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What to Wear

December 6, 2010

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The Boston Globe had a nice photo feature recently on what to wear to an interview.

The only thing I would add is the reminder that 85% of communication is non-verbal and clothes are definitely a key.

And secondly, you have to remember where you are interviewing, but even in Silicon Valley, where businesses casual is sometimes taken to a whole new level, it’s better to be over-dressed than the alternative.

That being said, I have to admit that the wrong clothes or hair style is not always a disaster. I can remember interviewing a candidate whose wardrobe and physical appearance raised more a few eyebrows as she walked through the newsroom to my office. Her resume looked great and once we started talking she clearly knew new her stuff. She was personable, knowledgeable, friendly, inquisitive and understood the news.

I considered the rather conservative environment of my newsroom and hired her on the spot. I thought a little disruption might be good. turned out I was right. She did a fine job.

But being unconventional often means you have to work extra hard in other areas to get your message across. You may not always be successful.

Take a look at the photos on the Globe website, some of which are over-dramatized to make a point, and take a look at what you wore to your last interview. If there’s any similarity – you might want to make a change.

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