?

Can we all agree the tide might have begun to shift, ever so slightly, against the NRA?

Can we all agree it’s good to have the AMA on your side in a gun battle with Wayne LaPierre?

Can we all agree the GOP convention in Cleveland has now taken center stage as political theater this summer?

Can we all agree Bernie Sanders wasted all his political capital and has become Mr. Irrelevant in the Democratic Party?

Can we all agree that it is it comforting to know hot beverages and not hot coffee that might cause cancer? Ice coffee for everyone!

Can we all agree that Marco Rubio is showing his true colors as he decides to re-enter the race for a position (The Senate) that he disdained just weeks ago?

Can we all agree that Disney’s ‘No swimming’ signs were inadequate as a way to explain to folks from Nebraska, that there were alligators in the water behind their resort?

Can we all agree the Baltimore Aquarium may be starting a trend by getting rid of their dolphin exhibit and reacclimating the animals to the wild?

Can we all agree Mr. Obama really hit the nail on the head when he answered comments made by Mr. Trump and the GOP?

Can we all agree that with everything else going on this week we may have missed two major stories when the Supreme Court essentially ruled that internet access was a utility and could be regulated by the FCC and the EPA could regulate emissions?

Can we all agree that we are dumbfounded that two Russian agencies felt it was necessary to hack into the DNC computers to get dirt on Donald Trump? All they needed to do was read a newspaper.

and finally:

Can we all agree the best thing on the internet this week was the graduation speech of an Illinois eighth grader who entertained the crowd with imitations of Trump, Clinton, Cruz, Obama and Sanders? It’s worth watching for all nine minutes.

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CWAA: Can We All Agree – 1/2/16 Edition

January 2, 2016

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Happy New Year. Thanks for reading.


Some tips for the coming election year

Can we all agree that hearing about the deaths of Wayne Rogers and Natalie Cole was not a great way to start a new year?

Can we all agree that the worst New Year’s Eve broadcast had to be Fox News, which insisted on allowing the presidential candidates an opportunity to offer gratuitous and meaningless comments throughout their show?

Can we all agree Mr. Obama is at least following through on his promise to do something about improving gun control in the country. Surveys suggest most of the country supports some kind of action,but the GOP and NRA are already up in arms. Whatever he does it won’t help the 27 Americans killed by guns over Christmas.

Can we all agree that the Iranian response to the administration’s decision to consider more sanctions, over the Iranians use of long rang missiles, would be pretty funny, if the topic were not so serious?

Can we all agree that retired surgeon Ben Carson’s presidential campaign continues to be in deep trouble?

Can we all agree that Jeb Bush is also in trouble? Now, he’s c challenging the schoolyard bully (Mr. Trump)  to a one-on-one fight.

Can we all agree that Carly Fiorina brought politics to a new low when the Stanford grad decided she should root for Iowa in the Rose Bowl?

Can we all agree that the list of folks insulted by Mr. Trump is a little like the old Nixon’s enemies list – if you’re not on it, you feel a little let down?

Can we all agree that it appears the mainstream GOP Presidential candidates are hoping Trump will self-destruct, and are now focusing on bashing each other in an attempt to stand out?

Can we all agree that no-one even remembered that George Pataki was running for the GOP nomination, until he dropped out?

Can we all agree that this week’s freak weather condition will just become more common if we don’t do something about global warming?

Can we all agree that the charges against Bill Cosby may not convince a jury but he’s already been found guilty in the court of public opinion?

Can we all agree that what the world really needed was a book of quotes from Russian President Vladimir Putin?

Can we all agree it seems a bit strange that a clip of Donald Trump appeared in an extremist recruitment video – after it was mentioned by Hillary Clinton?

Can we all agree that when the Republicans purposely manipulate the color of the President’s skin in campaign ads, they are playing to the racism they know continues to exist in this country?

Can we all agree that very few people were surprised that no indictments were handed down in the shooting to Tamir Rice?

Can we all agree that  every new story written about teenager Ethan Crouch and his mother makes everyone believe he never deserved the lenient sentence he received after killing four people in a car accident?

Trying to coax an elephant seal back into the water.

Trying to coax an elephant seal back into the water.

Can we all all agree that all the dire warnings about the potential spread of the Ebola virus seem like a distant memory now that Guinea has been declared ebola free?

Can we all agree that while it’s good news the Iraqi’s have retaken Ramadi, they are a long way from taking back control of their country?

Can we all agree the methane gas leak at Porter Ranch just outside Los Angeles may be the most under-publicized environmental disaster of 2015?

Can we all agree that the best story of the week may be the tale of the wayward, pregnant elephant seal who tied up traffic in Sonoma for hours as officials tried to coax her back into the water? Please, no jokes about why the seal crossed the road.


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Can We All Agree – 6/13/15 Edition

June 13, 2015

Can we all agree that even Joseph Heller could not have come up with a better name for the State Police officer heading the search for two escaped convicts in upstate New York: Major Guess?

Can we all agree that despite White House spin to the contrary, this week’s Democratic vote against the President’s trade plan, was a major defeat.

American Pharoah

American Pharoah

Can we all agree that even the casual fan was thrilled to see a Triple Crown winner?

Can we all agree that we haven’t heard the last of the Fast-Track trade authority?

Can we all agree that no matter whose side you are on, the campaign season is very entertaining? Where else would ‘Bro with no Ho’ become a catch phrase?

Can we all agree that the San Francisco City Councl decision to put warning labels on sugary soft drinks is a giant step in the right direction?

Can we all agree that the most popular word on the lips of every Californian is ‘El Nino.?

Can we all agree that those of us who lived through the Viet Nam War are a bit nervous to hear that 450 more ‘advisors’ are heading to Iraq?

Can we all agree that Hillary’s event in New York City this weekend is more about regaining momentum, than actual policy?

Can we all agree that while baseball will study fan safety, nothing of substance will come from the tragic injury to a Fenway Park fan when a broken bat flew into the stands.

Tonya Carpenter: injured at Fenway Park in Boston

Tonya Carpenter: injured at Fenway Park in Boston

Can we all agree that the death of the Iowa straw poll is good news for every Republican?

Can we all agree that despite major leadership changes at Twitter and News Corp. the general public will barely notice.

Can we all agree that the electoral defeat of Turkey’s leading party, could have far reaching consequences for world politics? Not that most Americans are even paying attention, since we seem to barely care that Greece may break up the EU.

Can we all agree that continuing revelations about the hack of government personnel files is making the US look totally unprepared for cyber warfare?

Can we all agree that the EU investigation into the Amazon pricing policy of e-books, should have been done long ago in the United States?

Can we all agree that once Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Scott Walker finally announce their candidacy for President in the coming weeks,we can get down to the ‘real’ campaign, and just maybe, we will start to see people leaving the race?

Can we all agree that ‘stress’  is really no excuse for pinning a teenager to the ground and waving a gun while trying to break up a pool party?

Can we all agree that every Baby Boomer recognized the name of Vincent Bugliosi, who passed away this week?


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Local, World Politics

August 24, 2011

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You never know when international news will make its way into your life.

I just got back from my local bank. It’s the only branch, in what qualifies as ‘downtown,’ in my little community of 5,000.

I had a bunch of checks to deposit and since there was no one else in the building, I listed them on the deposit slip  and asked the teller to do the addition. While he was adding, I noticed his name looked Middle Eastern, and when he counted the checks in French I asked if he came from Northern Africa.

I guessed Morocco, but to my surprise he said, “Libya,” then added ,”It’s a good day to be Libyan.”

I couldn’t help but ask how felt about what was going on and it was clear that he was both proud of his native country and a bit worried. “I am very happy, not just for me, but for my father. He never thought he’d see the day…” His father is here with him but he admitted they were already thinking about when they could go back, at least to visit.

I asked what he thought would happen next and he offered,”It depends who takes control. If it’s a Muslim country – meaning the majority is of the Muslim faith, then it will not be a problem. But if the Islamists get a foothold and take over, it will be as if, a certain dictator never left.”

I asked about tribal conflict, which the Western press has been harping on, and he said, ‘The tribes are not a problem, It’s not like Iraq. The tribes are families, but they are all Libyan.” I wished him well and he offered his hand and a heartfelt,”thank you.”

You may think that international politics is far away, but to paraphrase Tip O’Neill “it’s all local.”

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